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April 2003 Guestbook

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BB Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 1:51 PM
TV program in sweden
It was a most interesting program, and I wonder what kind of world we are living in where the men of church - catholic or JW are the most ugly sinners. BB, MD

Tomas Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 1:54 PM
It's a brave, new world!
As I come from Sweden, I've seen the documentary you mentioned above - and I must say: Thank you! Our world need brave outspoken people with equally big hearts and mouths!

Louise Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 1:54 PM

Hi. I'm looking at the swedish program about Jehovah's Witnesses. My opinion is that these people who protect pedophiles are very, very, very, very sick people!!! Thank You.

HF Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 1:56 PM
Terrible sect
Never join this sect. . . It's brainwashing.

Anders Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:02 PM
Good job!
I just saw the swedish program "Assignment-Investigate" about what you do and I just wanted to say good job! I also like the site design. Anders /Stockholm Sweden

Nina Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:09 PM
Swedish TV
Hi, I just watched the programme about child molesters and JW that was broadcast on Swedish television and was referred to your website. I was outraged by what the programme revealed, it really breaks my heart. Just wanted to let you know that I think you are doing a great job at silentlambs. org. I hope that we can put an end to this. /Nina

Rainer Keemss Sweden Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:09 PM

I just saw the program about the Pedophiles in Swedish Television. You must see it in one way or the other. Very interesting. Heja Janne, du �r en hj�lte som tar det upp i dagsljuset.

Lisa Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:11 PM
Swedish TV Program
I've just seen the Swedish TV program, and I must say I admire all of you who shows civil courage! I support you with all my heart. I myself have a half sister who is a member of Jehovah's Witnesses here in Sweden, and I feel I want to save here in some way. But she is grown up, and what can I do?? Keep on fighting against this scaring congregation!!! Regards from Sweden

Per S Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:12 PM
Child Abuses
I have just seen a documentary on swedish television about child abuses in the Jehovah's Witnesses. That's how I heard about silent lambs. THANK YOU for your job.

maria (sweden) Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:14 PM
oh my god!
Dear visitors, I've just watched a program on swedish television about the sexual abuse of children that goes on inside the Jehovah's witness, and it shocked me! I couldn't believe my eyes when I watched the program how terrible children all over the world was treated by the "elderly brothers" (sorry I don't know the expression in english) and the rest of the assembly! I really hope you can keep up the work that you are doing against these horrible people, your job is worth everything even if only one child is saved! my best wishes / Maria from Sweden

Goran Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:14 PM
TV-program in Swedish TV
Hello! Have just seen the very interesting TV-program about the issue "Silent Lambs". You are doing a wonderful job. Are there any contact person over here?

Micke Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:16 PM
I saw the program/documentary about the JW that the swedish guy did. . . . I was close to be a member to the JW but now when I saw this. . . I'm not going to support abuse of children.

Carolina S, Sweden Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:20 PM
Thank you!
To the founder of this site, who was excluded from JW: I admire you so much! You are brave and closer to God than any one in the Watch Tower. Thanks to you the day of Armageddon doesn't have to come to bring paradise to earth, because people like you have already got it in your hearts. Your work is invaluable!

L1 Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:24 PM

I am a former JW. I was molested by my big brother when i was six years old, and he tried again when I was 13. I have never told anyone. This is the first time I even write it down. I have been afraid of doing it, like if how people should react. He is still a JW. I was so happy when i found this site, with other people in my situation. Even if i don't believe in what JW says, every time there is thunder i am afraid that it is Armageddon. A big hug from me to you all who feel what i feel.

Nica Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:24 PM

I have seen a program with you and Jehovah's Witnesses . . . And I think that it SUCKS with all the child abuse that goes on in this. . . and don't now what I should call this people!!!!! And they say that they believe in a paradise!!!! What paradise. . . with abuse or What??? I didn't know that it was like this. . . I'm shocked!!!!!!!! I have a daughter and her grandmother is a Jehovahs. . and me and her doesn't get along very much!!!! I don't live with my daughters father anymore. . . I refused to be a Jehovah Witness. . . I am impressed of you. . . and keep on your god work. . . I help you in any way I Can!!!!!! With love Veronica in Sweden

Martin Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:27 PM
Swedish documentary
I have just watched the documentary on Swedish TV. Had it been presented by a lesser journalist I would have seriously questioned it, but the team at Uppdraggranskning are known to be thorough and pretty non-bias. The way the Elder-brothers of each separate church tried to worm out of answering straight questions as to why they had not, in a total of at least 40 cases, involving 10 perverts, not made any reports to the police was outstanding. Even when shown a copy of their own internal papers telling them not to go public they denied all knowledge. Countless times these "elder brothers" have been given full admissions of guilt from these men ( one actually confessed on tape, only to say that all are human and make mistakes) and yet none had been reported to the police, and these men call themselves Christian? When a faith or group believes itself to be above the laws of a democratic country it must be said that there is something wrong with it, Period! I wish you good luck in your cause, Bill. And as my dear old now departed uncle would say when things got tough, whatever they threw at you, don't let the bastards get you down! stand your ground for what is right, child molestation can never be right!

Magnus Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:28 PM
Swedish Documentary
I have just seen the swedish documentary about child abuse in the Jehovah's Witnesses and i must say that it was one of the most shocking documentaries I have seen in a long time and the fact that people are threatening Bill Bowen because of his struggle against this act of lunacy among the leaders in the organization. I just wanted to say that I hold a great respect to a man like Bill who are fighting something that he once considered the ultimate truth. Respect! I am not religious and I am only 18 years old so i guess I can't say that i know that much about real life. I have lived long enough though not imagine or understand but feel compassion for those men,women and children which have had to endure such terrible things. Once again i must say that a man like Bill Bowen is a role model to us all. I only hope nothing ever changes his way of thinking.

Anna,Sweden Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:42 PM

I've just watched the Swedish program that was mentioned here at this homepage. I don't know so very much about JW,but I sure became very upset. It's necessary and very good that these things are coming out to the people outside JW. I think you're doing a very great job!!!

Anita Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:47 PM
Great tv-program in Sweden
Hi, I'm sitting in Sweden and I've just watched a very good program - Assignment - Investigation - about child abuse in JW. A very professional Bill Bowen :-) as well as several former members and elders from Sweden were in the show. My admiration especially to a couple of people who were still members as the program started to take form, but who are very unlikely to be welcome in the congregation today. They were themselves victims of child molestation. A present elder is also likely to have a hard time in front of him. He was having obvious "problems with his personal responsibility" in front of the camera - i. e he actually started talking to the journalist, and found it extremely hard to defend JWs behaviour when it came to child molestation. Neither did he just shut up which was the case with the most of the elders. "Ordinary members" who started talking to the journalist was taken care of and told to be quiet by other members. The program wouldn't have been as good without the work stemming from this site:-) THANKS from Sweden!

sonny Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 2:51 PM
Am i the only one that sees a resemblance between the JW and the totalitarianism in George Orwell's book 1984? ps: I think God prefers it more if you actually did something on the planet and i don't mean praising him all the time, i think he had enough of that.

MJN Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 3:02 PM

Thanks for existing! I hope you'll remain and that your/this organization will be able to help more victims and also help change the way the congregations "deals" with this huge problem! I wish you all the good luck in the world! MJN, Sweden

[*DRM*]sgt. toke[le] Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 3:11 PM
this is a good thing!
Thank you all for doing this site! i watched the swedish tv-show about jehovas. it is as i always have said since i was little! best place for evil to hide is in the church!!!! SHAME on you jehovas for covering up for pedophiles and child molesters and rapists and other scum! I am shaken! even if just half of it was true this is OUTREAGEOUS! what can i do. . . I'm eager to help! good thing this site an all its affiliates try to put light upon these CRIMINALS and their actions. keep up the good work! all you! [*DRM*]sgt. toke[le]

Margit, Stockholm, Sweden Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 3:23 PM
I have grown up with JW. I am also married to a JW. But myself cannot find that it is the truth. I admire your courage to stand up for these children when no one else seems to care. May our Father be with you in this important work. He sees the good you are doing to the smallest of his creation. The children are our future. God bless you.

mag Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 4:02 PM
I saw you featured in the SVT documentary and I just wanted to drop a few lines in support of your work. I have a friend who was abused by her own parents within the congregation. The madness must stop, and I believe that you guys are doing a great job.

