Sunday, June 1, 2003
@ 11:54 AM
Encouraging quote
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead (From article, 'I Let Those Words Guide Me', in Parade Magazine, June 1, 1993)

Sunday, June 1, 2003
@ 11:55 AM
Encouraging quote
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead (From article, 'I Let Those Words Guide Me', in Parade Magazine, June 1, 2003)

PM Monday, June 2, 2003
@ 4:30 PM
What has been the result of the court case in New Hampshire? ___________________________________________________________ _________________________silentlambs Reply: Still no word yet. We will post information as soon as it is available.

Monday, June 2, 2003
@ 7:17 PM
Never say never
"Man is so made that whenever anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish." - Jean de la Fontaines (positive sayings@positive

Monday, June 2, 2003
@ 8:52 PM
Pedophile profile artID=273 Good site to check out for some insight into pedophilia.

Tuesday, June 3, 2003
@ 11:04 AM
I like the idea somebody posted last month about holding prayer vigils during the conventions this summer. Othher faiths do this and there is nothing unscriptual about it. I think if we are to have Jehovah support us we ought to show that our faith and reliance is in him. What is the org going to do have us arrested for praying. Pleasse put that post back up so others can see it.

mp Tuesday, June 3, 2003
@ 12:29 PM
Lost Entries
It is a crying shame about the lost entries. Are they completely lost and gone forever? Could this be something more sinister than just a normal crash? Could some witness with the technical know-how have decided that you are doing too much good here? I hope that I am wrong about that_______________________________________________________ ________________Silentlambs Reply: No, sorry. There was a crash in the system and it just happened at the wrong coincidence in archiving the month. No foul play at all. Just a simple computer crash. We apologize.

Trish Tuesday, June 3, 2003
@ 2:55 PM
New Book - Comments
I just read about the new book from the latest convention. I still can not believe that it could have been me sitting there. I miss my study and the first part of Sunday meetings. I have not found anything else yet but reading about the book sheds any doubts! Thanks for your website - it's helped me get out of the ????Truth???? and at least back on the road to finding it.

Mark S. G Tuesday, June 3, 2003
@ 10:26 PM
Moral support for silent lambs worldwide
My heart goes out to each and every child rape victim within the Watchtower Organization. I have family members that have also suffered at Watchtowers hands as they experienced the worst betrayal and systematic re-raping imaginable. I know there are many more victims of their evil policies throughout the world. As long as Watchtower exercises mind control over its elders and overseers, children from within will be at risk. As a former JW, I know it runs deep in that organization. I stand firm to love and support victims of child abuse and will protect any and all as Christ Jesus taught me to.

Cheri R. RC Wednesday, June 4, 2003
@ 4:38 AM
Better late than never
"Tuesday, April 22, 2003 @ 3:05 PM Leaving JW's ... best thing The post from Anna Maria brought a few things to my mind from the past. I remember seeing a woman drag her daughter (who looked to be anywhere from six to eight years old) into the restroom (this was at a circuit assembly), slam her against the wall, then proceed to spank her in from of everyone in the restroom. Another time after a meeting at a Kingdom Hall (there were still several people around) an elder picked up his five year old granddaughter and paddled the daylights out of her in front of everyone. Everyone seemed to take this in stride. A couple of times I have witnessed parents spank one year old children, not swat, spank hard! Not only were these children physically punished, severely, but, they were 'disciplined' this way in public. So, they were also PUBLICALLY HUMILIATED! It makes you sick. Witnesses are encouraged to spank children. Children don't get to be children. From a very young age they are "taught" (guess how) to sit like little automatons at meetings, quietly, like little caricatures of adults. And then their are children, who decide when they are not really at an appropriate age of maturity to make such decisions, to get baptized. This means that if they come to the awakening later (and may still be kids, teenagers) that they made a premature choice that they have to suffer the consequences by being marked or disfellowhipped. All these things and some other things I remember. Like the young, educated, very, very talented bride who was told in her wedding talk that she would not "be known", that it was her husband who would "be known", while I am sitting there thinking that I thought it was Jehovah who was supposed to be known. There's more. Many people could think of examples of things that didn't make sense, or seemed really 'off', or cruel while they were members of this religion. Whew. I am really sorry for what Anna Maria and other children have gone through at the hands of this religion. " While browsing through the guestbook I came upon this post. And even though I am way late with this, I felt the need to speak on it. I was born and raised a witness by an alcoholic, abusive mother. My mother used to love to drag me out of the car at a Raleys grocery store and beat me with a belt in front of the store. I cant tell you how humiliating that is. She would however grab a whole handful of skin and meat on your leg and pinch and twist if you were bad during a meeting so as not to draw attention to herself. What did we get pinched in such a horrible manner for? Some imagined afront to the other members such as not singing loud enough during a song. I used to sing loudly at home to radio songs but I would not sing out loud at the hall. I got beat for it. I had and have a good singing voice and she believed it should be used "to sing praise to Jehovah". My mother was the free weilder of discipline. She also dragged us to the bathroom for bathroom beatings. The person who posted the above site is very experienced with the jw ways. Yes I had to sit like a porceline doll, guiet and still or I would be beat at home. And about the young kids who are disfellowshiped? I was one of them too. I got babtized at 12 years old. Even though I questioned alot of things in this religion, I went and was babtised. So by the time 14 years old came around in 1975 or so, I was already through with the concept. But now I had to risk being shunned. when I decided that I was going to report my abuse to the elders, and they didnt and wouldnt help me, and then I confided in a high school math teacher who encouraged me to go to the authorities, I was pretty much a basket case who needed some reasurance that I was doing the right thing. My mother was "Mommie Dearest" the second. Aside from the "wire hangers" issue in that movie, my mother was Joan Crawford reincarnate. And my step-father was a sick, grabby, feely, touchy, whoops my hand slipped down your shirt accidentally kind of man. This person who wrote the above must have been raised at my house. My mother did not care how bad she embarrassed you as long as you were sufficiently punished for the minutest offenses. And I too got baptised too young cause I was trying to please my mother and not be getting beaten so much. I was disfellowshiped at the tender age of 14 for, get this, ----Bringing reproach upon the name of Jehovah. I had gone to the police locally and turned my step father in for his inappropriate behavior. That was how I saw it. I didnt know what to call it. My mother didnt believe me of course and after much trauma and terrible abuse, I finally got away from her but I was disfellowshiped and lost everyone I had ever known in my life and all my best friends too. Anna Marie, we have so much in common even though we are kind of far apart in age. My heart and soul is with you girl. Cheri R. W

Wednesday, June 4, 2003
@ 10:01 AM
The new book
This new book for children - - is it some kind of propaganda? Some parts of this book sound totally bizarre. This is one "off the wall" book. I think this is one book child psychologists should review VERY carefully. Walk away from someone being beaten up?! Just in case that person may be a thief?! What? Where did that come from? Since when is it okay to beat someone up? Is the WTS condoning beating people up? It's not okay to beat up a thief! Is the WTS trying to condition children to accept and condone violence? Hm, I wonder why they would do that? This is a manipulative, mind-twisting book. I hope that child psychologists and other professionals speak against this book and its weird indoctrination of children! Even if I was a devout Jehovah's Witness I would think there is something haywire about this book. It seems to be written so as to groom children to be perfect little Watchtower cultists.

Claudine Wednesday, June 4, 2003
@ 3:31 PM
Something to think about:
Jesus warned us about being followers of God or man. We have been warned by Jesus that we cannot be loyal to God and still be loyal to anything else. I don't think that JW's are brainwashed, as much as they are followers of men ( poor excuses for men.) The ones that don't leave have not found the bottom line nor have they drawn the bottom line. They don't have one? How anyone can go to a Kingdom Hall and fully know that the WTS supports, hides, protects a pedophile and attacks, ignores, disfellowships, blames a child or a child's family that has been harmed by a pedophile just doesn't have a bottom line. They are not following Jesus and they have Jehovah mixed up with the GB. It is a choice they make and they are not searching for truth - Jesus is the Truth! He is as close as the next moment. Anyone who wants to find Him can and will. Anyone who wants to know the Truth, The Way and the Life - can. I don't think Jesus is going to excuse them for "being brainwashed" or for being followers of men. I do not think Jesus was joking around when He said the road is narrow and cramped and few would find it. Regardless of what the reason - people have a choice to think or I don't think Jesus would welcome a pedophile on the road, and I don't think He would kick a victim of one these animals off the road. We can think for ourselves or let other's do our thinking for us. Obviously, the WTS has no bottom line when it comes to pedophiles - so the followers follow suit. Bill was not only able to walk, but he did something BIG. I walked and have never looked back. Some just know the bottom line, and when enough is enough. May God bless Bill when he is interviewed by the WTS and may they find no reason to believe that he is not a good witness for the victims of child abuse. In Him

the mole Wednesday, June 4, 2003
@ 6:17 PM
they are coming
***the mole*** I had written that those of us who support and encourage those who have been abused mentally, physically and spirtually to come here to awake the minds of those who have been closed for so long like mine was until just two years ago. subtle warning are now being issued to the members about speaking out and doubting the org. Those friends I still keep who are elders and servants tell me things that all of you should know. Dont read the magazines for their doctrine but look into for the warnings about what they will do behind the scenes. Read the march KM carefully and the Jan, feb watchtower and you will understand the upcoming assembly topic of loyalty and df'ing those who are subversive even family members. Bill Bowens site is but one of many who now speak and refused to lie dorment in a sea of deciet. if we who are still members and active servants should question and ask but beware the real wolves dress in cheap JC penny suites.....***the mole***

MIKE Thursday, June 5, 2003
@ 3:00 AM
I have a question I would like as many people as posible to answer. If you could remake Jehovahs Witnesses beliefs, without the organization and the printing empire what would you want it to be like ? I mean what would you want to stay the same and what should go ?

