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All Watchtower Articles on Child Molestation

The listings below are a new offering from the Watchtower Website.  It seems the brothers have developed a real concern for putting up every article ever written about child abuse.  I appreciate this greatly as it helps the public to see the great deficiency of Watchtower Policy. As you read these articles you will note many fine comments regarding how to detect and find out if your child is abused, yet the points that should scream off the page of each and every article is what they do not say.  As you review this material I suggest you look for the following: 

  1. If your child is molested you have the right to call the police first and should do so.
  2. While several real life examples were given, can you find one where the parents involved the legal authorities?  Would that not be a �good� example to use?
  3. Strong support for professional help in counseling the child.  Any examples given?  Why would a therapist be forced to agree with all tenants of a religion before being able to offer counseling to a molested child?
  4. Any suggestion as to how others in the congregations would be warned about a child molester.   
  5. Any directive given to parents as to their rights to warn other parents in the congregation
  6. Any suggestion that a confessed child molester would be prevented from calling on the homes of the public.


I encourage you to try and find the above points in the fifty some pages of material written on how all Jehovah�s Witnesses are to directly handle child molestation.  As you review this material you might also wish to ask why the Awake article of 10-8-91 is not referred to in anyway?   Could it be the Awake article said something the Society wanted to avoid? In the listed articles what is not said is the reason children are being hurt by Watchtower Policy.


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