Transcript, Global News Maritimes, June 13, 2005 11:08pm.

< anchor Stacey Jones, begins story, cameras pan BOTH KH's with signs
in place while she is speaking >

< cut to Sean playing chess w/ his son ... >

A group claiming to represent victims of child abuse placed signs on
two Jehovah Witness Kingdom Halls in the Halifax area this weekend.
The group calls itself "the Silent Lambs". They're protesting the
church's handling of child abuse cases. The signs were placed at a
church in Halifax, and another in Cole Harbour.

The Silent Lambs group represents Jehovah Witnesses unhappy with the
way with the way their allegations of abuse have been handled by the

One protestor is Sean Polden. He claims he was molested when he was 9
years old. He told his parents, who complained to the church elders.

But he says, it was dismissed.

< closeup of Sean >

"They feel that they have to follow God's laws first, rather than laws
of the government,,, laws of the land. Umm, one of the laws is, in
the Bible that they follow, is not to take a 'brother' to court."

< back to Sean and son >

Polden lives in Halifax, he has two young children, and says, they are
one reason why he is speaking out about the abuse. He alleges the
abuse happened when he was living in Hamilton Ontario. Polden says he
will contact Hamilton police later this summer, to discuss possible
charges against the babysitter he claims abused him.

< end story >