CG Thursday, June 5, 2003
@ 1:33 PM
Two Masters?
*** Rbi8 Matthew 6:24 *** 24 ?No one can slave for two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will stick to the one and despise the other. YOU cannot slave for God and for Riches. *** Rbi8 Luke 16:13 *** 13 No house servant can be a slave to two masters; for, either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will stick to the one and despise the other. YOU cannot be slaves to God and to riches.? *** Rbi8 Luke 6:27-29 *** 27 ?But I say to YOU who are listening, Continue to love YOUR enemies, to do good to those hating YOU, 28 to bless those cursing YOU, to pray for those who are insulting YOU. 29 To him that strikes you on the one cheek, offer the other also; and from him that takes away your outer garment, do not withhold even the undergarment. *** Rbi8 Matthew 5:43-45 *** 43 ?YOU heard that it was said, ?You must love your neighbor and hate your enemy.? 44 However, I say to YOU: Continue to love YOUR enemies and to pray for those persecuting YOU; 45 that YOU may prove yourselves sons of YOUR Father who is in the heavens, since he makes his sun rise upon wicked people and good and makes it rain upon righteous people and unrighteous. *** w52 10/1 p. 599 A Strong Refuge Today *** We must hate in the truest sense, which is to regard with extreme and active aversion, to consider as loathsome, odious, filthy, to detest. Surely any haters of God are not fit to live on his beautiful earth. The earth will be rid of the wicked and we shall not need to lift a finger to cause physical harm to come to them, for God will attend to that, but we must have a proper perspective of these enemies. So which shall it be? The Watchtower Society or Jesus Christ, the Son of God? You cannot slave for two masters.

Aussie Thursday, June 5, 2003
@ 4:53 PM
New kids book
Going by the comments it seems some of you have taken parts out of context. If an unarmed thief breaks into your house and you attack and kill him, you can be charged with murder. In the eyes of God life is far more important than material goods. Also in the eyes of the law - ie the harm done in defending your property must not be greater than that which was being prevented. So it's best to call the cops and let them deal with thieves. If you see a child being beaten then certainly intervention would be appropriate, but if it just a brawl between teenagers then again calling the police is preferable to joining in the fight. While Im no fan of Michael Jackson, his song "Beat It" says it all. However,the use of violence if confronted by a pedophile is not only acceptable it is also a deterrent. Especially if you kick the *#@!! where it hurts most and then run for your life.

jb Thursday, June 5, 2003
@ 6:53 PM
answer to Mike

AL Friday, June 6, 2003
@ 9:55 AM
New Name
I feel a new name is in order for the organisation - The Watchtower, Bible & Dirty Old Man Society. This is as a result of the Governing Body's resistance to to make the necessary changes to its current Child Protection Policy.

kimberli blue Friday, June 6, 2003
@ 6:56 PM

Friday, June 6, 2003
@ 7:06 PM
To Cheri R.
Hi, Cheri, I was appalled when I read about your childhood! Pinching and twisting your skin?! How horrible!!! Equally horrible - - the beatings and public humiliation, and your stepfather's perverted assaults on your body. I am so sorry. I hope that you have been in counseling for the bizarre, cruel treatment you were subject to growing up! Your mother and stepfather sound as if they are really mixed up, messed up people. Alcoholism is a disease. I hope your mother has gotten treatment for it. Did your stepfather go to jail? We can all thank Bill Bowen and the victims who have been courageously speaking up against pedophilia and other forms of abuse for beginning to put cracks in the Watchtower facade. Hang in there, and I hope your life is going well now! I wish you happiness, joy, and fulfillment in your life. Take care!

kimberly B Friday, June 6, 2003
@ 7:29 PM
answer to Claudine
Claudine, i am feeling the way you expressed how there is no excuse for following men. However, I used to feel the same way you do. But, I've come to realize that some of the people that are still enslaved to the JW cult have demonic influence. When Satan has a strong hold on your mind and actions like he does on the people still involved (including family members of mine), it is extremely hard for them to get loose. First, they have to start praying properly and beg the Lord for the proper help. But when you are brainwashed into thinking that the only means of salvation is through their demonic organization(JW org.), they can't get the proper spiritual help that they so desperately need. Unfortunately, as long as the people read the JW bible(which has demonic changes, deletions and additions) and they consistently absorb themselves in their demonic literature they will not be able to break free from satan's hold! So, in line with your thoughts, Jesus will have to use REAL holy spirit to REALLY DRAW them to Him and break them free. But they will have to recognize His authority and submit to it! Not the demonic and deceitful GB. By the way, I am speaking from experience. I used to be one but thank God I am NO LONGER ONE! I finally recognized! Praise the Lord! May you continue to be blessed!!

Kimberly B Saturday, June 7, 2003
@ 7:59 AM
Some thoughts to mike
Hey Mike, good question. When Jesus expelled the demons from possessed people he COMPLETELY cleaned them from the wicked spirits. There was even one account in the bible that explains that there were so many demons in one man that the wicked spirits threw themselves into some swine (pigs) that were near by. The swine even jumped over the mountainside into a lake and drowned (there were 2 thousand pigs the bible says). My point is: There is NO fascade or any part of the JW Corporation that should be saved. It should be totally crushed like Babylon was in ancient days. No part of that corporation should be able to raise its ugly head up and be allowed to hurt anybody ever again!

mp Saturday, June 7, 2003
@ 2:18 PM
re: Deposition
Bill, shame on you, calling yourself Bill when your name is really William! That is as bad as a Robert calling himself Bob! They obviously could not really find anything bad about you if they had to jump on something that trivial to discredit you. And what do you or your family have to do with their policies? They are just trying to move the focus off the real issues of their policies and child abuse. I wish every JW in the world could be made aware of the true happenings here, but of course, they will just hear what the WTS wants them to think and they would not even think of doubting what the WTS says. And they would not dare read anything to the contrary. I heard an elder say about Raymond Franz' books, "I don't know what's in those books, but I wouldn't read them for anything in the world." Like an ostrich sticking his head in the sand and thinking he is safe. I think the WTS's actions are well described in Eph. 5:12 "...for the things that take place in secret by them it is shameful even to relate." NWT Keep up the good work. This organization needs to be exposed for what it really is so that all the honest hearted JW's that have bought into the concept of "God's organization" (and there are many of them -- I was one of them until very recently) can realize that they have been the victims of a big hoax.

Saturday, June 7, 2003
@ 4:36 PM
On Parade magazine article on pedophilia.

D500 Saturday, June 7, 2003
@ 8:30 PM
I have been disfellowshipped six years now. There is always pressure to go back. Treated badly in A store. Talked down to by A former acquaintance. Made to feel as if all I ever mattered was filling A seat at the kingdom hall. When I get wavering, knowing now that I was mesmerized, just part of A crowd, I get back on my computer and type in silentlambs where I can read all these accounts that strengthen me in my feelings to stay faithful to God no matter who shuns me or devalues me because I know He still cares. It is written all over this websites pages.

barbie Saturday, June 7, 2003
@ 10:12 PM
to love childern
still need to set things right

Claudine Saturday, June 7, 2003
@ 11:34 PM
Dear Kimberly - I forgot about Satan and what an influence he can have on people. Thanks for the reminder. I was around the JWs for 18 years and I was an unloving Jerk, just like them. The minute I yearned and longed to know Jesus the veil came down. And it was the biggest blessing I could possibly hope for. I do know that it was Holy Spirit that opened my heart and mind to the only person who truly loves me. It happened fast. Only AFTER I verbalized I wanted to know Jesus did I open my eyes to the wrongness of how the WTS handles the sexual abuse of children. I knew before, but thought it would be going against Jehovah..blah blah blah. I had forgotten how the sequence of events went. It was Jesus first,only then did the rest became completely unacceptible. Thank you for reminding me that all Glory goes to Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It is Jesus and the working of the Holy Spirit that gives me my bottom line. I don't think I have been giving credit to the Holy Spirit but rather taking credit myself. I was just like everyone else sad to say. So the Holy Spirit can heal a brainwashed person without a 12 step program!!!! If you know what I mean. I was minimizing the brainwashing because I don't think I have a full realization of power of the Holy Spirit or the power of Satan.

Sunday, June 8, 2003
@ 2:53 PM
A helpful site for children

D500 Sunday, June 8, 2003
@ 5:57 PM
additional requirements
In A recent monday morning edition of the Oregonian (Portlnd) an article on how the Catholic church was settling abuse issues with Oregon residents stated that in the Portland area, A hotline was being set up for victims to call and begin therapy with A professional therapist who was knowledgeable in abuse. Tis service would be paid for by the church. A phone number was given there in the newspaper. Why can't the Witnesses be this humane instead of blaming parents of victims, as if the parents were even told until years after the abuse. Should this be added to the list of things the WTS could be doing? The survivors could sure use it! Best wishes and regards.

Sunday, June 8, 2003
@ 9:22 PM
The Catholic issue Hi, the above site tells about the latest with the Catholic situation regarding abuse.

MUGULIVIES Monday, June 9, 2003
@ 12:01 PM

Cheri R-W Monday, June 9, 2003
@ 5:37 PM
In answer to
In answer to your questions, my mother died in 1990 from Cancer. She never smoked a cigarette in her life but she had lung, breast, brain tumor and cancer on her spine. She layed on a cot at the back of the KH during meetings when she was dying. My step-father proceeded to molest his own daughter's baby until at 18 months, the baby was examined by doctors for a general checkup and found that she too had been molested severely. My step-father was never reproved or disciplined in any way by the KH. In fact, on overseer's wife told me that they believed that Walter had done this to the baby. the only thing that happened was the baby was taken from them. My step-sister was put on the street after that same man abused her and then her baby was abused too. a terrible shame. I have been experienceing my own demons and memories since I found this site but I will work through them. Thanks for your consideration, Cheri RW

Monday, June 9, 2003
@ 11:45 PM
Cheri RW
Hello, Cheri, you sound like a very strong person with a lot of courage. You have been through a lot. Hang in there!