Peter Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 4:04 PM
My two cents
Got this url from a documentary airing on tv in Sweden and just wanted to give my support. Keep up the good work!

MO Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 6:24 PM
Shocking. . .
My girlfriend just called me up and told me about today's issue on the swedish tv program 'uppdrag granskning'. This evening they dealt with what this organization is all about. Thank god you exist. I have always been skeptical about the JW but this was worse than I could ever imagine. It all makes me very sad and fills me up with rage. There are JW's in my workplace, are they aware of this??? Is this what religion is about? No. A few minutes ago I read an article about child abuse in the Watchtower publication. There is not a single drop of justice or common sense anywhere. Shame on you. SHAME ON YOU. I can not imagine a worse and more unjust society than the kingdom of Jehova that every so called witness is waiting for.

Rich Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 6:27 PM
Richest religions in the US
someone asked where i got info on the WTBTS being the second richest religion in the US, and someone asked who the first is. the richest religion is the mormons, and this info was on the BBC panorama programme, about JW child abuse.

allan Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 8:17 PM
I just saw the report on JW on the Swedish television and got your web address Thank you for caring! And searching for the truth! I have all my life got bruises for pushing the walls a bit further and some things seems to bee universal all over the world - even in Sweden. Nobody does anything if they don't have LUST! Except if they are forced to do it! What we have to do is to create lust! But NOT this way ! By using children to "redeem" ourselves! Lust is a positive interactive caring thing. A curiosity for learning and sharing - maybe therefore it is so easy to manipulate it to oneself's needs instead of others! Truth is not for free! It has a price! And that price is TIME, WORK and/or MONEY! No wonder its so hard to use it the right way! No one LIKES to behave in a "bad way"! It's a "force" that governs you AGAINST your "better judgment"! Whether it is Dr Phil or your conscience that supplies you with that judgment. The problem is to "channel" this force or lust to the right judgment! BUT HOW? There is so little debate of this! If it exists, it is often symptomatic instead of basic! Even batteries are more "cared for" than people! In those there is a great DIFFERENCE between positive and negative - which creates a FORCE! This we have learned to put in to use! But with PEOPLE there's the other way around! We want them to be the same all over! No difference! (like in jw !) (or INdifference!)Here we LACK "instruments" to "channel" (redirect) the force that this creates! Martin Luther King said that the problem is not the bad people alone, as much as all the others that are silent and do not cry out for the injustice they witness! WHO are YOU? Do you have the solution, or are you "part of the problem"?

Amber Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 8:57 PM
ring of abuse
My grandfather is an elder in Louisiana. He is still an elder. My father has written repeated letters to the society regarding the abuse that James is guilty of, however, nothing is getting done. I feel that nothing will ever get done, as long as the members of the governing body maintain their sense of apathy, denial, hypocrisy and even guilt. My grandfather and grandmother, and numerous others high up in the "hierarchy" were involved in a child sex trading ring. I personally know at least ten to fifteen victims and have seen their suffering through their healing processes, myself, my sisters and my dad included. Their crimes include not only the sexual exploitation of children, but satanic sacrifices, torture and the abortion of babies from little girls barely past puberty. The victims of these men and women still find hope in the society for some reason, and still remain with the religion. Their minds have been beaten for too many years to get out. I only hope that they will find the mental freedom that I have, and will escape to life. So, congregations all over, watch out, but congregations in Louisiana watch out for the names Tooke, McPherson, and Dauzat. Ignorance is not bliss, it creates a whole subconscious hell to flash back to. Amber email me at info@silentlambs. org I would like to give you some information. bill

cs Tuesday, April 8, 2003
@ 10:48 PM
the child molester
paul nunemaker is a child molester. and guess what he is one of jehovah's witnesses. he was arrested in 1996, and nothing was done to him by his elders of his congregation, typical. he got after my daughter on two different occasions. once when she was 6 years old and then again at 11. in which he was arrested but charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. this man has mental problems suffers from clinical depression blames his problems on his parents they are witnesses also. says it was his upbringing. go figure.

Bill Wednesday, April 9, 2003
@ 1:42 AM

My in laws are J. W. s I have never seen a worse bunch of parents. I feel that the kids who leave the Organization have a lot of problems because of the mean spirited teachings of the Organization. They seem "lost" and have a lot of emotional and chemical problems. This Organized Religion feeds upon mankind, it's religious"Crack" for the gullible

flte02 Wednesday, April 9, 2003
@ 4:18 AM
Swedish TV
They are sick in their heads. Doesn't a child have anything to say. The little one who look up to their parents and adults. All kind of sects are only using people for their best. But the most horrifying thing is that the church says that the crime is not a crime. I couldn't sleep last night after the TV program. I hope this program will start something and not vanish out in the sand.

Ness. Wednesday, April 9, 2003
@ 5:14 AM
Thank You!!!!
Hi. I'm glad that someone are doing all they can too help these children, who are abused. I know that JW's always cower up EVERYTHING that happens in their congregation. I know because I've been there, I've friends who have been there too. . I hope you keep up the good work you're doing! When I saw the program on swedish tv last night. . i thought that if JW claims that they are doing the right thing, they should NOT be hiding behind doors!!! like SOME DID!!!! That gives the world the impression that they are guilty. I know that if there now is a god he would not let these things or any thing happen to our children. . Thank you again Bill!

Bella, Sweden Wednesday, April 9, 2003
@ 5:39 AM
Horrible acting against children!!!
Dear all, I am happy that i saw the programme yesterday, this channel do a really good job!! Bill - you are brave like the rest, i shed a tear when i saw the 1 hour programme yesterday! The channel can bee seen in both Norway and Denmark, so hopefully the word gets spread. My heart goes out to you all - continue to save the children! A big hug from litlle me!

H�kan Wednesday, April 9, 2003
@ 6:29 AM
Thank You
My family is all J. W I was fighting myself out there for 32 years ago I was 13 then and that is the best thing I have made in my life. Even if my life is a mess for the moment I'm glad that I had the courage to do that in my young age. I'm not surprised for the news about J. W and how it working inside.

NC Wednesday, April 9, 2003
@ 7:27 AM
Swedish Docu
Bill Bowen made a very serious and professional appearance on the show but the main character was the young man Anders, who with his sweet honesty broke our hearts and gave a face to all those suppressed victims. Respect to this very young person for his courage and faith, such a difference to the coward elders who all but one ran into hiding every time a camera got near them!! SHAME on those people.

Hq Wednesday, April 9, 2003
@ 8:09 AM
Hello I live in Finland and saw the report on SVT Europa (Swedish Television's international satellite channel which can be seen in many parts of Europe) yesterday. I have heard about these kinds of things before, but not on a large scale such as this thing. Awful, just awful. How can anybody do things like that to young children - and get away with it? I can't even find words for it. Anyway, keep up the good work! An organization as strong as the Watchtower needs a counter force (Also, the whole programme seems to be available as Real Video at http://www. svt. se/granskning/reportage. asp? S=2992&A=2992 so you may want to update this link somewhere on your pages. )

Lasse from Sweden Wednesday, April 9, 2003
@ 1:51 PM
TV show
Just want to say thank you for standing up for the victims, those innocent children. I guess and hope that you will be rewarded well! Your fight is important! I had not a clue that the Watchtower was built to protect child molesters. I do not have words for all may feelings. Just wanted to say something. to try to express my feelings.

