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WT Media Coverup and Misinformation

Media Response Worldwide


The Watchtower Organization has made many responses to media and member regarding the allegations brought forth that current policy on child abuse is inadequate. The first was directly to media with a series of video programs that indicate all allegations of problems with abuse policy are false. You can view Watchtower video material HERE.  The second line of defense was to release PR Statements to media that deny any problem with policy. You may review a few of these PR Statements here:

WT PR Statement [01/02/01]

WT PR Statement [08/07/01]

WR PR Statement SL March [ 09/27/02 ]

Also policy statements on abuse from the Watchtower Media Websites:

USA Policy Statement

UK Policy Statement

As you will note there generally is no admission of wrongdoing regarding policy and often there are contradictions between PR Statements. The Public Information Department also responded with letters to media when interviews were requested programs:


USA Dateline Letter

BBC Panorama Letter

Shortly after these letters were sent out persons appearing on the programs were ordered disfellowshipped by home office. 

A further line of defense generally is to address management. This was done in a series of actions presented to elders around the world through elder schools and body of elder letters sent to congregations. The elder schools made the following statements about abuse:


Elder School Transcript

USA Elder Letter 2/15/02


Next matters were addressed in congregational letters sent shortly before documentary programs aired in each country:


USA Congregation Letter

UK Congregation letter

Australia Congregation Letter


( Germany , Canada and Sweden were copies of USA letter, see Australia letter as an example)


The Australia letter created uproar when sent out, the Branch had to send a further letter of clarification. Review this letter here:


Australia Elder Letter


How long the organization has known the proper way to address the issue of child abuse? The following is a letter written to elders across Canada on how to treat abuse allegations, if this policy had been followed you would not be reading this website:


Canada Elder Letter


This information shows the documentation of  a cover up and misinformation campaign that goes back to 1988 while children suffer as silent lambs.


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