DJB Tuesday, June 10, 2003
@ 2:17 PM
For the Guestbook
Hi Everyone! I have not been to this site in roughly 6 months. Part of the reasons has been family problems. Last October my daughter attempted suicide. She has been the victim of sexual abuse by her father and her stepfather. Victims of sexual abuse put no value on themselves. We have gotten her life on track again but it is like a house of cards. I feel the scriptures say it all that "oppressiton can make a wise one act crazy." The hurt and devastation from sexual abuse runs so deep. I left the abusers when I found out and tried to protect my children but the damage was done. She almost died in October. She says now she has more skills to cope with everyday life. She now talking to me again with her problems. I feel this is a good sign. More recently I used a special occassion to give her a card to tell specificly why she is special to me. She cried her eyes out and asked if I really thought this was true of her and we hugged. Even thou I gave up everything (others will know what I mean by everything)to keep my children safe in October it did not seem enough. I want parents out there who are trying to help their sexually abused young adults/children not give up and to realize that the crazy times are a reaction to what they have been through. You probably already know that. I want to say never give up. I didn't and for now I have my daughter back. She is so fragile and life can be gone so fast even when we try our best. Sometimes our best doesn't seem good enough. When we think of what is at stake it seems incrediable that the Watchtower Society (governing body) would be so cold and harsh with those who want to stand up to them. Our children lives are on the line here. It is not some preferance that doesn't matter. In my view this makes Watchtower Society's stand doublely cruel to have a policy in place that would let what happen to my daughter happen again and again and again. To put others in harms way when it could all be prevented. Where is their Love? They do not have any for the children. I can see dispite all the problems and oppostion from the Watchtower Society toward this web site and those who run it that you have Jehovah God's backing because you are still here and now you support and are letting victims know where help is AROUND THE WORLD. This tells me if "God is with us who can be against us." We love you all for your sacrifices to protect and support the victims of this horrible crime. I pray justice will be SEEN to be done in the case that is before the judge in New Hampshire. All are prayers are with you. DJB

DJB Tuesday, June 10, 2003
@ 2:41 PM
Response for Kim...
Hi, I was having the same thoughts as you that really how could he save any part of the present organization. When Jesus came and set up the early christian congretation he started new. The Jewish system was not reformed for the early christians. It was a totally separate group. The Scriptures say "Can't put new wine in old wine skins." Any of the those who stand up for the protection of the children are kicked out. I ask really how much can be salvaged? The corruption goes right up to the top and they only keep persons like themselves. Jesus didn't use the old Jewish system and I can't see him today behaving any different from the past, when corruption took over God's people. DJB

DJK Tuesday, June 10, 2003
@ 7:09 PM
I am one
I was molested at about age 12 (I am male) by a Congregation Servant in New Jersey. (He was male).

Anna-Maria Wednesday, June 11, 2003
@ 6:29 AM
To Cheri RW
Hi, I read your post, we both had a hard childhood. I cant understand how a parent can beat her child badly just because she/he didnt want to sit silently in Kingdom Hall. Parents like my mum shouldnt have children. When I was a child I used to dream that a big person would come and beat up my mum, so she would feel the same horror I did. When you are a small child its so scary to be beaten up by a big adult who is furious and screams and spit on you. Yes, my mum sometimes spit in my face, when I told her that I didnt want to become a JW. I was 12 when I told her that I had enough, no more meetings, no more field service. She jumped on me, screaming, spitting, pulled my hair, and tried to kick me out the door. But I defended myself and hit her back, that was the last time she tried to hurt me. What a reaction, but she is very fanatic so I knew she would do something like that. JW has made her fanatic, stupid, and foolish. She lives in a "bubble". She asks stupid questions because she dont know how normal people are and how they live, and so on. She always puts her nose up in the air and acts like she knows everything. All the other children in our congregation was beaten too. It happened to at least one child every meeting, often because the small children couldnt sit calm and silent for 2 hours. If I said a few words, or moved my legs, or draw figures in the notebook, that was enough for get punished. Im so glad that Im an adult now, she cant control me any longer. Nobody should grow up like I did. I have seen many JW-parents who control their children and treats them like slaves. My mum was wrong, she couldnt beat the "truth" into my head. Sadly, some parents think that they can. Here in Sweden is it against the law to beat children, its forbidden, even for parents. But JW thinks that they are over the law. Our government has spoken about checking up on children in sects and I hope that they will. Under the false- smiling,"happy" surface there are rotten things. Our congregation was good and proper on the outside, "worldly" people didnt know about the evil inside. Take care Cheri and remember that it was not your fault. I wish you and other victims the best, all my love. Anna-Maria

Friend Of Abused Persons Wednesday, June 11, 2003
@ 2:17 PM
Mole & Bill, READ THIS
Bill, I believe "The Mole" is correct. It isn't enough that they try to intimidate those who've spoken against pedophiles, but they are signaling their "angels" to use whatever harassment needed, cloaked in talk of loyalty for cleansing Jehovah's organization on earth. This shouldn't surprise anyone given the $24 million settlement the Catholic diocese at Louisville, Kentucky, just paid out. If they can shut the mouths of sexually abused kids and those who spoke up for the kids, they figure it'll save Watchtower money accounts a lot. Why, oh, why doesn't the FBI step in? Please take Mole seriously. Electronic harassment and beatings are not beyond fanatics in an organization afraid of losing it all. Isn't it clear that Ted Jarasz of Watchtower Governing Body personally interested in wanting something done before they get too drained of money. It's a multi-billion dollar business, not just a belief system. I can tell you though that word of Watchtower hiding the ties to the UN is out into the general membership some already and everytime someone else finds out their donations drop.

AS Wednesday, June 11, 2003
@ 7:46 PM
I had good kids when I went to meetings according to JW's. They were very shy so that helped. I've seen a lot of kids being normal kids get punished severly because they wouldn't sit still but the worse was when we went to assemblies. No child understands why they have to sit through hour after hour of talks that they don't understand anyway. I took mine and I always took a blanket for them plus toys to play with.My kids always came first and I guess that is what saved us from the JW's. When my kids were called before the elders for being normal kids and they were treated like trash I knew things had to change. So we DA ourself and then I guess we were DF. I never received notification. We never looked back and our family has grown in love and unity. We thank God everyday for being FREE.When our eyes were opened so we could see we couldn't believe how we ever got mixed up with JW's in the first place.

sassy Wednesday, June 11, 2003
@ 9:20 PM
my sister
I have been here before only with two of my initials. It seems though when I was reading what others have written someone els is using the same initials. I would not want our comments to get mixed up so I am going to use sassy when I come here. I talked to my sister today. I wish she would visit this site or do something to give herself some strength to stand up for herself. She has married a Mormon man that has moved her to UT and he is realy abusing her bad. Plus she still feels the need to have some kind of conection with our JW mother even when this gives her pain and she realy hates the way our mother has/is treating me. I worry about my sisters safty.I wonder what will she do if it gets too bad at home.She has depression and panic attacks already. I am so afraid this man will drive her over the edge.She has suffered so very much in her life. When does it stop. I want so much for her to have the chance to heal just as I am doing now. I do not need my mother to say I love you the way I used to and the fact that she has walked away does not hurt as it once did. When something happens in my life it is not my mom I go to call but first I go to my loving Jesus and then if needed a loving and trusted friend. When I was talking to my sister I so wanted to be able to reach into myself and pull up all my faith and any strength God may give me and turn it over to her so that she could do two things. First leave her husband before things get realy bad and second cut the tie between herself and our cold hearted mother.But,I know that I can not. She must find away on her own but, you can be sure I will keep talking and holding out my hand for her to take until she does. I would like to ask any who read this please to pray for Mindy in UT. Pray for her mental strength that she does not do something to end her life in a state of depression. If you do I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!sassy

Thursday, June 12, 2003
@ 12:16 AM
An e-mail I received
The reason we are still in the dark ages and so many adults have their heads in the sand is because millions of us have never done the *simplest* thing: stand up together and DEMAND that protecting children be made the highest priority. In my experience, all of the yacking, all of the denial, all of the apathy evaporates when you ignore it and go straight to where the power is. Gun owners do it, senior citizens do it, corporations do it. They don't worry about the clueless, they fight for what they want. I hope you will consider joining Protect. We are already winning victories, and we need every member we can get to build the kind of political muscle these kids need. If you'd like more information, please let us know where to send it! Grier Weeks ----------------------------------------------------------- - Protect--The National Association to Protect Children 46 Haywood Street, Suite 315, Asheville, NC 28801 PHONE: 828-350-9350 FAX: 828-350-9352 WEBSITE: EMAIL: Please join Protect! The AARP has 35 million members. People who put protecting children first have some catching up to do!

Anna-Maria Thursday, June 12, 2003
@ 7:38 AM

I just want to add that Im very happy today. I live a good life. I met my husband when I was 18, and his love has changed my life. For the first time someone loves me like I am, with both good and bad sides. He loves me and doesnt demand that I obey him. I can be myself with him. He doesnt like JW, and he protects me from them. His love has healed me. Im very lucky to have a husband like him. He would never hurt me, and we trust each other completely. Every year he makes sure that I get a nice birtday, easter and christmas because I never had that as a child. He loves to see my joy while celebrating. We also have a lot of interests in common, I have found my soulmate. I wish this kind of happiness for every person who had a bad childhood like me. Take care of you all, love from Anna-Maria.