Anders Wednesday, April 9, 2003
@ 2:59 PM
Keep up your good work!
Dear Mr. Bill Bowen, I'm a Swedish man, 54 years old, non believer (but not atheist) who watched a program on Swedish television, "Mission Scrutiny" (or whatever it would be could in English), yesterday, about JW and child molestation. I was very upset, how, this in a enlightened society year 2003 can occur! I think you are a brave, warm and loving person taking this "fight" and I just want to encourage you to keep up with your wonderful work. Children are our future and the future is a result of the upbringing we give our children. Sincerely Yours Anders, G�teborg, Sweden

Y. F. Norway Wednesday, April 9, 2003
@ 3:22 PM
Swedish documentary
I happened to watch the program on swedish television last night about abuse of children inside the JW. organization. I was really shocked by the fact that the organization is more occupied with upholding the facade than practicing what really should be the issue in a christian organization - to protect those who can not protect themselves. Many thanks to "silentlambs" and Janne at SVT for great and admirable courage

Ingvar Wednesday, April 9, 2003
@ 4:37 PM
Warning !!
If someone from Jehovas knocking on your door Hide the children immediately !! They are not interested of the parents, the leaders only send there people to you house to find more children to abuse. The leaders seems to be big cowards they don't want to talk to the press.

Dennis Wednesday, April 9, 2003
@ 4:38 PM
From Sweden
Mr Bowen, I want to thank you for your courageous work! Being a true Christian is not only about saying the right things but also DOING the right things. You are a very brave man and so are also all the 'lambs' that have broken their silence and told about their experiences, despite knowing that they would be punished and probably not be able to have contact with their loved ones. I wish you all the best!

Natanael Thursday, April 10, 2003
@ 9:18 AM
Hi. I'm from Sweden Saw the show and it made me cry. Why ain't the police doing anything??? They raid outlaws like H. A. all the time. Why cant they raid J. W??? Thanx for the bravery from you in S. L. !!!

Mag Thursday, April 10, 2003
@ 10:04 AM
Watchtower will not listen to others.
The child abuse situation in the Jehovah's Witness religion is horrid. This cannot be underestimated. Other than this is the Watchtower a safe trustworthy place for people to give up their option of choice? Hardly. http://www. jwinfoline. com/Page/audio. htm Best wishes to those who are recovering.

Mats, Sweden Thursday, April 10, 2003
@ 6:46 PM
Give 'em hell!
I let the Jehova door-knockers in once when I was 18 years old, hung-over and bored. I received a book, and never heard from them again. After seeing the Swedish program "Assignment-Investigate", I sure hope they will knock on my door once more. I'll give em hell! Keep up the good work!!

Elena Thursday, April 10, 2003
@ 6:55 PM

Thank you! I hope there will be many more people from JW that will open their eyes and see thing clearly now. It's a deadly sin to silent a child who is in need of help. Keep up with you good work. Fight for our children - our future!!

G. H. Thursday, April 10, 2003
@ 6:59 PM

As most people here I saw the Swedish documentary about JW and it was truly a superb, straight-to-the-point and factual. My highest respect and goes to that reporter. I have always harbored a deep resentment towards that organization and I have always suspected that child molestation and sexual abuse has been going on in JW circles for quite some time. After all, JW is even more closed off to "non-desirables" than the Catholic Church where child molestation and sexual abuse has apparently been going on for quite some time. When you repress your natural urges in that way they are bound to come bursting out in a perverted manner sooner or later, making the self- proclaimed holy men the most vile sinners of them all. Jehovah's Witnesses are simply hypocrisy incarnate, there's not room for everyone in their little paradise. Great site.

JM Thursday, April 10, 2003
@ 7:04 PM
Be strong
Strike hard, strike swift and furious against the child abusers. I'm on your side all the way. You fight for the right cause and I honestly believe that you're, or shall I say we, will win this fight against evil. Because to abuse children is the ultimate proof that evil do exist. I fight against that evil besides you and I'm not afraid. We will stand tall. Yours sincerely JM (from Sweden btw)

Lagge Thursday, April 10, 2003
@ 7:19 PM

I just saw the swedish program "Assignment-Investigate", about JW and child abuse, i have been suspecting this because of their, silent way to handle problems in the sect. Keep on the good work. . .

Peter, Gullmarsplan, Stockholm Thursday, April 10, 2003
@ 7:34 PM
Mr Bowen, You are my hero
I'm just another World Citizen, i have a belief, but it's not connected to any religion, i believe in; L-O-V-E, Friendship & A. I. K. . It's truly pathetic to see the way these powerful witnesses covering up pedophilia matters. It saddened me to see how some of these people can be so stupid, egoistic & indirectly evil, yet pretending to be so righteous, they ought to be ashamed of themselves. No god can allow this kind of behaviour! They will be carrying a VERY heavy burden of guilt in their hearts forever, even after Armageddon if it will occur. Mr Bowen, It takes a lot of strength out of an individual, to break the ties with of a lifelong relation with your whole community. You saw that something was very wrong and you took action. Congratulations! That is the difference between a good, and a sad human being. My thoughts go out to you too, �ldre Brother, Karlsson. Det var heroiskt av Dig att bek�nna Era misstag. Jag hoppas att Du blir en ledare f�r Dina f�rsamlingsmedlemmar, och f�r ihop en kommitt�e som bevakar oskyldiga barns intressen & integritet. Janne, h�ll med om att mitt i all "Pandoras Box-�ppning", s� kunde Du varit lite mera �dmjuk mot �ldre Brodern som kr�p till korset. Till Er medverkande offer: Ni �r hj�ltar som bryter denna onda cirkel, Ni r�ddar f�rhoppningsvis livet p� m�nga barn. �ven fast Era liv p� ett drastiskt liv blivit �ndrade p. g. a. �vergreppen, s� hoppas jag att Ni fortfarande kan se gl�djen i livet, och l�ta solen skina in genom f�nstret, f�r alla mentalt kapabla v�sen k�nner otroligt starkt med Er. Ett stort Lycka Till i framtiden. Soccer & Love, FOREVER! Love A. I. K. AMEN.

Swedish pastor Friday, April 11, 2003
@ 5:45 AM
Meeting molested kids
It is extremely painful; I've met them more than once as a pastor, though not from any form of congregation. I also know that more than Jehovas' puts the lid on to keep all quiet and nice; but that is to fool yourself at least double. Your clothes are not clean only because you don't admit that they have stains. And congregations want to be clean, men and women of good reputation are to remain so; and behind is the little child, with no confidence left to the adult world. Keep up the good work!

The Tornberg Family Friday, April 11, 2003
@ 5:54 AM
Thanks Bill Bowen. . .
and all the other brave people who can fight for all the abused children. We saw the program on Swedish tv about pedophiles in JW and we are all disgusted how people can be so cruel and stupid and try to hide it all in the name of God, both the predators and the people who know, hide or do nothing about it. Where is their humanity? Keep on fighting, Mr Bowen!

Jessica Friday, April 11, 2003
@ 6:05 AM
swedish tv
I am also one of the people in Sweden who has been watching the investigative report about child molesters inside of Jehovas witnesses, and it was something I had never heard of before. I think you are very brave and I applaud you for making this site! I hope that we can put a stop to the crimes committed by people within these sects and that they're protecting each other, maybe through legislation?

Daniel M Friday, April 11, 2003
@ 6:05 AM
Keep up the good work!
I am just watching the program on swedish tv. Just want to encourage you guys in the good work you do!

Lulle Friday, April 11, 2003
@ 6:14 AM

Hi I'm from sweden and i just wont to tell all Jehovahs worldwide to go F#$% them self & not the children. . . . . ps. burn in hell. . . . . . Armageddon will never come

Anita Friday, April 11, 2003
@ 6:19 AM
Swedish television program
Good Luck with Your brave work! Anita, Sweden.

Hilde Friday, April 11, 2003
@ 6:20 AM
Thank you!!!
Thank you for taking children seriously. They need human beings like you to protect them. The hardest thing is to know that this is going on all over the world. . . The swedish tv-program was great even though I am really touched and angry!!! I believe in a loving and caring God!!! Good luck from Norway!!! Lve Hilde

Ulrika Friday, April 11, 2003
@ 6:32 AM

I think you are the greatest and I just want to say thank you.

