11. 05. 2004



Let the children come to us, is the call of Jehovah's Witnesses ( Photo: Thomas Borberg)
EKSTRA BLADET has in the last weeks uncovered disturbing conditions in one of the most revolting, so-called Christian sects: Jehovah's Witnesses. We deliberately call them Satanís Witnesses, because thatís what they are. Today we are a making a third attempt at cleansing the Temple Courtyard .

IT IS ARRANGED with a tyranny of rules and an authoritarian elder-rule which reminds us of deranged Muslim movements. Numerous families are divided and thousands of souls are stunted by the Jehovah-dictatorship who issues threats of perdition and loss of eternal life if a member doesnít obey the Jehovah-bosses.

ONE WONDERS how it is possible for such a deranged enterprise to recruit new members. But they are running a hard recruitment campaign at the doors to gather new members. Jehovah's Witnesses are known for fishing souls amon g the naÔve and amon g people in a vulnerable situation, where the Witnesses fake comfort is welcome.

THIS DISTASTEFUL blend distinguishes themselves from other insane sects with thei r r emarkable interest in pedophilia. Jehovah's Witnesses can probably be accused of many different crimes against human decency. But they have issued detailed guidelines about handling of sexual abuse against children as late as May 15. 2003. 

THEY KNOW FULL WELL that it is insane, for the document is issued with a warning that it must not be copied but is only for the body of elders, na mel y the sects top echelon in the country. Thatís why it is such a special joy today to let its content be enjoyed by the Ekstra Bladetís 550,000 readers. 

WHAT IS IT THEN that is so important with sex-abuse against children that it deserves a special codex? Well, it emphasizes pedophile crimes that are revealed many years after the crime are to be killed by silence.

THE DANISH branch office has with many years delay Ė discovered that adults in this country have a duty to report probable abuse of children. Thatís why thei r r ules are jumbled together so as to make the allegations judicially passable.

BUT THEY are not. And Satanís Witnesses make themselves deserve this name by a rule that the pedophile should not be expelled from the sect if he denies the allegations Ė unless two or three witnesses step forward. When do you find two witnesses to a sex crime unless one is talking about a mass rape?

IN OTHER WORDS: Sexual abuse of children is something Satanís Witnesses are ordered to cover up. By these actions the sect has marked itself much more severely then we could do it. Only God knows how many children walks around suffering traumas from the Witnesses abuse and are threatened into silence.