Thursday, June 12, 2003
@ 11:58 AM
To Sassy and Friend to the Abused
Hi, Sassy, I hope your sister will leave her husband, too, and start a new life, get a fresh start. I have a sister, also, who I desparately want to see get some help. She has had certain experiences in her life that have really hurt her and kind of messed her up. It just makes you feel so helpless. Even though she sometimes will talk with an elder about things, she doesn't seem to get any better. She refuses to talk with a "worldly counselor", which is really too bad, because counselors are professionals who have the education and training to help people with their issues. The elders don't. I'm sorry your mother is so cold toward you and your sister. It's so unnatural. Hang in there! To Friend, I have wished the FBI could get involved, too. I think there should be a thorough investigation done of the WBTS. A "surprise visit"!

Thursday, June 12, 2003
@ 12:10 PM
A thought for the WTS
POSITIVE QUOTE OF THE DAY ----------------------------- Right actions for the future are the best apologies for wrong ones in the past. -- Tyron Edwards - Copyright 2002,, Inc. "Positive Saying of the Day", "Positive Quote of the Day" and "Positive Press" are trademarks of

pcw Thursday, June 12, 2003
@ 3:06 PM
Response to
Hi, This is my second comment on this website and your experience made me grateful as I now realize I am so glad I allowed my children to make their own choices and none of them were ever baptized although they were exposed to the truth a few years. I never wanted to be blamed for forcing them into something they didn't want. However, they did hear valuable things while associated, which I feel has made them better and respectable persons in that they knew they could hid stuff from worldly man but not Jehovah, for he sees it all, which s has only reinforced how I was attempting to rear them, regardless of being in an extremely dysfunctional family of having a husband who chased women, hung in gay bars, woman basher, bouts of road rage and abusive speeach in public, etc. Much of the things your mother imposed on you, brought back memories of slight tendancies of my doing the same. I thought it was the thing to do to controll your children because I was learning from the "mature sisters" whom I witnessed imposed on their children. I thought it was the right way to go, thinking these women knew the best way to rear their children. Now that I think about it, a lot of them probably were frustrated with husbands who left the whole child rearing part to them, while they were the public relations of the congregations with responsibilities in handling the mikes, elders, ministeral servants, office assistants, etc. In other words, they were in glorified positions of sharing the spotlight among men while mom was left to tend the children, thus taking their frustration out on the children so as not to embarrash "hubbies" who were reaching out for responsibilities and didn't need unruly children "cramping their style". I always felt women were given total burdensome responsiblities and many of us held down jobs to compliment hubby's income, at least this is what I felt happened in my situation, and I wasn't supposed to complain. I am not sayng all brothers are/were not this way but a good many are/were, which takes on the shape of domination and controll. I am so glad my children do not hate me and I am so proud of them all. I am especially proud of how they are handling their children with patience and a mimimal amount of spoiling and I am proud to be a mother and grandma. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing "Hi Grandma, where are you?" This is because I reside in another state, far, far away but they know they have another grandmother. In each comment I read, I can relate to the problems I think all JW's and potential JW's experience. Some question the problems, yet not aloud, while others quickly dismiss them from thought for fear of being reproved or disfellowshipped. Incidently, I have been reproved once and disfellowshipped twice, and until recently, had the desire to return to the Organization -- that is the organization in question. Praise be to God that none of my children went through what the victims have in common went through but I did my own of putting my fear into them and occassional pinches to make them pay attention because I thought it was the expected thing to do. I acted just as many in the congregations did but I am not ashamed anymore because after asking on numerous times for Jehovah to forgive me, I have forgiven myself because I am blessed everyday in many ways and I know he has forgiven me. If I have gone in the wrong direction of the purpose of this website, I apologize and please forgive me. The point I'm making is that sometimes people take on the action of what others expect of them. I know I did. Please, I welcome any comments good or bad of my thoughts because I can only grow.

Thursday, June 12, 2003
@ 9:06 PM
To Anna-Maria
Oh, Anna-Maria, I am soooo glad that everything has worked out so wonderfully and beautifully for you, that your life is so happy with a truly loving, caring, and giving mate who doesn't think husband is synonymous with autocratic ruler and dictator. That is such good news!!! :) Marriages in which the husband is the absolute 'boss' are not even relationships. They are non- relationships. The wives cannot truly be partners to these 'monarchs'. They are not partnerships, they are one up, one down ..... non-relationships. More like parent/child situations. Sad! I'm so happy for you that you are in a real PARTNERSHIP. That's the way it should be. Good for you two!

Anna-Maria Friday, June 13, 2003
@ 6:41 AM
Answer to
Thank you for your kind words. I want people to know that even if your childhood was bad, you can create a better life as an adult. I know that Im lucky to have met such a good man. We have been together for almost 11 years now. Im glad that he didnt freak out about my mum being a JW, some people did that. They dont want to have a friend or girlfriend who has JW in the family. He thinks that they are weird, and he thinks that I was brave when I was a child, because I fought against this religion which was forced upon me. I have friends who also were JW:s, (they are dfs) they admire my strength, they say that they never dared to say anything against JW when they were children, they waited and left later as adults. Im glad that sites like this one exist, but also sad when I read about all the terrible stories here. I understand that I was lucky after all, I never was molested. I try to help people today with information about JW, I always check it out first before telling someone, I would never lie about them. I have helped two people so far to stop studying with JW. I didnt force them in any way, they came to me and asked for my help. But JW here in my town says that I talked them into it. I would never go to a person and tell them to leave JW, instead I wait and let them come to me. I also tell them to visit this site. Bill Bowen is a great man, what he did is amazing. I wish that more people had his good heart. Love to you all from Anna-Maria

Vanessa Friday, June 13, 2003
@ 1:02 PM

Hello, im Vanessa 15years old and iam searching for my dad, all informations that i have are in my homepage. Please take a minute and read it, maybe you can help me! Here is my url:

former jw Friday, June 13, 2003
@ 6:06 PM
Thanks to this great site and many others like it I am finally able to start living a normal life again. I left the witnesses over a year ago and still haven't fully recovered from the superb brainwashing job they done. I would like any info. you may have on any class action lawsuits that may be planned. THANKS AGAIN.

Edouard Friday, June 13, 2003
@ 10:33 PM
No man should be trusted when it comes to bible interpretations. I may bible study with baptists, protestants, evangelical or jehova's witnesses (as I currently am with the witnesses), but I will have the last word! So far, I am in conflict with many interpretations with them. The day I left my old religion is the day that I separated God from religion. God (and his bible) is one thing, religion is another. Any mortal man not happy with this, well hey: Tough luck! God be with all abuse victims!!! As Psalms says "cursed is the man who trusts in man"!

NC Sunday, June 15, 2003
@ 6:01 PM

Saw one of these programs on TV last year. I knew by my own experiences of dealing with elders that every word was the truth. So when I listened to the comments made by Bethel in my country I was just angry, disgusted and wanted to vomit. They were in denial. When they were asked how many peodophiles were in my country they refused to say. I said to myself. "Yes, I want to know how many peodophiles live in this country who call themselves JWs too." From that time on I felt I could not trust anything they said anymore. They were dodging the issue so I went out witnessing once more and got extremely upset when a woman came to the door with 3 children and she was interested in what I was saying, which was coming out of my mouth like my mouth was in auto-pilot. I knew when I got home that I could never go out witnessing again because I felt that I was misleading people. I have had to be very discreet along with my husband. We have both left the org. quietly. Anyway thank you Bill Bowen for having the courage to expose this dreadful thing.One day hopefully it will be exposed to JWs entirely and not just a few like me who dared to find out the truth. But then that is how I was taught in this org. to be, to find the truth. Jesus only cared for the truth as he rides in the cause of it. Jehovah is a God of Truth. At this point in time 'truth' is paramount I feel. Love is also important. If you have the two together then that is good and secure for the human mind. Thank you for the opportunity to make these comments NC

Sunday, June 15, 2003
@ 11:46 PM

Revelation 20:12

Tony Monday, June 16, 2003
@ 2:00 PM
Bad dreams???
Has anyone here, or someone you know, suffered from recurring nightmares about having been dragged out into field service as a child?? This unecessary (and strictly enforced) activity can be very traumatic to children. Some children are very shy about facing strangers, door to door, in the freezing cold or burning heat, meeting violence and opposition. But if that child were to voice that opinion they'd be in for the worst punishment of their lives. Has this seemed to have affected anyone? Could that be considered abusive child-rearing??? Thanks

SS Monday, June 16, 2003
@ 4:41 PM
New Hampshire
What's the result with the Berry Case and also your deposition hearing? ___________________________________________________________ _____silentlambs reply:____________ Still no word. Will Post as soon as available.

mariam Monday, June 16, 2003
@ 4:54 PM
searching for email addresses
need recent email address

Aussie Tuesday, June 17, 2003
@ 5:21 PM
children and field service
Has anyone here had the experience of being forced to go to school in the searing heat or freezing cold? Get real! Parents cant leave you home alone and in any case my mum and dad never took me out in extremes of weather.