Anna Friday, April 11, 2003
@ 7:18 AM

I watched the swedish documentary about JW and I was really glad to hear about your work. My older sister and I were sexually abused from the age of 5. My sister became a JW to "repent" and learned from the elders not to talk about it or actually not to talk to anyone outside the congregation. Now she and her four children are free from the sect after 20 years. I go to group therapy for incest survivors- it isn't going away without professional help and I hope my sister and I can talk about what happened some day.

Anna , Sweden Friday, April 11, 2003
@ 7:42 AM
Thank you Mr Bill Bowen and Co!!
I have just seen the re-run of the Swedish TV-program that right now, most of the comments on this site are about. And I just want to say to Mr Bowen and his co-workers, Thank you so much for your courageous work! Knowing that "Silentlambs" exists, makes me believe that there is still some hope for mankind! So stay strong!

Carro Friday, April 11, 2003
@ 8:08 AM

I can't understand why all people don't like Jehovas witnesses!!They are wonderful! I'm not a member but I have many friends who are members. They are like all of us. Just normal people, with a religion!!

Annelie Sweden Friday, April 11, 2003
@ 8:36 AM

I just want to say that all you who dare to stand up for these sexually abused children are heroes. How can it be more important to protect grown men to keep an organization clean than protect children who are abused?????? The organization should stand up for them.

Guy Friday, April 11, 2003
@ 9:53 AM
Silent witnesses?
I am so happy being swedish these days, when our Svt 1- channel has published its report about Jehovas Witnesses. And being a newly initiated catholic I feel an urge to get all kinds of churches and congregations cleansed up from this kind of evil. Blessed be our pope John Paul II for condemning such acts, and damned be the bishops and priests in my catholic beloved church, who has tried to hide and protect the molesters.

Dennis Friday, April 11, 2003
@ 1:12 PM
From Sweden
Keep up your courageous work! God loves those who love the truth!

Ingrid Saturday, April 12, 2003
@ 6:43 AM
Brave Bill
I just want to send a message to Bill Bowen (?). I saw you on Swedish TV and I think you do a great job,I admire you. Hugs from Sweden

RG Saturday, April 12, 2003
@ 8:57 AM
Swedish program
Superior program in the swedish television! I applaud the focus of the question, I would like to know how many child abuse cases are based on two or more witnesses? Does Jehovas Witnesses prefer their policy instead of the swedish law?

silentlambs Saturday, April 12, 2003
@ 1:04 PM
Thank you all
Thank you for your kind remarks to our work. I am happy to see that people are able to understand the great horror committed against children by the JW leadership through policy. I am sad and happy, sad that an organization would allow children to be hurt and happy to give a voice to people that suffer. Hopefully the public and JW's will help leadership of the organization to see they can no longer treat children in this manner. Thank you for visiting the silentlambs website. Regards, bill

BF Saturday, April 12, 2003
@ 3:13 PM
Canadian show
A while ago I saw the Canadian show "5th Estate". I was shocked. Your mission is honorable. Keep up the good work.

Yonathan Sunday, April 13, 2003
@ 2:55 AM
Thank you SVT
I am born in JW family, who didn't had such a problem but it doesn't mean that we didn't saw this brutal things they were more organized to damage peopels. They isolated me to do not talk what I saw befor 24years ago and I used it to scape from the JW grup. I missed my older brother in this sekt religion who couldn't handel to be isolated. My e- mail jokuname66@hotmail. com

Blondie Sunday, April 13, 2003
@ 11:45 AM
Swedish TV Show
The English parts are excellent. I am looking forward to a transcript being available in English soon. As a US victim of abuse, I am happy to see that other countries are being educated to the lies of the Watchtower Society regarding their policy on child abuse. Just like the Pharisees of Jesus time had him put to death to protect their "position" with the Roman government, so the WTS puts to death figuratively all those victims/survivors of sexual abuse that looked to them and their representatives the elders for help.

Sunday, April 13, 2003
@ 2:19 PM
Very sad
This sounds more like a regime than a religion. I feel so bad for all the people caught up in it. It's like they really can't "see the forest through the trees". I find myself thinking of them as 'inmates', unaware that they are inmates, their heads are so stuffed with JW doctrine and so called "policy". Sometimes I wish I could just shake all that clutter out of their heads. It seems almost like it is easier for those outside their circle, the ones who are able to observe from a healthy distance and have a clear objective perspective, to be aware of what it really going on than it is for those within the circle. They just can't perceive anything amiss, their minds are so saturated by the WTS, nothing else can get through, if they even give people half a chance to try to reason with them. I will always beware of any group that calls itself "the truth", or tries to pass itself off as a perfect organization. Red light, red light.

PAMELA Monday, April 14, 2003
@ 3:30 AM
HELLO, have been looking at this site for going on 5 hours. a much needed site. it's almost 5am, and cookies,milk, and pretzels time. . . . . . THE MORMON church paid for a divorce from my husband (plaintiff and me the defendant. ) i never even knew this until occurred. as they say, you'll be the last to know. well, i am ticked, and this ELITE AND EXCLUSIVE has done wrong to me. i believe in JUSTICE AND THE LAW AND DUE PROCESS. Long, story, but i feel that the MORMON CHURCH which makes almost FOUR BILLION a year, with now a divorce rate of 50% and inactivity rate of 50% should set some priorities. ONE CAN NOT BUY THEIR WAY INTO HEAVEN. . . . . . I believe, the only one who judges me is God, He knows of my actions my intentions and feelings. He Decides, not the Mormon Church. "we will prevail" . . . . . . this site is awesome for all, addicting . . . . . . . God Bless You all. Don't let Anyone tell you are not worthy to be a child of God.

Shakayla Monday, April 14, 2003
@ 7:18 AM
My friends have a few JV:s as neighbors and even my friends dog do not want to go near their house!!!!

Max from Latvia: Monday, April 14, 2003
@ 8:23 AM
I was JW for 10 years, worked in bethel
Thanks to people, who spend their time and power for this important work. JW and Society are not so holy like they are saying. I was working in Latvian Bethel, so i know this organization. Truth must come up!

Anonymous Monday, April 14, 2003
@ 11:55 AM
On Watch
I'm not a JW but when I see such attack against them I feel like Matthew 24:9 is being fulfilled. You're all liars! See Isaiah 54:17.

SF Monday, April 14, 2003
@ 4:47 PM
Don't listen to them
Jehovah's Witnesses will poison your minds then when you try to leave them you don't know where to turn. What to believe I had a strong belief in God before I met them after 3 years with them I have lost my faith completely. At least I managed to get away and have been away for nearly a year now but keep bumping in to one or two of them, they look right through you as if you don't exist. Christian I don't think so !

NN Monday, April 14, 2003
@ 8:21 PM
On Watch
How can anyone say, realistically, that "all" are lying. "All" is everyone. "All" is 100%. That doesn't make sense. Just think of the number of people who have posted here about their personal abuse or the abuse of family/and or friends. Their pain is so palpable, you can almost feel it yourself. You can tell they are in excruciating mental, emotional, and spiritual pain, because of what they have been through. It's not the JW's who are being attacked. The policies are under scrutiny and under fire, but not the people. I think that everyone, or almost everyone, who uses this list has a great desire to help the people, that they have deep compassion for the people. Deep caring is the bottom line of this list and a desire for justice on behalf of all the hurting people, and a desire for real, valid truth. It seems so cold to just decide that "all" these people, these human beings are lying. Also, there is more than one way to read those scriptures in Matthew and Isaiah. Who's doing the lying in court? Not the people who have been violated and them mistreated for coming forward about it. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to speak up about the things these people have been through, these anguished people, these valid, valuable human beings, who should not be told to shut up, who should not allow themselves to be controlled by the cold judgment of shallow policies. They need to be heard, they need to be taken seriously, they have been damaged enough. Enough already.

