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Translation of Anders letter to the branch office in Sweden



Gothenburg 5 th June 2003


To the brothers at Bethel in Arboga


Dear brothers,


Today I have received your letter where you ask me to supply information about a meeting in which I reported being molested to the elders in the congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses at Tjörn-Orust.


In 1996 I went to the brothers and told them that I had been molested. Please note that I was the one that contacted them and reported the abuse in spite of death threats from my abuser .


I don’t remember in detail how the conversations with the elders went. I do not remember that any specific dates were asked for or given. I was under extreme emotional stress and was in a physically bad condition at the time.


With assistance from many sessions with my therapist, who specializes in treatment of victims of sexual abuse, I summoned the courage to speak about the terrible things that happened to me as a child. Many things have been clarified and dates have been more accurately recalled. The dates and information I gave on “Mission Investigate” was absolutely correct.


I might suggest you contact the brothers in my old congregation and listen to what they have to say on this matter to corroborate my recollection of these matters.


It is hard to understand why you wish to make issue with small differences of what my molesters says happened. What I have told is unfortunately true, and no letters, no “statements of facts”, no advertisements in newspapers to discredit me could change those “facts.” When I have mentioned being "abused" by the elders, the reason was their comments have always been to put this behind me and act like I have the problem instead of the person that molested me. I have yet to find any kind of interest in helping me as the victim or any attempt for understanding in the discussions with the elders. I have felt totally ignored and outcast by the congregation. Sadly, it is not just me that has been abused in this way, but several of my sisters also.


I still can not understand how you could publish the newspaper advertisements, where my integrity was called in question. You published these advertisements without even asking me for clarification of what actually happened. Instead, as you wrote to my mother you took the word of a child molester and ignored the words of a victim. To read the advertisements felt like being raped again.


If at anytime you wish to tell the truth I will be glad to provide any information I can give you to that end. If you have any further questions you are welcome to contact me.


Kind regards,


Anders Christensson



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