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TIMELINE for the Watchtower/Pedophile News (latest on top)
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A letter to hearts of Stone (8/02)
St Petersburg Article (8/02)
My Disfellowshipping (8/02)
Letter written by ex-spouse to Judicial committee (8/02)
AP article (8/02)
Press Release on appeal hearing (8/02)
Transcript of Connie Chung (CNN) interview with Bill Bowen 8/14/02 (posted 8/15/02)�
Sunday 8/11/02 New York Times article on WT pedophiles (posted 8/10/02) also JPG files
See Pictures of Judicial meetings (8/02)
Secret motel committee meetings set up to silence witnesses (posted 8/10/02)
PRESS RELEASE from Bill Bowen on the Watchtower's latest (posted 7/31/02)
Bowen's Appeal letter (8/02)
WT 9/15/02 article
UK pedophile remains in good standing with Watchtower (posted 7/29/02)
Bill Bowen disfellowshipped for speaking out (Associated Press) (posted 7/26/02)
Scottish Article 7/25/02)
Bill Bowen denied access to his own committee meeting (posted 7/25/02)
Paducah Article (7/20/02)
Bowen writes to judicial committee (7/02)
Watchtower Media site's "timely" new video praising disfellowshipping (posted 7/19/02)
New August 2000�Kingdom Ministry on fellowship with disfellowshipped relatives (posted 7/18/02)
Joe Anderson's Resignation letter (7/02)
Member of London Parliament calls for sex abuse inquiry (posted 7/17/02)
Scottish Article "Church at Center of Paedophile Allegations" (The Press and Journal) (posted 7/17/02)
Scottish paper article on "pedophile paradise" among Witnesses (posted 7/17/02)
Secret database protects pedophiles (posted 7/15/02)
David Letterman Show Jokes about JW abuse (7/02)
German TV Program airs (7/02)
Witnesses respond to BBC program (posted 7/15/02)
Watchtower Media Press Release on BBC program (posted 7/15/02)
Panorama show on pedophiles viewable online (posted 7/15/02) also transcript of show
Letter read in all British congregations concerning BBC show prior to airing (posted 7/15/02)
Jehovah's Witness elder jailed for abusing boys (posted 7/12/02)
British Panorama to expose JW sex abuse scandal July 14th on TV (posted 7/8/02)
Two file sex abuse suit against local Jehovah's Witness congregation (posted 7/3/02)
Letter sent to elders and Kingdom Halls in many countries calls them to action (posted 7/1/02)
Minnesota-spare the rod spoil the organization (7/02)
July 8 Christianity Today on pedophile whistleblowers (posted 7/1/02)
Silentlambs March announced (6/02)
Watchtower site highlights articles on child sexual abuse (posted 6/17/02)
Worldwide Work money spent on pedophiles (6/02)
Newsweek story on JWs: 'Witness to Shame' (posted 6/17/02)
District Convention Drama (5/02)
Der Spiegel article on Bill Bowen and the WT pedophiles (posted 6/13/02)
A sister writes (6/02)
The five questions (6/02)
After Dateline review (6/02)
GUARDIAN newspaper: 'Sect Demands Biblical Proof' for pedophiles (posted 6/11/02)
Position on Murder? (6/02)
Crop dusting for Dateline (5/02)
Paducah newspaper headlines (5/25/02)
Pandelo article New Jersey (5/24/02)
DATELINE transcript online Watchtower and pedophiles (posted 5/31/02)
Watchtower Media's new video response to pedophiles in the organization (posted 5/24/02)
Watchtower response to Diane Wilson's book (posted 5/24/02)
Ex-Jehovah's Witness tells of her "escape" in new book (posted 5/24/02)
CANDLELIGHT VIGIL for Jehovah's Witness child rape victims -Friday (posted 5/23/02)
Another Church Facing Charges of Sexual Abuse (posted 5/21/02)
Letter to Judicial committees and response (5/20/02)
Poem read at press conference (5/20/02)
Will you miss this history-making event? (posted 5/17/02)
Women say Jehovah's Witnesses downplay sex abuse (posted 5/16/02)
Whistleblower could lose church, family (posted 5/15/02)
Jehovah's Witnesses Expel Parents of Alleged Abuse Victim (posted 5/11/02)
I cried (5/15/02)