Monday, April 14, 2003
@ 11:23 PM
Some thoughts
Please, please be kind to all the JW's who show up at your door! They are for the most part good hearted people, who genuinely believe in what they are doing. They are totally sincere. They did not create the doctrines and policies that rule their lives. They are not responsible. Pleeeeeeze be kind. Kindness needs to work both ways. By the way, when someone makes a blanket, bald statement like, "You are all liars!" (Exclamation mark and all)- -then they are being unkind, cruel, vicious even. But, there could be a number of reasons why someone would make such a flat comment. A number of reasons - - maybe even some kind of fear or anxiety, or denial. Maybe they are having a hard time facing abuse they have suffered in their own lives. Or - - maybe they are just jumping to a conclusion. Which they have offered no explanation for. But, if people just go back and forth. . . . . 'Liar, liar!'. . . . . 'Am not!. . . . . 'Are, too!', etc. etc. , well nobody can get anywhere with that endless cycle. If you know you are telling the truth, and God knows you are telling the truth, then, by gummy, stick to your guns, and keep talking. If someone tries to knock you down, get up, brush yourself off, and keep talking. I didn't lose my faith in God when I was no longer a JW, but I think I may have a warmer, gentler, kinder sense of Him. He is Love, the source of all Love. It's a beautiful thing, to have faith in Him.

km Tuesday, April 15, 2003
@ 1:17 PM
i am a survivor too
i saw the program last year on dateline NBC. I almost could not take it. I forced myself to finish watching it. This might sound strange, but it was almost comforting to know that there is someone else out there that really knows what I've been going through. Everything that was said on that program was 100% accurate. Those terrible things happened to me too. My offender was and probably still is a Presiding Overseer. I have been living with this nightmare for 38 years. However, I am finally getting the help that I need and I am healing. I thank God for organizations like yours that is willing to speak out against the atrocities that go on behind their "spiritual" walls. I truly believe there is power in numbers. I am willing to be a part of this group and also be a voice in speaking out against their "demonic" policies that only protect the offender(s) not the innocent victim. They need to continually be exposed until some sort of justice is met. Keep up the good work!!!

Kristina, Sweden Tuesday, April 15, 2003
@ 10:09 PM
I was moved by the Swedish investigation into child molestation in JW. As always it takes courage to show real love and engagement. Our world need more of people like Bill Bowen and Janne Josefsson (the reporter). Do keep up the good work of being a voice for the unheard.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003
@ 7:34 PM
Helped by book
Hi, I just wanted to mention that reading the book by Diane Wilson, 'Awakening of a Jehovah's Witness. . . ' really helped me to understand a lot of things about the WTS, and I would like to recommend it to anyone trying and struggling to understand what is behind this religion and what is going on in it. It's very well written as well as informative and eye-opening, sometimes pretty shocking, too. I think, too, that this book is a real morale boost for women who may have felt demeaned at times in this religion. If your self-esteem could use a lift, this is a good book for you. You don't ever have to allow yourselves to feel 'less than. . . ', because you're not. Be yourselves, be who you are. It's a great book for former Witnesses, men and women, and should prove helpful to current Witnesses who are feeling confused and don't know where to turn. Of course, this site is an excellent place to turn to! And so is this book. Please check it out. Take care, everyone.

Thursday, April 17, 2003
@ 12:08 AM
A wise quote
Something important for all to remember: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. " - Eleanor Roosevelt

Toni Thursday, April 17, 2003
@ 8:16 AM
Thank you
I really appreciate your efforts. You are brave men. You are doing a great job. You are not only unmasking the lies of JW. You are helping us too, the exjehovas, feel better. The number of those who have been deceived and mentally abused of JW is huge. Your hard work is encouraging and inspiring. God bless you.

WATCHER Thursday, April 17, 2003
@ 5:13 PM

Rich Thursday, April 17, 2003
@ 7:28 PM
in response to someone who posted "SOME THOUGHTS". . . . . . quote "Please, please be kind to all the JW's who show up at your door! They are for the most part good hearted people, who genuinely believe in what they are doing. They are totally sincere. " unquote. . . . . . yes i agree that everyone should be treated with respect and kindness. SOME JWs are good hearted people, and for the most part are sincere, but not totally. quote "They did not create the doctrines and policies that rule their lives. " unquote. . . . . i'm afraid they did. nobody can make rules and dogma expecting people to live by them, without the people accepting those rules. therefore rules and dogma are given ratification by the people that accept them. if nobody accepted these rules they just couldn't exist, same being that if nobody accepted the WTS, the WTS wouldn't exist. so JWs do create the reality of those rules that THEY CHOSE to have "rule their lives". so the onus is on JWs to become informed and to do something about it. if the result is being thrown out then so be it. jesus did not condemn the man who was thrown out of the synagogue, but asked him, "whom are you putting your faith in?"

Friday, April 18, 2003
@ 12:25 AM
That was a very reasonable post you sent. It made a lot of sense. I remember, though, years ago, when I was studying with the Witnesses, I was really impressed and amazed that they seemed to have an answer to everything, and I was so very struck by what seemed to be so 'logical' in everything they taught. So, I was easily taken in. So was my husband at the time. After just one Bible study he was convinced that he had just been introduced to the TRUTH. He's a very intelligent person, but the teachings he heard and all the 'logical', persuasive answers convinced him that, yes, this was IT. This was the true religion. Then, once taken in, 'logical' reasoning on top of 'logical' reasoning, we just knew that this was God's only true organization on earth, and everyone else was wrong, wrong, wrong. The subtle altering of our thinking grew and grew, until we were totally immersed in a new 'mind set'. Our minds were saturated in it. Some people's personalities even seem to alter somewhat with the indoctrination process. It was hard for anything else to get in. That's why it seems like people can't really be responsible, not really deep down inside, for not being open to what seems so obviously crooked to others. They just can't see it, and the WTS is going to make sure, the best it can, that they never will see it. I think they need compassion. If anyone happens to find themselves feeling any contempt for these people, I hope they can replace that contempt with compassion. I hope that more and more people learn about and turn to this site, and I hope that all that convoluted form of 'reasoning' they've been so steeped in starts unraveling. The WTS may have a lot of power over people, but they have another thing coming if they think they can beat Bill Bowen.

Steve Friday, April 18, 2003
@ 11:12 AM
help each other heal
I am not surprised to find that JWs have a real problem with pedophiles. I just pray that all the victims will be healed from the scars of these horrific events.

JW from sweden Friday, April 18, 2003
@ 6:12 PM
We are some JW how fight inside to change this terrible things. We thank the brother and sisters how have the brave courage to come forward, even if they now are being demonized by our leaders. You must know that a lot of JW are on the side to try to change things,we think Jehovah is with us, and Bill Bowen. Why hide bad things , do we see that in the bible? no surely not, the bible tells every bad thing and how even kings and priests committed wrongs. That is something for our leaders to think about.

Daniel Saturday, April 19, 2003
@ 2:19 PM
Re; JW's worst offenders than catholic church
The word on the street, is that Jehovah's Witnesses have FOUR TIMES the 'pedophiles per capita', as the scandal scourged Catholic church. This is due in part to the,'elder enforced code of silence". Shame,shame, shame

Saturday, April 19, 2003
@ 3:29 PM
Thank you!!!
Wow, progress, thanks to Bill Bowen's resolve, perseverance, resoluteness, and all kinds of other cool, big words!:) Bill Bowen, you are intrepid. You're a hero! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your unswerving commitment and dedication to see to it that justice will be done on behalf of abuse victims everywhere! You're a breath of fresh air. Oh, thank you.

Helen E. M. Sunday, April 20, 2003
@ 12:32 AM
To Brave
The child abuse problem though huge is only part of the cancer of this group. After many years of sole searching and research, I learned that so many lies, misrepresentations and cover ups exist, that it is better to let this group alone. This religion is not from Jehovah, nor will it ever be.

