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The Actual Facts


In the program "Mission-Investigate" there were five separate cases of abuse as follows:


•  Elder abusing minor boys. He forces them amon g other things to have oral sex. He was found guilty in a court of law. He also confesses his crime. In the documents from the court it is written that the congregation was aware of the problem for five years previous to the conviction.

•  Ministerial servant molesting his two stepdaughters. The elders convince them not to report to the police. He was removed from his position in the congregation, but not disfellowshipped.

•  Elder molesting a fourteen year old mentally handicapped girl. The school where she attends reports it to the police, he confesses in a police investigation. He is removed from his position as an elder, but not disfellowshipped. (According to the report from social services he also molested at least two other children)

•  Elder confesses on the television program that he has sexual assaulted a thirteen year old girl. Four additional witnesses come forward to say he also molested them. This elder serves as a sub CO and special pioneer.


None of the above cases were mentioned in the letter from Watchtower that went to all congregations and media in Sweden .


Regarding the 26 year old mentioned, Anders, his sister Johanna, was also molested but not mentioned in the letter from Watchtower.


What are the true "facts"


Fact - There was two brothers that were molesting multiple children in the congregation. The oldest of them was born in 1973.


Fact - Anders was born 1977 and molested first by the older brother. It is correct the molestation started when they where both minor, but the abuse was not stopped until Anders was fourteen years of age and the molester was eighteen years of age in 1991. The molester was baptized in 1988. In Sweden molestation is considered an adult crime starting at age fifteen.


Fact - In addition to Anders the older brother molested at least four other children. This included Anders sister Johanna, who is six years younger than the molester. The abuse of Johanna stopped when she was twelve in 1991.


Fact - Anders mother and the mother of the molesters were baptized 1985 and both fathers shortly thereafter. The molestations continued while both parents were members of the congregation, and more than two years after the older molester was baptized.


Fact - The younger of the two brothers was molesting children all up to mid nineties, when everything was revealed. The younger brother was then disfellowshipped and the older brother, who was a ministerial servant, and serving at Bethel in Sweden , was removed from his position and dismissed from the bethel family. He was privately reproved and instructed to apologize to Anders and his family.


Fact - Anders parents urged the elders to let the two young men go to therapy, but the elders didn�t think this was a good idea and of course the parents followed "theocratic direction".


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