Silentlambs Candlelight Vigil


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The recent deaths and abuse allegations surrounding the Meza children have been a source of great concern and sorrow in the Rock Hill community. The organization silentlambs a support group for Jehovah’s Witness victims of abuse is holding this candlelight vigil to encourage the community to find comfort and support. Members of child abuse organizations SNAP (Survivors Network for those abuse by Priests) and Children’s Attention Home are here to offer support and comments about protecting children.


We hope this candlelight vigil will be a moment to heal and draw the community together in a positive way to move forward and protect those that are our most valuable resource. We appreciate the hard work and assistance from local residents, SNAP, the National Guard Armory, and donations from local businesses, Signs Now, Cindy’s Florist, Office Depot and local Rental company to help make this event happen. We also want to express special thanks to the Red Cross, Greene Funeral Home and the local Pentecostal Church for helping to pay for the funeral expenses.


We invite Representatives for the local Chapter of SNAP to speak on the importance of protecting children.


We invite the director of Children’s Assistance Home to speak on the same topic.


We are asking that this flyer be distributed by all church leaders in York County and the Charlotte area to help protect our children and also that it be posted on church information boards for future reference.


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Our children deserve to never have to face the situation the Meza children were put into. We believe if this information had been provided it could have been a deterrent. As a community it is a matter of working together and taking positive steps in the interests of keeping our children safe.


Silentlambs is setting up a Meza Children Memorial fund to make a donation in their memory. The fund will be set up to disburse on December 9, 2004 . On that day Faith and Cindy will have a press conference at Rock Hill City Hall and present three check. 50% of the fund will go to the eleven year-old surviving daughter of the Meza family, Janet Meza. The other 50% will be presented in tow equal check to the localo chapter of the Red Cross and Children’s Attention Home. You can make your tax deductible donation to “silentlambs-MCMF” (Meza Children’s Memorial Fund). Often when you make a donation you wonder where the money goes, this fund will go one hundred present to help those directly involved. Silentlambs will donate the first one hundred dollars to help get this started and we hope members of the local community will support this as well. We want to put forth an effort to allow this terrible tragedy to result in something positive in the interest of protecting children.


We now want to light the candles and them make a few comments about the Meza Children. we would like to ask anyone that feels comfortable with doing so that knew the Meza Children, to make a few comments. Something you remember, a story that you may recall, or something you might want to share about the Meza Children.


Their ages were Denia-14, Denise-8, and Jario-5. They passed away on August 9 one month ago today. Denia attended Rolinson Middle School , Denise attended Mt, Gallant Elementary School and Jario was still at home. They attended church at the Rock Hill Spanish Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. They were originally from Nicaragua , they lived in this country for about ten years. There is a surviving daughter Janet, that lives in Nicaragua at present. If anyone would like to add to this you are welcome to come up and say a few words.



We thank you for your thoughts and comments and now we would like to have one minute of silence for victims of abuse.



We encourage you to get to know the person next to you and pick up some flyers to distribute or maybe just appreciate sharing this moment with one another.


This now concludes our program, you are welcome to stay and listen to music.