PM Sunday, April 20, 2003
@ 2:20 AM
What have been results of court actions?
If it is true that the WTS shields pedophiles and does not cooperate with the police and other legal authorities, how come none of the court cases against the WTS have been successful? The Courts KNOW that it is WT policy to report pedophiles to the police even on the basis of only one complaint. And even if the police cannot prosecute due to lack of evidence the WTS imposes restrictions the offender as if he/she was under a restraining order. Even the courts take no such action if a case against a pedophile is not proven in court.

silentlambs Sunday, April 20, 2003
@ 12:17 PM
Stunningly Stupid
The comments before this post are noted as being much of the typical blind mind set of those that protect child molesters. The evidence of abuse in JW's has been well established on this website and around the world. All cases are moving forward in the courts with Watchtower spending millions hiring attorneys all over the country to try to keep these cases "motioned" out of court. For a typical case it is three years to get to court, eight years for a final judgment. So we would encourage those who are impatient to "wait on Jehovah" as in due time the "Superior Authorities" are being directed to administer justice to those that have created a policy to hurt children and tried to lie their way out of it. silentlambs

Sunday, April 20, 2003
@ 3:34 PM
Many of the court cases have been successful. Look at this web site and you will see some court transcripts. There are other cases against the WT going on as we speak. There are lawyers that specialize in child abuse within a religion. They won many cases against the WT.

Sunday, April 20, 2003
@ 3:53 PM
Re: A brother walked out
It was stated during the Watchtower study this man attended that the WTS has been exonerated of all charges, but did they say who exonerated the organization, when, where, or how? What is the evidence of this exoneration? Where is the proof? Exonerated? I think there is an explanation from the WTS due here. Proof, please?

vjb Sunday, April 20, 2003
@ 6:21 PM
as a former JW i reported a case of attempted child molestation by a father with his daughter . as you have brought out the elders did nothing. thanks for all your work to help all the abused children. Let's hope that your work will keep other's from being abused. keep up the good work.

Kenneth Monday, April 21, 2003
@ 4:14 PM
Your website
After having communication with another person in regards to the problem within the Jehovah Witness religion, I took some time and came to your site. I've previously read excerpts in regards to the pedophilia cover up that has taken place within the organization but had not reviewed your site in depth until today. First of all I want to commend you for your work. I realize that it took a lot of soul searching to chose the route that you did but I'm sure that your comfortable with that ultimate decision and the help that you've been able to gain for the children who so badly need it. I've taken the time to include a link to your site on mine in an effort to assist you. Hopefully this will be acceptable to you. This link can be viewed at: http://hometown. aol. com/cork51/page3. html Keep up the good work. I know it can be quite taxing and stressful at times but I've found that the rewards are unbelievable when the children gain from it. REMEMBER: EDUCATION IS THE BEST DEFENSE AGAINST THE EPIDEMIC OF PEDOPHILIA

Di Monday, April 21, 2003
@ 7:46 PM
'nice people'
Be careful about being too quick to say that 'JWs are nice people'. Of course, there's all the business about them being totally concerned with their 'image' that could make one question any thin impressions one may get from them. But more than that, it's not a 'hidden' reality that JWs are expected to martyr their children - and to encourage their own children to martyr themselves - when push comes to shove between the doctrines of their faith and the lives of their children. And for those who are not parents, they are fully expected to support their fellow JWs in this sacrifice of children. No, it doesn't matter to me whatever else JWs are or do. They will NEVER be 'nice people' in my book. At some point, EVERY JW holds a belief or takes a stand on this issue. Is there anything that could possibly matter more?

arlene Monday, April 21, 2003
@ 8:32 PM
For as long as I can remember my uncle molested me and come to find out he had also molested several of the other family members. He also was an elder of the congregation. He got off scott free. When the elders were told our family became the congregation trash and of course it was the victims fault. No one can really understand how devastating this is unless you have lived it. It will haunt you for the rest of your life. You never know if you can really trust anyone and you are always watch over your shoulder. If anyone wants to know what congregation it was,it was Springdale Ar.

Anna-Maria Tuesday, April 22, 2003
@ 4:23 AM
Leaving JW was the best thing I ever done
I'm 29 years old from Sweden. My mum is a JW, I was born into the religion. (My father was not a JW). Mum raised me by herself because they divorced. My father is now dead. I was forced to go to meetings, go in field service and so on. I cried and tried to get away but then mum punished me. I was badly beaten, sometimes I had to starve. Mum often sent me to bed hungry because I had been "bad" on meetings. I struggled against her and the rest of the JW:s we knew. When I was only 5-6 years old I started to say that I didn't want to become a JW, I want to live a normal life. My life was a nightmare until I reached the age of 13. Mum tried to beat me up again and I hit her back. Then she got scared and left me alone. There were others just like me in the congregation, kids who just wanted to leave and was looking forward to when they would leave home. I hated everything about the religion, I never believed anything they said. I was only 6 when I first said that it was crap. I hated go door to door, and I get upset when JW:s says that they never force their kids out to preach. I was forced and so was 3 more kids in our congregation. None of us are JW:s today. We supported each other and tried to comfort each other. Not one person outside JW cared to ask me if I was ok, if I really wanted to be a JW. I had no friends in school because they hated me, they said that I was sick and insane. Yes I know there are kids who like this religion and want to become JW:s, fine so become one, but remember that there are kids who don't want to be a JW. I suffered a lot I think its crazy that nobody seems to care about the kids who are forced into JW and other sects. Mum told me what to say if anyone asked if I really wanted to go door to door. She told me that I would answer: "Yes, I love to go door to door, that's the best thing I know". I told mum that it wasn't true, I didn't like it at all. Then she started to beat me until I repeated what she had said. So there I was at peoples doors, when they asked if I liked to preach I always answered yes. But I wanted to say "Please help me"! instead. . . Nice people, hmm, not the JW:s I know. They always show you a nice face, but do you know what's behind that false smile? My mum still go out door to door and people find her so nice and polite, what if they knew that she almost beat her own child to death because she didn't want to live by the JW rules?? I wonder if they would find her so nice if they knew what she has done. The program on swedish tv was very good, I was not molested myself, but a boy in our congregation was. The elders told the family to be silent, or else they would be punished for gossip. Its so great that this site exists, people should know that everything in JW isn't good. In my town there is a woman who walks around and tell people how they should live their lives, but she would never admit that she is a cruel monster, that woman is my mum. Kids in JW are being beat up too, many of us was, I think that must come into the light as well as the sexual abuse.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003
@ 3:05 PM
Leaving JW's . . . best thing
The post from Anna Maria brought a few things to my mind from the past. I remember seeing a woman drag her daughter (who looked to be anywhere from six to eight years old) into the restroom (this was at a circuit assembly), slam her against the wall, then proceed to spank her in from of everyone in the restroom. Another time after a meeting at a Kingdom Hall (there were still several people around) an elder picked up his five year old granddaughter and paddled the daylights out of her in front of everyone. Everyone seemed to take this in stride. A couple of times I have witnessed parents spank one year old children, not swat, spank hard! Not only were these children physically punished, severely, but, they were 'disciplined' this way in public. So, they were also PUBLICALLY HUMILIATED! It makes you sick. Witnesses are encouraged to spank children. Children don't get to be children. From a very young age they are "taught" (guess how) to sit like little automatons at meetings, quietly, like little caricatures of adults. And then their are children, who decide when they are not really at an appropriate age of maturity to make such decisions, to get baptized. This means that if they come to the awakening later (and may still be kids, teenagers) that they made a premature choice that they have to suffer the consequences by being marked or disfellowshipped. All these things and some other things I remember. Like the young, educated, very, very talented bride who was told in her wedding talk that she would not "be known", that it was her husband who would "be known", while I am sitting there thinking that I thought it was Jehovah who was supposed to be known. There's more. Many people could think of examples of things that didn't make sense, or seemed really 'off', or cruel while they were members of this religion. Whew. I am really sorry for what Anna Maria and other children have gone through at the hands of this religion.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003
@ 10:44 PM
Truth and freeness
If the truth is supposed to set you free, then why have there been so many Jehovah's Witnesses who have believed their religion is the truth, yet they have found themselves feeling suppressed, repressed, oppressed - - and ultimately depressed? If Jesus said his yoke is light and not a burden, then why have so many people truly believing they have the truth, felt so controlled and apprehensive about maybe saying and doing the wrong things, because of potential consequences for acting - - free? All those rules and policies are a burden, all the should's and should not's, all the supposed to's and not supposed to's. Is that the freedom within that 'truth'?