DJB Wednesday, June 18, 2003
@ 1:22 AM
To Sassy
Hi It is sad to hear about your sister and her marriage to the Morman Man. The Mormans I have met here do not seem to be as cruel. I have been treated very kindly. How did she get involved with them. Please tell me about it. When things went down with my daughter I was alone and the Mormans that I knew were there for me by chance but chose to support me with what we were going through. My family and the Witnesses couldn't be bothered. They just told me it was my fault because I did not go to the kingdom Hall meetings anymore. They told me I brought it on myself. We stopped going to the kingdom Hall because of the sex offenders there. It was so tough with what happened with my daughter that in one month I lost 40lbs if it hadn't been for them being so kind and supportive of me and my daughter I do not know where I would be. The ones I have met have been very sincere. It is very confusing. This situation has taught me we sometimes need other people. Nobody knows of my involvement with the Mormans (Witnesses or family) accept my sister and husband who have just quit going to the kingdom Hall because of all the child molesting and molestors that go there. They do not want even to be known as witnesses even their children at school. It is very confusing and I don't really know very much about the Mormans to really have a for sure opinion about the group as a whole. I just know the ones I have deal with have been unusally kind. The witnesses do so much talking about the love they have but when it comes to victims we are refused any love or concern. Please tell me more about your sister. I really would like to know about her involvement with the Mormans. The ones I have met here have been so kind to us. I really couldn't have made it without their support. Please write me. I am interested in hearing your prospective. I do not want to be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. DJB

Wednesday, June 18, 2003
@ 10:06 AM
Please check out

Wil R Wednesday, June 18, 2003
@ 9:52 PM
Give God Glory Convention Stupidity
Hey Bill it's Wil R, I just got Back from my Give "God Glory Convention" and everything was fine except for a couple of Society cheap shots. There was a talk called "Beware Of The Voice Of Strangers" and these are some of the Quotes from the Sermon. I added my own comments in red. We know the internet can be a an agent of the Devil, but so can the media. The media can serve as an agency of the Devil to mislead us. The Canadian News paper The Globe Mail (dated Feb. 15 1999) had this following report from Moscow. When three girls committed suicide in Moscow last week, the Russian media suggested that they were fanatical followers of the Jehovah's Witnesses.Note the word fanatical, which would have a negative affect on the public.It says that the Globe later reported that the Police stated later that the girls had nothing to do with Jehovah's Witnesses. So can you see how the media through mis-information, half truths and un confirmed reports can have a negative effect and influence and prejudice people against Jehovah's people. So brothers we have to take to heart the point that is made in Proverbs chapter 14:15 and we have to teach our bible students to do the same. Just because something appears in the media, doesn't say that it is factual or correct. In Proverbs the 14th verse of the 15th Capter it says "Anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word, but the shrewd one considers his steps". So the media can become an instrument or an agency of the Devil to speak strange things that endeavor to mislead people from serving the most high God, Jehovah. I got pissed off and said "what a bunch of idiots" out loud, and some peple turned around. I am in the process of checking out the Moscow story. My wife was there and she could not beleive it either and she is not even a witness. My wife just goes to try and get little tid bits of spirtual information any way she can, but that was a joke. The brother made some more comments which I will put in my next E-mail. Wil R May God Bless You Wil Reese

Wil R Wednesday, June 18, 2003
@ 9:56 PM
Give God Glory Convention Stupidity #2
The brother went on to speak about "fleeing from the desires that are incidental to youth".After mentioning running away from those who speak about false things he eluded to the "efforts of Satan to use the media against Gods organization"."We have to use our thinking abilities and spiritual discernment in considering material relayed in the media". The speaker then read (2Timothy4:3-5). He placed emphasis on False Stories. he said "We must be on guard against those who bring false stories to the media". Anyway they also repeated this segment at the end of the convention when they were doing the concluding review talk of the assembly. I am going to write the society and give them the quotes from the discourse and a piece of my mind. I am going to staple a revised copy of this to the Kingdom halls in my area with my name attached to it Because I have had enough!!! I'm on my way out anyway. May God Bless You Wil R

BNT Thursday, June 19, 2003
@ 10:47 PM
New Zealand . Green but not clean
I am a resident of New Zealand . This country is touted world wide as a destination for the outdoors life. The statistics are out . This nation has the highest incidence of child abuse occuring and reoccuring from present reoffending strategies that summarily just dont work. This country is riddled with touchy feely do gooders and hands off "dont want to upset the politically Correctness" type thinking. The children of this nation are being subjected to abuse at a communty level whilst authoritieas are ham strung by beaurocratic bungling allowing kids at risk to be placed in harms way while commitee and panel after panel are debating the issues. I am forming a Silent Lamb Movement here and to hell with protocol. Its not stopping the truth and the unmasking of known offenders at large . This serves a publics right to be alert and ever vigilant for children in this country. I hope there are enough like minded , non agenda seeking parents and friends to support me in this uphill bvattle for the truth and justice our kids deserve.

Sassy Friday, June 20, 2003
@ 10:42 AM
Dear DJB, You are right things can get very confusing when you start looking at other Religions. I will tell you that there are good and bad people in all religions. I will also tell you that I did a lot of reading when I left the JWS and that put together with talking to the Mormons has given me a picture of who they are as a group that I can share with you. The Mormons like JWS feel that they are the only group that is going to be saved also, they beleive that the book of Mormon is truly inspired of God through their prophet and founder. They are a Male dominated group taking submission to the extream. I have found in my reading that groups with closed societies, that clam to be the only way, and use words to refer to themselves as the mother organization, or think of their founder as a prophet is placed in the category of a cult. This does not mean that there are not good people in it that are loving and helpfull but, be careful of the teachings of the group itself. As for my sister she is not a Mormon only her husband is. His job brought him to her town and they dated for a year. He traveled in and out of town with his work so a lot of the dating was by phone. Now that they are married that headship thing came into play. She has no access to money everything must go through him. He will not eat leftovers so it is a fresh meal every night and if he does not like it well he has on ocassion thrown it in her face. The house must be spotles and once the bed is made for the day do not think about a nap on it or all h-- breakes out. My sister is sick and I do not know how much she can take. Again I say to you and any who are looking to leave JW and go some place els there are good and bad people in all religions. What you need to look at is their teachings the phrases they use etc.. The glory should never be directed away from our Lord from our God Jehovah and put on a man or an organization. Jesus is our way to salvation he came and died for me and you that we can be forgiven our sins and know our God the Father. We all need good people but I in my journey I have found that even though I do belong to a church as a member it is Jesus and the Holy Spirit I rely on to teach me and show me my walk in life so as not to be to dependent on an organization. My relationship with God is just that my relationship and no onelse can have it for me. It is a personal thing. I do not know if this helps you DJB but I hope so. I hope I have not been to forward with my comments and offended you or created more confucion. I will pray that you find your way out of confusion and Jesus will be your guide and your protector. Sorry it took a few days to get back to this site and write you. I am getting my daughter ready to go sing in England with her music school and so we have been very busy. I will try and get back sooner incase you want to ask me anything more or just need to feel supported. You are not alone! I have been where you are. Please take care. In Christian Love, Sassy

Friday, June 20, 2003
@ 12:47 PM
Hi, Aussie
Having to go to school no matter what the weather might not be always pleasant, but at least once in school the kids get to sit in their classrooms. There are children who have been taken out in service by their parents, where they STAY outside, going door to door, regardless of "freezing cold" or "burning heat". I think it's great that your parents didn't make you go out in service in "extreme weather". They had common sense. Not all kids have been so fortunate. Different people are affected differently by their childhood experiences. There are so many facets involved in the makeup of every individual and in their particular lives. We carry our childhoods with us always. Our roots are in our childhoods. Parents need to nurture those roots to the nth degree. Childhood should be a happy, carefree, very, very special time in people's lives, with much guidance, yes, but not regimentation. There should be a lot of joy in children's lives. Everyone should be able to look back at a wonderful childhood. The memories should bring back warm, fuzzy, joyful feelings, not tears of sadness and despair. Not bad dreams and lifelong problems.

Friday, June 20, 2003
@ 4:41 PM
Convention comments
Hello, Will R., I'm glad you plan on leaving the organization! I wish you and your wife the best, every happiness. However, I agree that the media would be better off avoiding certain kinds of words, words that are slanted one way or another, words that seem intended to sway people. 'Fanatical' is such a word. It has a tabloid ring to it. I think it's important that the media report news accurately, but I think they can do that without the use of words that could have a negative impact on certain readers. A good, thorough, accurate job of reporting the facts (and they need to SURE they have the FACTS)can be really effective without the use of exploitative words that might put people off. These words could work against the media, not for it, not with it, and could defeat the purpose of what could be good reporting, giving people, like those making up the WTBTS ammunition toward their own ends. For instance, they could, and they do, use any words that seem to indicate a bias against all the good silentlambs work. Words are very powerful and need to be used with care.

***the mole*** Friday, June 20, 2003
@ 9:22 PM
my assembly this weekend
***the mole*** i just had my assembly this weekend at the cow palace in s.f. and i have to say only a dozen people if that many stood with picket signs. mostly family members wanting people to know that the jw org had disrupted and broke up thier families. I spoke to one woman whose only daughter was baptised three years ago now refused to let her see her grandchildren because she celebrates christmas still. I agreed with her that it was wrong to alienate her from her only daughter and grandchildren and i felt her pain. i took great risk at being seen with this sad stranger but my heart felt pain went out to her. she is but a innocent victim torn from her family not by gods law or christ suggestions, but by an organization made by men. I heard the scoffs of people as they walked by her saying out loud she was apostate, but in truth the woman was never of the org. it angered me the trained prejudices and ignorance spewed out by the society has poisened the witness' not seperated the people to real truth. for but one moment i imagined those people looking for a comet passing the earth and they worring about their addis shoes and what time they should drink the noxious cool aid drink. i stood on the ramp overlooking her at the entrance of the building and i could see everyone who passed went far around her like a leper. ....for all of you im putting my notes and thoughts together to sum up this assembly for all of you interested....***the mole***

Friday, June 20, 2003
@ 10:04 PM
Accountability and responsibility
"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." ----------Albert Einstein

janet c Saturday, June 21, 2003
@ 6:24 AM
i pray that god will be with every member pls i want the email contacts of members.--------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- Silentlambs reply-for securtiy reason we cannot provide email contacts for members, you of course are welcome to post your coments here.