Watchtower media videos in response to alleged child abuse cases (posted 5/10/02)
Msnbc TV News (5/12/02)
Washtington Post article (5/11/02)
Barb Anderson Article (5/11/02)
Canada Article (5/11/02)
England Article (5/11/02)
New York Times Article (5/09/02)
CNN: Four JWs Fight Church's Handling of Abuse Cases (posted 5/10/02)
New York Post article on ouster of 4 Witnesses regarding Dateline (posted 5/9/02)
Courier-Journal reports on silencing sex abuse whistleblowers (posted 5/8/02)
Watchtower begins disfellowshipping child sex abuse whistleblowers! (posted 5/7/02)
Press Release in Word DOC format for above whistleblowers: send to news! (posted 5/7/02)
The Watchtower website puts up articles on child molestation (posted 4/9/02)
May Watchtower (5/02)
Discussion Two Eye Witnesses (3/21/02)
Elder School Notes (11/94)
Bryant Murders (3/13/02)
Will the WT respond to pedophile issue like the Catholic Church? (posted 3/7/02)
Do You Believe He was Innocent? (2/13/02)
Local Article (2/13/02)
USA Editorial letter Comment (2/13/02)
No silence of the lambs-article (2/7/02)
What needs to change in WT policy on pedophiles? (posted 2/6/02)
new Silentlambs Press Release concerning pedophile cases (posted 1/28/02)
Conservatives cover ongoing case about pedophiles, ask opinion (posted 1/28/02)
JW congregation in Othello sued in sex abuse case�(posted 1/28/02)
Witness on the Watchtower - article in U.K. Guardian�(posted 1/26/02)
UPI Story Sexual Abuse Suit Filed Against Jehovah's Witness Leaders; �(posted 1/22/02)
Sexual Abuse Suit filed against Jehovah's Witness Leaders�(posted 1/22/02)
Teen girl in Scotland relates how elders allowed sexual abuse�(posted 1/15/02)
Update on Dateline NBC re: JWs and pedophiles (posted 12/17/01)
The Fight for What is Right: silentlambs (posted 12/14/01)
Christianity Today: Witnesses accused of failing to report abuse (posted 11/23/01)
Update on Dateline NBC story: coming soon (posted 11/16/01)
Battered Lambs website up for victims of physical abuse in the Watchtower (posted 10/3/01)
Watchtower 9/15/01 scorns churches that fail to report child abuse (posted 9/5/01)
Tri-City Herald reveals former Bethelite who had researched abuse now exposing it!�(posted 8/24/01)
WT issues new REVISED statement of policy regarding pedophiles-compare! (posted 8/9/01)
Groups elders targeted in sex abuse case (posted 8/8/01) also here
Lawsuit served against WT for child abuse victims (posted 8/7/01)
JW pedophile goes to jail (posted 7/27/01)
New site with files you won't see elsewhere: JW Legal Dept., etc. (posted 6/21/01) bookmark it!
Download pedophile warning material for picketing conventions, etc. (posted 6/21/01)
Watchtower fears Witnesses will say too much to snoopy reporters, says "Don't talk!" (posted 5/29/01)
Download PRESS PACKET on the Watchtower and pedophilia (posted 3/21/01)
Watchtower releases press video to refute child abuse allegations (posted 3/12/01)

Silentlambs' Manifesto re: child abuse in the congregations (posted 3/2/01)

Associated Press Article "Crisis of Faith" (posted 2-10-01)

Jehovah's Witnesses' policy on child molesters attacked - Louisville, KY Courier-Journal� (posted 2/4/01)
Molestation victim, parents think church elders let them down - Courier-Journal� (posted 2/4/01)
Policies on reporting abuse allegations vary among religious denominations - Courier-Journal� (posted 2/4/01)
Christianity Today article on JWs and molestation accusations (posted 2/2/01)
Secret Letters to Body of Elders re: child abuse (posted 1/8/01)
Local Needs Part-Tom Carruthers (1/11/01)
JW elder steps down over concealed child/sexual abuse in WT (Paducah Sun, KY) (posted 1/5/01)
Fighters Against children will not Succeed-h20 post (1/5/02)
First post made by silentlambs about the abuse issue (posted 12-29-00)
Historical Piece Moving forward written in 1990



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