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Bible and Tract Society of Sweden








Re: Telephone conversation with the Branch Office


Dear sister XXX,


We are writing to you regarding your telephone call to the Branch Office on May 1, 2003 . In that conversation you asked who it was that provided information for the “fact” statements in “Jehovah’s Witnesses answer to the accusations in the program ‘Mission Investigation.’”


The basis for the information provided was given by the brother that was publicly identified on the television program and in other media as the paedophile.


The brother turned himself over to police for a full investigation. We can inform you that the abuser has given a full confession for all the crimes up to age fifteen, in the event there had been further misconduct after that age he would have been brought to court.


Additional information was obtained through the branch office via the publisher record cards.


With brotherly regards to you and your family, your brothers at the branch office.



Watchtower B. & T. Society

of Sweden



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