Wil Reese Saturday, June 21, 2003
@ 10:17 AM
Now their stealing money........what else could we expect.
Posted March 18 2003 A church elder was ordered by a federal judge on Tuesday to pay more than $4.7 million in restitution to almost 50 victims of a Ponzi-like con game � many of them elderly members of his own congregation. Financial consultant and ex-missionary Raymond L. Knowles, a former resident of Pembroke Pines and Opa-locka and more recently San Antonio, Texas, was sentenced to 57 months in federal prison in January by U.S. District Judge Donald L. Graham for defrauding elderly and financially unsophisticated investors during a multimillion-dollar securities fraud scheme. He was convicted last October of 16 counts of mail fraud, four of wire fraud and four of securities fraud. Many victims were fellow members of the same Jehovah's Witnesses congregation where he was an elder. According to a statement by South Florida U.S. Attorney Marcos Daniel Jimenez, Knowles used his position as an elder to sell millions of dollars worth of risky promissory notes to worshipers, falsely representing that the investments would return between 8.5 percent and 20 percent. He also was accused of diverting investor funds to lease luxury cars, pay personal, business and other expenses including trips to South Africa and Disney World near Orlando. A Ponzi scheme is named after Charles Ponzi, an immigrant who ran such a scheme in 1919-1920. It involves an investment scheme in which returns are paid to earlier investors, entirely out of money paid into the scheme by newer investors. Copyright � 2003, South Florida Sun-Sentinel Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel Another Elders & Fraud story: Jehovah's Witness elders sentenced to 15 years for $6 million theft Two Jehovah's Witness elders who fleeced a 100-year-old Deer Lodge woman out of her life savings and family ranch were sentenced to 25 years in prison with 10 suspended. (added 05/13/2003)

Wil Reese Orlando Saturday, June 21, 2003
@ 12:14 PM
Stealing money again........probably to support the WT campaighn to smear the Lambers.
Jehovah's Witness] Church elders sentenced to 15 years for $6 million theft Tuesday, May 13, 2003 by The Associated Press DEER LODGE (AP) - Two Jehovah's Witness church elders who fleeced a 100-year-old Deer Lodge woman out of her life savings and family ranch were sentenced Monday to 25 years in prison with 10 suspended. District Judge Ted Mizner sentenced Darryl Willis, 64, of Helena, and Dale Erickson, 54, of Missoula, in what prosecutors called the biggest theft case in Montana history. The men - who pleaded guilty to conspiracy, theft and securities fraud - were ordered to pay $6.5 million in restitution. The thefts included taking a nearly $400,000 brokerage fee for illegally and secretly selling Una Anderson's $5.3 million Powell County ranch for $4 million. More than $2 million went to finance a failed effort to establish Montana's first foreign capital depository, which would offer a place for the super-rich to stash their money similar to Swiss-style or offshore banks. Mizner said the sentence represents a "small measure of justice" for Anderson, whose life savings and 6,400-acre family ranch were lost in a befriend-and-betray scheme that played out from 1995 to 2002. The men used a complex system of trusts and interlocking companies to steal Anderson's money while living in expensive homes, driving luxury cars and traveling extensively, court records said. Anderson, who is now 101, said she is glad that justice was served, but is sad for the men who made poor decisions and ruined their lives. "It's sad to think of those two young people," she said of Erickson and Willis. "My life has been good, but it's almost over. They had everything ahead of them." During the sentencing hearing, family members and a social worker for Adult Protective Services, Janel Pliley, asked the court to impose the maximum sentence allowed by law _ which would have totaled 40 years. Kelson Colbo, whose grandfather was Una Anderson's first cousin, said Erickson and Willis used Anderson's trust with the church as leverage to convince her to trust them with her finances. The case was brought to the attention of authorities in September 2001 by members of Anderson's family and Pliley. Source [Watchtower officials announce Disfellowshipping of elders] Church officials shun thieves By Vera Haffey of The Montana Standard DEER LODGE � Two former Jehovah's Witnesses church elders sentenced recently in what prosecutors bill as the largest theft case in Montana's history were denounced by the church in a statement released by a national spokesperson Wednesday. Speaking from the church's world headquarters in Brooklyn, N.Y., J. R. Brown confirmed that Darryl Willis, 64, Helena, and Dale Erickson, 54, Missoula, were "disfellowshipped" in the wake of their conviction for defrauding Una Anderson, a 101-year-old Deer Lodge woman, out of her life savings of $6.5 million. "Disfellowshipped" individuals are not only expelled from the church, but are also ostracized by other church members, the spokesperson said. Brown's press secretary deferred further questions to church elder Mike Murphy in Deer Lodge. Murphy said although neither of the white- collar criminals belonged to the local congregation, they were introduced to Anderson � who was a church member for more than 50 years � by a mutual friend from the Deer Lodge group. That introduction led to an elaborate befriend-and- betray scheme spanning several years, court records show. Aside from a $400,000 brokerage fee for illegally and secretly selling Una Anderson's $5.3 million Powell County ranch for $4 million, and more than $2 million used to finance a failed effort to establish Montana's first foreign capital depository off-shore banking set up, numerous loans, large and small, were made to church members and relatives of Erickson and Willis, records show. Only a few were repaid. Those records say Willis and Erickson convinced Anderson that entrusting to them the fortune she amassed during years of hard ranch work and frugal living would be "more in line with her spiritual beliefs." As time went by, Anderson was influenced by other church members who became progressively more involved and controlling in her care and daily life, records show. During a sentencing hearing earlier this month, Janel Pliley, an Adult Protective Services social worker, told the court that Anderson's finances, activities and associations were closely monitored by several church members who caused a division between Anderson and her family members. "She was under watch 24 hours a day," Pliley told the court. "She was basically held prisoner in her own house. " Pliley reported the case to Powell County authorities in September 2001 after family members noticed suspicious goings-on during visits to Anderson's home. Murphy said Willis and Erickson's misuse of their positions of trust as elders does not reflect on or involve other church members. Members of the congregation who cared for Anderson did so with the best of intentions, and that a lack of communication between Anderson's family and the church led to a lack of trust. He said the actions of Willis and Erickson breached the family's trust in the church in general. Sarah Kelson, Anderson's niece who lives with and cares for her, sees things differently. She says church people literally ran family members off at Anderson's modest one- story home on the outskirts of town when they tried to visit. "There certainly was a lack of trust," Kelson said Wednesday. "But there was no lack of communication. (Murphy) himself ordered me out of this house. He told me I should leave and the church would take care of everything." Murphy explained that the church members support the sentencing of the two men, and that Jehovah's Witnesses "never shield anyone from prosecution." "There is no justification for what those men did," Murphy said. "We feel horrible about what has happened to Una and we feel horrible about what has happened to her family. They lost their heritage as well as their money." Murphy said members are also distraught over the loss of Anderson's companionship. "She has very close friends in the Deer Lodge congregation who still consider her close friends," Murphy said. "Now they are not able to associate with her because of what these two men did." Again, Kelson offers a different perspective. "I'm sure they are distraught," Kelson said Wednesday. "They were all sucking money off of her. The piggy bank closed."

mp Sunday, June 22, 2003
@ 3:37 PM
Question for silentlambs
Since I am recently new to the internet, I just yesterday came across a letter (on another website) requesting that others copy the letter and send to the Society with the note on the bottom that "I agree with Bill Bowen." This letter was dated Dec 2001. Is this a past phase of your work or do you still want people like me, just now finding it, to do that?-------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- Silentlambs reply- You are welcome to continue to send the letter to WT it helps to highlight that the issue is not over and Wt policy has not changed one iota. Anyone who wishes to continueto remind WT of their terrisom of children is welcome to do so.

BLT jacobbird Sunday, June 22, 2003
@ 6:19 PM

this is a shock to me I must not lose this site. All of JW have said small things were upon them BUT never like this. What is it that is hiding them behind a wall and telling others false stories blt jacobbird

ashleigh Monday, June 23, 2003
@ 8:49 AM
aap-action against paedophiles

silentlambs Wednesday, June 25, 2003
@ 11:21 PM
We are back in the black! The website has languished for the last fews days due to some assistance walking away. Well we are on it again and welcome your comments on the guestbook. We will stay on top of things better in the future and try to monitor this area more closely. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you. Minus the trolls of course.-------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- silentlambs

TRK Wednesday, June 25, 2003
@ 11:32 PM
Bshwk'd, & not w/a olive branch
I'll be getting back to you with my story, and discuss my views on how a positive scriptural outcome, in spite of these terrible victimizations, you see The Truth is powerfully in the hearts of you people (You with your perceptive powers trained...right and wrong) I love you all, especially you afflicted ones. Please read Psalms 94:14-23 My story is long and being prepared comprehensively to post here in the near future. -Thanks so much for this venue

noid Thursday, June 26, 2003
@ 1:03 AM
for Wil R
where you present at the convention in San Diego where those comments were made.

Angelique Friday, June 27, 2003
@ 3:17 AM
children in field service
Dear Tony, Every Saturday and Sunday dragged from door to door. Heat/cold it didn;t matter. And yes, when school was called off due to bad weather it was a perfest day for door knocking because people would be home! I was soooo glad when I was old enough to go with a friend. We would pretend to ring the doorbells or knock so softly Superman couldn't have heard us! If someone did answer the door we would ask for a friend so they wouldn't know we were JW's! It is part of the brainwashing cycle though and so necessary for their survival! When I was little it was very frightening especially when you got an irate person at the door! It is child abuse!

