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Sweden Massacre

spanish translation

In an attempt to answer recent charges of child abuse coverups, Watchtower of Sweden reacted in a way that can only be described as shooting themselves in both feet.  They circulated a letter to all congregations that basically singled out one person on the program and called him a liar.  To add insult ot injury they then placed several thousand dollars in newspaper ads to print this same letter to media across Sweden.  This is a copy of the advertizement:

You can read it in English here: [click here]

This action resulted in a response from Anders, the young man that was slandered by this information.  He simply put up an actual fact sheet of what the real facts were.  You can read this fact sheet here, [click here] as you can see this was pure evil against an abuse survivor directed by New York home office to punish this young man and his family.  Anders mother called the Watchtower home office in Sweden and asked from whom the information was obtained to make the allegations to media and the congregations, she was sent a written response.  You can read an English translation here [click here] as you can see the Watchtower put in writing that they took the word of the child molester as a basis for their "fact sheet." This illustrates clearly what we have been saying since day one at silentlambs. Victims are silenced, called a liar or discredited and the child molester is protected and believed. Did the child molester have "two eye-witnesses?" Then why did Watchtower choose to take his word?  It seems the "two eye-witness" principle only applies to raped children while child molesters are exempt.  Can you see a problem with Watchtower policy?

As a result of the actions of  Watchtower the Swedish program "Mission/Investigate" decided to offer a followup to the program on 05/12/03. A translation of the summary of program that is offered on the Swedish website can be found here, [click here] You can view the program here, [click here] the program is in Swedish but you will notice at the end William H. Bowen is given the last word.  His comment was made before the first program ever aired and ended up being a kind of prophecy for what happened to Anders in Sweden.  The words were to the effect that no matter how accurate the information was presented it would be labeled as a product of Satan and those on the program would be discredited.  It appears this is one prophecy that came true.

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