Anna-Maria Wednesday, April 23, 2003
@ 2:04 AM
answer to post 101
Thank you for your compassion. Here in Sweden many JW:s claims that no JW are violent to their kids, its just a big lie. I was often told that I lied, when I was still living at home and tried to get help. Even JW:s who never even knew me as a child are accusing me for lies on the Swedish exJW sites I visit. But it doesn't bother me anymore, because I know how they are "trained" to fight against us evil apostates. My mum and her friends used to exchange advices about spanking, its horrible but true. They said that it was best to beat us with belts, or sticks from the forest. (I don't know the word, but I hope you understand) My mum has told me that what she did was wrong, but she only wanted me to become a good witness. (!!!) I don't think that beating the truth into a child is a good way. A person who becomes a witness because he is scared and forced, how can that be good? Now I'm an adult and I'm a very kind and gentle person. Mum sure taught me that violence is wrong, I have never in my whole life hurt another person or animal, I know that love, understanding and compassion is the right way. After the program on Swedish TV, JW:s over here are very busy telling everyone that it was just a lie, and that the persons who told their stories about being abused just did it to harm JW. I asked a JW about the evidences in some cases, (DNA) then she didn't know what to say. Its great that the world now knows about the abuse in JW, I think it would be good if media also wrote about how they encourage beating. Take care all of you, love from Anna-Maria

AL Wednesday, April 23, 2003
@ 7:46 AM
I have visited you site a couple of times after watching dateline and the fifth estate, and wrote my personal story which by anyone's standards was shocking and resulting in death, but never heard back from you even though I asked for advice, so I am concluding that although you may have been properly motivated in the beginning, you have become caught up in the hype and have forgotten your original purpose

silentlambs Wednesday, April 23, 2003
@ 12:24 PM
Your comment
I do not know to what you are referring, the guestbook is anonymous. I suggest you resend your email and we will be glad to assist. silentlambs

Darryl Wednesday, April 23, 2003
@ 7:34 PM
I looked at your site and I find it amazing what the JWs have been getting away with. I hope that some people in authority will wake up and do something about the JWs sheltering child molesters. Maybe it will take being hit hard in the wallet to stop this. Who knows? God bless you, Darryl

Saturday, April 26, 2003
@ 12:20 PM
Mormon policy
I wonder if the media will address the pedophilia issue in the Mormon religion, too. I hope so! My impression from what I've heard and read is that they may not have been dealing with this problem appropriately, either. Do they a similar policy to the WTS's?

tuga Saturday, April 26, 2003
@ 3:16 PM
we are with you!
those monsters that are still abusing and abused have to pay! as long as those who hide and protect them. . . this has to stop! there are a lot of JW that wants to be part of something good, something that pleases God! thank you for your fight. . . may God help you. . .

E. M Saturday, April 26, 2003
@ 5:37 PM
I am so glad I found your website. I was abused by my father as a child. He held the positions of both ministerial ser vent and elder. I fought a long and hard battle with the congregation elders resulting in being disfellowshipped. In 2001 the case went to crown court and he was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment. This seemed to make my ordeal so minimal and still the witnesses stood by him and still do. I am still very much lost and still have a lot of healing ahead of me, but I still have faith that God will help me, a God who sees all the injustice that so many witness children have been through and I hope we will all see true justice in the end. With love to all the survivors out there. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, April 26, 2003
@ 11:45 PM

Child Molesters are NOT accepted in the JW religion. Jehovah does not view those individuals as his acceptable. There are many child molesters in this world, and trying to point fingers and saying that the ministry consists of many of them, is completely inaccurate. Yes, there may be cases where a child molester is part of a congregation, but those may be Jehovah's Witnesses by title, and not in truth. There are so many misconceptions, so maybe it's time to be a little less narrow-minded and stop putting the blame on one religion. Child molestation is not only a problem of one religion, it's full scope problem that should be dealt in society as a whole, not just one organization. Also, they do not encourage spanking of their children (as stated below).

M Saturday, April 26, 2003
@ 11:57 PM

I have been studying and attending meetings with Jehovah's Witnesses. There really are some amazing people that are in the truth. They are some of the most loving, caring, and kind people I have ever met. Yes, perhaps there are those few bad apples, but maybe to make things a little less biased, people should hear about all the great things they do every day. They don't go to your door to solicit for money, they go servicing so that people will have the chance to know God and the bible. Is that really such a terrible thing??

DM Sunday, April 27, 2003
@ 7:45 AM
Not small problem
For those Jehovah's Witnesses who think the abuse problem is a minor deal I invite you to look at the right corner of the main Silentlambs page. 23,720 cases of child abuse are on file at Watchtower. That's not small, it's epidemic.

G R Sunday, April 27, 2003
@ 4:59 PM
I am sure that there are many, many very kind, loving, and caring people who are Jehovah's Witnesses. (There are many, many kind, loving, and caring people in all religions and walks of life, I think. Most of the people I've come into contact with in my life have been good, decent, and very nice people. I truly believe that most people are really nice, and it really is rewarding to look for the best in people, to see their positive attributes. Of course, they have flaws; who doesn't? It's all part of being human, and we are all in that boat together. ) I believe they do most likely go door to door, because they want to help people, because they care. These people, though, they are not being attacked. It's the way the WTS handles abuse issues, pedophilia issues. Unfortunately, there are not just a "few bad apples" who have filtered into the JW religion. There are many pedophiles spread around the world in this religion. Yes, not just the JW religion - - there are probably many pedophiles throughout many religious affiliations, and I hope that they are dealing with the situation appropriately. If they are not, then I hope and pray with all my heart that the problem comes to light to the media, just as it has with the Catholic religion and with the JW religion. The pedophilia issue is RAMPANT, among people of all faiths, and people with no religious affiliations. The point is, it needs to be addressed wherever it is found. And appropriately dealt with. I find it very difficult to feel any respect for the 'leaders' of ANY religion, who have been, or are, trying to pull the wool over people's eyes in one way or another, whether it is through denial, evasion, lying, rationalizing, or whatever. I could feel great respect for them and admire them if they were honest and up front about the pedophilia issue and other kinds of abusive situations. It takes courage to come forward about problems like this. Not being straight, honest, and forthright is sly and devious. Trying to get away with cover ups is unethical and cowardly. How could that be in any respected. How can 'leaders' like that be TRUSTED? Where is their compassion? Not just for the victims, but for the perpetrators? The pedophiles are not being helped by these cover ups. Many mental health professionals (No, not all, that's true. I guess the 'why' of pedophilia is controversial even among them. ) believe that pedophiles have a sickness. The pedophiles are not being helped by the WTS's policy on abuse. They probably do need professional help. What pedophiles do is not normal, is not natural. So, something is obviously wrong with the way they perceive children, something is obviously wrong with the way they think, and something is most definitely wrong in how they feel toward children. It couldn't be more apparent. People going to the police about their children being molested actually could be the best thing to do for the perpetrators. At any rate, when the children are not getting the protection and help they need, and the pedophiles are being sheltered somehow by the 'powers that be', something is grossly wrong. Certain policy changes would be for the great benefit of Jehovah's Witnesses everywhere, most certainly not against them. These changes would help them. These changes are extremely necessary. And, no, not just in the JW faith, that is so true. But, the abuse issue most certainly does need to be addressed and correctly dealt with. That's the reality. A pedophile can't be helped by pussyfooting around with him (or her, in some cases). It sure doesn't do the victims any good. Children are supposed to be protected, to feel completely secure in the knowledge that they will be taken care of and protected. All children. Everywhere.