Contumelias Friday, June 27, 2003
@ 12:26 PM

Unfortunately my husband got brainwashed by the Watchtower many years ago. That meant I and my children lost all human rights (women are second class citizens with no head of their own)and that he was forced into spending his days and nights pushing the watchtower magazines door to door or on street corners. My husband worships the watchtower, as it is god on earth. Through their magazines, endless meetings and their elders the Watchtower controls you so much that you have no time or energy to think for your yourself. the Watchtower compares non-jw's with the people that were to be destroyed by God's people; they consider themselves to be today's god's people. JW'witnesses do not refer to non- JW's by name, instead they call them "worldly people, dirt falling off their feet" as if they were superior. The Watchtower is so evil that when I was 8 months pregnant with severe bronchitis and unable to no longer speak my husband did not take me to the emergency. Instead, he went out driving a car load of women preaching saying the Watchtower has clearly showed that "God's word is to be preached above all things", meaning he was not going to put my life and the lives of our children, or his own, above the teachings of the watchtower. Though, I managed to make it to the emergency on my own and was admitted for a few days, my husband again refused to pick me up from the hospital because the watchtower was having a 2-3 day assembly out of town, he had been assigned to once again provide rides and he was going to be applauded as an example of someone who follows the watchtower faithfully. I was not allowed to speak to anybody outside the jehovah's witnesses. At the same time jehovah's witnesses referred to my children as "the children of the worldly woman". Some of them did not allow their children to play with mine. At the same time my children were not allowed to make friends with anybody outside the jw's as my husband would become furious and preach the watchtower to anybody that approach me or the children - this always worked in scaring off everybody from us and my husband laughed saying "just try to bring more worldly kids here and I'll be sure to scare them off" the same applied to me. Jehovah's witnesses acted as spies against me and my children. The children and I were not allowed to participate in any activities or have any friends despite the fact I never became a jw. We were not allowed to live in a house because the watchtower publish articles saying it was materialistic to want more than what you have. So we raised the children cramped in a mildewy tiny trailer without enough room for the children to even have a bed of their own. Every watchtower published became just another stone for me to be hit with!!! as my husband followed each line with zeal and any of my complaints were met with anger from my husband "Are you saying the watchtower, God's people on earth, are wrong? Are trying to make me sin against God?" My husband had meetings 7 days per week, so many in fact that he had to take time off from work to keep up to the unreasonable demands. Early in the morning he had to prepare for these meetings, then street corner work, then he had to provide rides for 1/2 dozen women for the morning preaching, coffee; he would either bring people for me to feed at lunch or get me to pack him a lunch so he would not have to waist any time with me at home (he referred to time spend with me as "wasted preaching time or time he could spend encouraging the sisters". In the afternoon he would again go preaching and then prepare (strictly from the watchtower publication) for the evening meeting where he would have to give numerous speeches or have to go visiting other jw's witnesses to make sure they were pumped up for daily pushing of the watchtower. His watchtower days took him from 7 am till 11 pm daily. He was also required to have meetings 2000 km away from home. The watchtower brainwashed him good and he used my ignorance as a new emigrant, my lack of contacts, and my economical dependency to keep me under house arrest. The watchtower does a really good job of destroying your self esteem and making you belief your life is not important. NOWHERE in the bible does it talk about blood transfusions, yet the watchtower hunts people (even feeling the need to maintain a 24 hours surveillance of any one who may consider it or in case the family may. Yet where was the 24 surveillance for the children that were molested by watchtower people. By the way one of the women who referred to my children as "the children of the worldly woman" was found in her bed with her husband's brother, by her own daughter. With 6 children in the house she did not even bother locking the door so the children wouldn't see what a Watchtower slut their mother (the daughter of the overseer) really is. And it did not stop there, her father convinced her husband to keep her and like the childmolesting this too was kept a secret as much as possible. But this woman is not a one-man woman and went on to become pregnant from her oldest son's father-in-law. The pregnancy did not go through. She continued to alternate homes with her boyfriend and husband. She became pregnant again and since her husband had been fixed many yearly earlier he asked her to live and so she moved back in with her boyfriend, had a quick divorce and remarriage and is still a good spiritual sister - a jehoval witness. Similar things happen with other jehovahs'witnesses my husband was trained to put ahead of his family. JW's try to keep their shortcomings a secret while publishing magazines advertising the shortcomings of other religions so as to uplift themselves. The Watchtower also expects you to donate until it hurts! In their publishings they refer to your home, your life insurance, your RRSP's, your money, etc. as things that can be donated to the Watchtower to finance God's work.

Sassy Friday, June 27, 2003
@ 3:35 PM
Judge in the Berry case
After I read my newsletter re:The Judge in the Berry case I was very disapointed. I do not understand the way this man thinks and if you ask me he has a few screws loose upstairs in the resoning department. How can anyone say that french kissing is not intimate is beyond me (and that being in the case of a 16 year old boy with a 6 year old girl). I sure hope this man reconsiders Holly and Heather's case but, I have to admit if he can make decisions like the one about the french kissing I am worried for them.I will pray God be with them and give them strength to prevail in the end!! They are an example of courage for us all!On different note I am fighting some of my owe demons so to speak. Most of the time with Jesus by my side I do fine but I have my days when I wonder if I am going to spend the rest of my life fighting ugainst the nagative wordsand the abuse. I was never helped to build self worth and or confidance and I wonder will I ever realy be able to build any at my age. More important how can I teach my children to be confident and have self worth when I am still trying to find my own. I have never posted my story my father was abussive,my mother a grandparents did not like my father so in a family of his,hers and ours and I was the ours I was not considered to be their granddaughter and it showed.Because my mom was a perfectionist when I went to learn something say in the kithchen or something most of the time it was taken over by her so it would be done right. I remember being alone a lot and my dad beating my brother but there are a lot of missing pieces. We moved a lot and there was hardship that came with that (kids can be so mean).I went from this to eventualy being married twice and abused by both. My first husband I met through a friend and we had to write and use the phone since I was at one end of the states and he at the other. His father was an elder,his mom a reg pioner and so was his sister. He was tall dark handsome and I thought wow how did I manage to interest someone like this and with such a great family too. Well, little did I know elder dad was covering up that his son was on pub. reproof for messing around with not one but two women. They feed me a line about why we could not get the hall and I bought it. Later his family said they had hoped I would help him get over his problems. When he set me free I met my second husband who played mind games that made me feel crazy. I was afraid most of the time. He never hit me but, his words come crashing through my brain along with all the stuff my first husband said and sometimes I think I would have rather been hit. Once this marriage was over life was out of control and I found myself being used and abused all over again. I have stopped this from happening to me. For now I do it by keeping all men away from me because I do not trust them to not hurt me. I am not sure if I believe there are many out there who do not just want to use for what is on the outside. I hope someday that will change because I am sure I am being unfair to some out there who are nice. The other big question I want to someday answer for myself when I look in the mirror is when youthful looks are gone what will be left to see and appreciate. Someday I want to hold my head up high and know what it is that is good in me that I have to offer that no one can take away from me. Sassy

Rich Friday, June 27, 2003
@ 9:08 PM
congratulations vicki!!!!
i'm so glad that vicki won her court case, it's the least she deserved. the tide is now turning WTS, so watch out!!

Sassy Friday, June 27, 2003
@ 9:38 PM
Hi All I just wanted to say sorry if part of my last post sounded like I had a little of the poor me stuff going on. I had my kids at my feet so was trying to rush and I was having a bad day. The things I told about are just a small part of the things that happend to me and I like most on this site went to the elders for help especially with my second husband and got none. With my first husbands father being an elder and the presiding overser well I do not have to spell that out as I said earlier dad and family thought I was going to save him from his problems. Anyway,I was reading some stories here that I had never read before and I know that my life could have been so much worse and it really would not have been better to be hit. I also know as I said that there are good men out there but I have been burnt enough to be to afraid to try and date even in my christian circle. As for the looking in the mirror part that has to do with one of my husbands saying I was good for only one thing and I won't spell that out. Yes, I fight with low self esteam everyday and I have depression or what some know as manic depression.I take medication and most days I am fine. I believe that with my faith get me through. When I look back God has brought me a long way from where I used to be and I have more days of strength then I ever thought possible. With my god and my support system I am raising a 10 year old and a set of energey filled 6 year old twin boys and I know I am going to be OK. So anyway to all of you who have put your stories on this site I want to say thank you and thank you to Bill for his hard work so that we can have it. It is a help on the low day when I just need a little extra help to get the negative out of my head and remember it does not matter what anyone else thinks of me my God loves me.Sassy

Andy, H, England Saturday, June 28, 2003
@ 10:09 AM
Abuse is not just sexual or physical
Abuse can be psychological/bullying too. I found this to my cost ten years ago when I was studying with the witnesses in my home town. I never met the standards to become a witness but the way it ended is something I will never forget. I was attending a study with my study taker and his accomplice in the latter's house when, about halfway through they became very hostile with their questioning and turned the occasion into a kangaroo court. The following day I went to confront the two people in question, beginning with the accomplice and then going on to see the study taker. I wanted to know why they had treated me so disrespectfully the night before. The accomplice confessed that things did go "a little over the top" but offered no apology. The study taker informed me that the study had been stopped and went on to say that an elder had instructed him to stop the study the week before. From that I could only conclude that the study had been a smokescreen so that the two witnesses in question could verbally ambush me. When I protested about the way I had been treated the study taker just shouted me down, in fact he was shouting that loud he was literally screaming at me! So much for 'readjusting others in the spirit of mildness'. I never attended meetings at the Kingdom Hall again. When I protested to a local elder about the way I had been treated he just said that sometimes "this is Jehovah's way of doing things". What, deceiving me into thinking I was attending a study so that I could be subjected to what amounted to blatant intimidation and bullying tactics? I thought only Satan deceived people? There was a strong rumour, although nothing was ever confirmed, that the two in question had later been privately rebuked as a ministerial servant had told me that they had "really quietened down at meetings". But I never recieved an apology off either of them or an elder representing the congregation. The study taker was Gary Dunning and his accomplice was Mark Byrne. Gary now resides on The Isle of Man. I am assuming that Mark still lives in my former local borough but may have moved away also. I don't care about naming and shaming them. They were bully boys, puffed up with there own pride and self- importance. I had no qualms about my study being stopped if I didn't meet certain standards. It was the cloak and dagger tactics that I objected to. In was angry about the way I was treated for a number of years and I'm ashamed to say that I planned to physically attack Gary on two occasions but never went through with it. In any case, I would have played right into his hands and made him a martyr amongst his congregation. These days I'm a Staff Nurse and living in Liverpool. Live is still tough at times but better than it was ten years ago. I contacted Gary only two months ago, via email, and asked for answers to these and other related issues. He never replied. Despite what I went through, I feel it is only minor in comparison to what happend to those child sex abuse victims that I saw on Panorama last July. I have nothing but praise for Alison Cousins (and her unnamed sister), Heather Berry, Holly Brewer, their mother Sara Poisson and Simon Brady for having the courage to speak out. I could relate to them because when you feel you have been wronged by someone in your congregation and turn to elders for help, only for them to offer little or no help (or in some cases acuse you of lying!) it can feel very intimidaing. Therefore, I wish Bill Bowen all for the best for this noble campaign. Please note: this story has been re-written as the original story was lost when the May 2003 archive was lost.

