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Nancy and her granddaughters


 I knew this would be an excellent way for us to spend time together privately. I made use of every opportunity, most importantly it gave me time to talk to her about her husband. Yes, to me this was paramount for her to understand that her husband was a child molester. I started by reminding her of the time when Tami was 15 years old and told her how her husband touched her inappropriately when she was 11 also how she took her daughters and left him, even moved in with us. This occurred in about 1980-1981, before we resigned and my husband was still an elder. Gloria said, of course she remembered because she was going to divorce her husband right then. At the time, my husband re-acted like all the elders, with the same mind set, advising her to give her husband the benefit of doubt since there were no eye witnesses. He encouraged her to go back to her husband. This is a classic example of how brainwashed, not only Gloria, but all members respond to an elder’s advice. The members respond by complete obedience, looking up to an elder like he is God and automatically obeying, not be giving the right to make any conscience decisions on their own, so please take note of how hard this task of deprogramming Gloria was, I could only chip away little at a time. I knew exposing her husband as a child molester was something that had to be addressed first, not only for justice, but to help Gloria break away from his dominate control, there by helping her to start seeing reality, which eventually would lead to seeing this religion as a Cult.

 I proceeded to bring her up to date by mentioning later on, after Tami was married and had her two boys, her memory about her incident with Gloria’s husband came back to her in the middle of the night. She started to remember all the horrifying details. Not only did he touch her inappropriately, but took her to work one day at his construction site early in the morning when no one was around and raped her. That was a revelation for Gloria, she was so devastated to hear this and went straight to her elders. The elders advised her, saying: “Since Tami was not a Jehovah’s Witness, she could not be believed.” The elders continued on to explain to Gloria, she needed two eyewitnesses for each molestation occurrence, two for Tami and two for Gina. In reality, when two victims comes forward to make an accusation against someone, that alone provides two witnesses, but the elders would not accept that version. The elders concluded their meeting with Gloria by advising her to believe in God revealing everything in His due time. Yes, God will reveal everything in time and the time was then, because I was there to make it happen. Thankfully, Gloria started the process to pursue it on her own, she confronted her husband privately and told him of my charges. He did not approach me that very day, he waited the following night, the day before I was to leave on an important trip out of town and would be gone for about a month. That night, he came into the living room where I watching TV. First, he went over without asking and turned it off, then he came over to sit on the couch next to me. He proceeded to tell me he was aware of my accusation and went into a long speech about how he could never do such a thing. Gloria and Julie came in and sat down on the floor next to the coffee table in front of us and listened intently. I told him of my concerns and when I return from my trip out of town, we would have time to address it then. I knew the history of his bad temper and I didn’t want to leave Gloria and Julie in any kind of danger, so I didn’t follow through and force the issue, I had to think of their safety. Surprisingly, he wouldn’t drop the subject, he continued on trying to convince me of his innocence and went to the point of standing up and saying: “I want Tami to come here and tell me to my face that I molested her, I will even pay for her flight out here”. When he said that, he sealed his fate, now we will bring this issue to its ugly head, not only for Gloria but Gina and Tami as well. Can you imagine how excited I was feeling?


When the elders were confronted what happened?   


 The elders, three of them, asked Julie why she wanted to leave home, in tears, she said: “I do not want to go to the Kingdom Hall anymore, especially now, with what happened to my father”. They then directed their attention to Gloria and reminded her if she stayed with her husband this would not be happening to Julie. They also brought out to her, that the scriptures says to forgive 77 times I sat there absolutely stunned, almost with my mouth wide open. I looked at Gloria, wondering, what on earth is she going to say now, what response would she give to that remark? I didn’t have to wait long, her face got red and said in a loud voice: “Are you asking me to believe that God wants me to forgive him 77 times? To live with him, knowing he molested my daughter and sister and God only knows who else, for the rest of my life?”. Not to my surprise, the elders responded by saying: “ Your husband was not charged with the crime of molestation.”. Gloria said: “Whether you believe it or not, does not really concern me, I know it, God knows it and that is all that matters.” I drew a big sigh of relief, I could hardly believe what she said to her own elders. Yes, that spark of courage came to the surface again, this is what I wanted to see, because this sign of courage is what she is going to need from then on. I was without a doubt so proud of her, I wanted to jump up right in front of the elders and hug her. The elders did not have anything to say after that, so they excused themselves.


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