Billee Sunday, April 27, 2003
@ 8:08 PM
finally someone speaks out
I spent my childhood under the stifling hands of the elders. I too spoke of the abuse from my stepfather and was reproached by the elders, told that it as my fault, that I was an evil child. Tears ran down my face as I watched "suffer the Little Children. It is healing to my soul to know that finally it is being spoken of. All I want to hear next is "Suffer the Elders to there own Fate. " Nothing good will ever come to these children as long as the abusers maintain all the power.

ARoarer Sunday, April 27, 2003
@ 10:11 PM
So Proud of You, Bill
Hi Bill, I just stopped in to let you know how proud I and my family are of you, knowing all that you have been through since the beginning and all you have accomplished since then for victims within Watchtower. In the days we were going through the trauma of abuse issues, court issues, and the hurtful treatment by WT elders at direction of Headquarters, abandonment of friends and family, you helped to give us a voice when they were trying to silence us. Our prayers are with you and all the victim/survivors you continue to help. Our love to you and Sheila. Aroarer

NB. Monday, April 28, 2003
@ 4:44 AM
To Good Lord:
Pls. read Rom. 2:1. 3:4.

Anna-Maria Monday, April 28, 2003
@ 7:21 AM
how dare you call me a liar!!
For you who wrote that JW not encourage spanking, how dare you call me a liar?? I have evidence, photos which show how I looked like after mum beat me. How dare you spit in my face like this?? You have never met me, nor the persons in our congregation. They exchanged advices of how to beat in the most effective way. Your post just gives me one more evidence about how blind JW:s are. People like you would just look the other way if a child was beaten or raped. Some JW:s I know saw how I was treated, but today they claim that it never happened. Because that is the easiest thing for them to do. They are all cowards in that congregation. How dare they talk about love, when they don't give a s**t about abused children. I can't understand how someone who don't know me and never even seen me can say here that I'm wrong. It's like I would sit here in Sweden and say that John Lennon wasn't murdered, he killed himself. And even if people who actually saw him get shot would try to tell me I'm wrong, I would still go on with the same crap. That's insane. But I want you to know, that you can't break me down. No matter how hard you try I will stand strong. I survived my childhood, and today I'm a young woman who is strong and free. Some JW:s are very disappointed about that. They have spread a rumor about me, but I don't care, and that makes them talk even more about me. Just go on, tell me I'm a liar, but I remember every beating I got during 13 years of hell. Finally, there are some JW:s here in Sweden who have admit that spanking children was encouraged. The organization taught them that beating a child was a good way to raise them to good JW:s. I hope a person like you never get children yourself, because what will you do if a JW abuses them? Nothing! You make me sick!

Monday, April 28, 2003
@ 2:18 PM
Profile of a pedophile
Here is an important site for all to check out: http://www. mental-health-matters. com/articles/article. php? artID=273

Monday, April 28, 2003
@ 4:58 PM
Whoa there, Anna-Maria. :) I remember years ago hearing a few talks given to the congregation, in which people were counseled to spank their children. Maybe this isn't done anymore, I don't know, but I want to back you up in your stating that JW's are encouraged to 'discipline' through spankings. The bathrooms at Kingdom Halls were (I don't know if they still are. ) often used to punish children. Of course, there were/are JW parents who prefer to use different methods to teach, train, and guide their children, but for the most part, I recall parents using corporal punishment, at the approval of JW's in general. Again, this is based on memories from years back, so I can't speak for how the discipline issue with children is viewed now. Anyway, Anna-Maria, take a deep breath and relax. You are not a liar. Hang in there, and take very good, nurturing care of yourself.

SM Tuesday, April 29, 2003
@ 12:02 PM
PLEASE,stop judging Jehovah's Witnesses by the way some people act. I am a true witness. I have been one for 18 years and I will never change. I try my hardest to serve God in a clean and honest way. I have never molested a child in my life. If you speak bad about them, then you are speaking bad about the millions of others who truly do dedicate their lives to helping people. This is SO very wrong. Sure, there are wolves in our organization who pretend to be lambs, but those who have good intentions out-number them tremendously. This religion is no different from any other in that way because in every congregation someone is fake, but I guarantee you that we "JWs" want the best.

DK Tuesday, April 29, 2003
@ 12:07 PM

LK Tuesday, April 29, 2003
@ 8:50 PM
Did anyone else notice that the two previous comments posted by Jehovah's Witnesses were obviously more concerned about their image rather than helping and encouraging the poor victims of child abuse. What is the WTS trying to do to help these victims? Are they printing info in the watchtower to make other JWs aware of the victims and to show their support for the victims? Or are they starting a fund to help assist the victims? Or are they doing anything whatsoever to show the victims they care? Or are they simply trying to protect their image? Aren't the answers obvious. NO doubt most JW's try to live by good principles like any other person in this world, but where is your compassion and true love for the broken hearted? Especially the ones broken down by your organization and all the procedural guidelines from the governing body that the Elders are required to follow to a T, that are not biblical. You say that millions of "true Jehovah's Witnesses" are dedicating their lives to helping people. But what happens when these people experience true hardship like abuse? How are you helping them? How are you helping the millions of silent lambs (in any organization or the entire world period) out there? What are you resolving to do from the true agape from your heart to help real victims? Please feel free to let us know or work with us to help protect the silent lambs.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003
@ 8:54 PM
Please understand, you are not being judged. What silentlambs is trying to do is have the policy regarding how to deal with the pedophilia issue changed. The way things have been going has been hurting the victims. If the policy is changed, it will be for the great good of Jehovah's Witnesses. It will work for you, not against you. Pedophilia is a rampant problem. It isn't just a few people here and there. It's a widespread problem. Yes, it is true that it is going on in other religions. It is just as serious a problem in the Mormon religion as it is in the Jehovah's Witnesses. There are all kinds of abuse issues going on in the Amish religion. If it seems to Jehovah's Witnesses that they have been unfairly singled out, it is because people are not stepping forward in their own religions, as Bill Bowen has, not as strongly and unswervingly as Bill Bowen has in the Jehovah's Witnesses. He did this because he cares about people and wants to help them. He did this at great cost to himself. I hope that people in other religions will be inspired by Bill Bowen and the victims, who have all courageously spoken up, no matter what might happen to them for doing so, and be motivated to stand up and speak up, speak out about the pedophilia and any other kind of abuse that is going on in their religions. Pedophilia is a crime, it's a crime, and it needs to be dealt with appropriately, in the Jehovah's Witnesses, in other religions, in any walk of life. It is urgent that pedophilia be correctly handled. It is a crime, very possibly committed by people with mental illnesses. Pedophiles need to placed in the hands of professionals, professionals in the mental health field and professionals in the field of law enforcement. Bringing pedophilia to the forefront and to people's attention is a good thing if it is not being taken care of in the right manner, if it is not being reported to the proper authorities. It is not an attack against you. It is bringing an unreasonable policy to light and having it exposed, and exposed, and exposed until something positive and constructive is done about it. You are not being attacked as a people. Please don't read things into what silentlambs and the media are trying to do. Put a stop to pedophilia, an end to a policy that does not work, is not working, and is harming the victims, possibly for the rest of their lives. Abuse, be it mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, whatever, needs to be exposed, so it can be taken care of. If it is not, it will never go away. Covering it up will not make it go away. It is still there. It is not chalk on a blackboard. It cannot be erased. What is, is. Period. Pedophilia, rampant pedophilia, is a fact. If it is covered up, it is still a fact. A fact is a fact. There are, by the way, many Witnesses who would like to see a policy change regarding pedophilia. It's a crime.


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