vern Saturday, June 28, 2003
@ 7:38 PM
You have already taken the most important step in taking control of your life. You have started to do something about your problem. That took real COURAGE.The past is behind you now and as long as you put your trust in GOD you have a wonderful future ahead of you. Your three children are fortunate to have someone like you to care for them, They will never have to live with the problems that have caused you so much pain. They will grow up being able to worship GOD rather than a group of men who would try to control every aspect of their life. As for what will happen when youthful beauty is gone, true beauty comes from the inside, from the heart. Afe does not destroy this, it only makes it shine brighter. You have every right to hold your head high and never feel inferior to anyone. MAY GOD BLESS YOU IN ALL THAT YOU DO IN HIS NAME.

Saturday, June 28, 2003
@ 11:38 PM
To all of you abused one
To all of you who have suffered abuse, any kind of abuse - - mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, or any combination of these, I am so, so, so SORRY. After reading some of your accounts, I truly believe that many Jehovah's Witnesses are ill. It has to be illness that drives people to behave so irrationally. Nobody in their right minds could act like that! It seems as if the WTBTS causes people to be sick. Maybe there are people who are borderline sick, and once they become Witnesses they end up with fullblown mental illnesses. Then maybe there are people who were just fine UNTIL they became Witnesses, then they went through personality changes by degrees to the point of being radical, fanatical, just plain ill. So many people's lives are disastrously, even tragically effected by what happens to these extremists. They need help! People as unstable as so many JW's are had to be groomed by the WTBTS into their unreasonable, irrational mindsets. Wow, this is terrible, horrible! The suffering that so many have been through is unbelievable. How can anyone possibly associate religions that push people over the edge with God??? When I think about how Jesus treated people when he was here on earth, it's like a 180 degree difference from how the Jehovah's Witnesses are treated and how they are taught to treat others. Thank goodness for the silentlambs website and the sheltering haven and support it provides for all those hurting, all those who have suffered anguish at the hands of the cold, callous, uncaring leadership of what can be nothing other than a sick cult. Keep hanging in there, all of you. Keep coming back to silentlambs, and take the best care of yourselves! You deserve it.

Happier Silentlamb Sunday, June 29, 2003
@ 1:36 AM
Glad to see there is still good support
I haven't been able to visit the site for a number of months. I've moved, had cancer surgeries, and just dealing with everyday life. I have my computer back up and running and this is the first place I wanted to check back with. The site has definetly changed. I am sad to hear some of the things being said at the assembly this year. I'm what you call a fader. I'm slowly but surely making my way out becuase most don't make it out without consequences. Being a JW for over 25 years I've had to retrain my brain to not replay the old tapes in my head. Years of going to the meetings you are taught that you cannot think on your own. When I get those negative messages I've been able to say's ok if I do this today. (ex.not going to EVERY mtg, not going out in svc, associating with people who aren't JW's but are family and friends etc) Its amazing how the slow and long brainwashing takes to go away. I have a healthier relationship with God and amazingly my prayers are being answered more now and I know one of the reasons is because I'm allowing myself to see things from another perspective. (outside the JW box) I now know I have a choice whereas before I didnt think I did. I want to be happy and living the life that JW's expect you to live its not happy. Everything in the past year that I heard was preaching fear, being judgemental, your not good enough if your not in the Truth. I could go on and most people who've been raised as a JW because they're parents said they had to..well, they know what I mean. I was a silentlamb and I hear so many stories like my own that for me its best to not go somewhere to where I dont feel safe.Right now I don't feel safe knowing that peophiles, murderers go their freely and no one knows that but the elders. Thats endangering the Flock and they dont care. I know many many JW's who are sincere and love God and I hope that they never experience what I did. I do believe in every religion there are good and bad people. The best thing I did was do my own research. What I found for me is that why would God say that JW's are the TRUE religion when the founders were committing adultry, molesting, drinking, etc. The past presidents were doing the things they were telling us not to do and if we do those things we will be punished. They being the elders are above the judicial laws. When I read up on that I was shocked and then the info about the United just sat there for like 20 minutes in shock. I was hurt because When I went I remember clearly what they taught me about the UN, so for them to be a member when they clearly let people know who they were...well, it was just wrong. I'm on another spiritual path and Its been confusing on trying to figure out what I want to do spiritually. I dont beat myself up anymore. I'm just taking it day by day and I know as long as I keep my relationship with God sincere and honest that he will be with me. One of the things I couldnt understand was why they never talked about angels. I remember when I was in catholic school that angels were a good thing. When I was in the JW religion I was told we couldn't pray to God about angels.I was told I couldnt even talk about angels at all and when I wanted to ask ?'s then I wasnt really relying on God or putting him first. How do you learn if you dont' ask ?'s. The only ones who heard things from angels is the annointed ones. I really missed that and I've been able to go back and re-educate myself on angels. I like the idea that angels are out there watching over people. The elders would tell me that if the organization puts it in the magazines then we could discuss it more. People have no idea that the people writing the magazines write what they want and their work isnt checked. I was taught that only the annointed got the info an then they would give what they heard and wrote to someone else to put in the magazines. The magazines have gone back and forth on issues. One magazine will be for something and a little later they will change their mind. When I found out that everday regular people were getting the info. Well I was surprised becuase thats another lie. I think its great that other people did research just dont tell people that the info was directly from Jeh or its the inspired word of God when it wasnt. This site has helped many to just say what they feel and to start their healing process because it is a safe place. I know I'm not going to get any repercussions from saying my thoughts. Bill I pray alot for your family that God blesses you in many ways because its helped alot of people and many you will never know about. Really thanks to all the people who've worked hard to keep this site going and I hope that God blesses those people to.Hmm...I had no idea that I had all this to say. I'm priviledged that I have a God and he listens to anyone who needs help. Bye now

DJB Sunday, June 29, 2003
@ 3:46 PM
For Vicky
Congradutions for Vicky!!! It is said it is the most difficult is to pave the way... To be one of the first. Next time and for others to follow it will be easier because you have put it on the record.................................... You have/and those who hear about this will be inspired to stand up to the Watchtower Society. Your courage is so encouraging to see. I believe Jehovah God is on your side. He is always on the side of truth. It is a comfort to see some justice done. My thoughts and prayers are with you. We send our love to you and family. DJB

***the mole*** Sunday, June 29, 2003
@ 6:01 PM
follow up on my assembly
***the mole*** i hope most of you read my last post. To follow up on that woman picketing the assembly i just wanted to add upon that. The daughter baptised only three years ago means at most four years when her study began and she being indoctrinated into the org. This is how the abuse starts. Please all of you think really hard on this! Who is watching the children when grandma is not allowed to see them? Are all her (the mom) new friends been four years maximum she has known or less than that? Is trust really earned or has someone been fooled to believe the dream? ********** This is how abuse gets started. Not the slippery slope if one joins a cult but a misplaced loyalty and trust upon men who have a postions in the congregation. What do we really know about these men's past history? Rapist, former drug addicts, porn addicts, child molesters: these people should have a second chance but what will the organization do to protect the innocent? Do men like this deserve a position? All the cases we know of have been ignored. Is this not why this site exist? Men in positions, whose minds been altered by the way of drugs and immorality should they acually lead any kind of church? ****The poor grandmother is the first victim of abuse by having her singled out to be a Worldy Person not deserving to live out her days in happiness watching her grandchildren grow and being with her daughter. Picketing woman i wish the best of luck to you and may jehovah feel your pain and crush the real evildoers......i will follow up with notes taken at my assembly ***the mole***

Aussie Sunday, June 29, 2003
@ 10:06 PM
US courts out of touch
Seems your courts are well and truly not interested in prosecuting pedophiles - they have rules against the statute of limitations being extended. Here in South Australia the statute of limitations was extended back to before 1982 to allow for pedophiles in the Anglican church to be prosecuted. A pedophile ring had been operating church youth camps for forty years.

Sassy Sunday, June 29, 2003
@ 10:18 PM
vern and DJB
To vern thank you for everything you said! To DJB I noticed your post to Vicky and I have been wondering how you are doing? Also, I wanted to tell you that my sister is saying she wants to try and leave her husdand after he sends her to TX for her daughters wedding. I sure hope so she is sounding so tired and sad. Anyway,I hope you are feeling less confused about the Mormons. Again I hope I did not offend you with anything I said in my post to you. I would hate to see you are anyone who has been or is still a JW jump from that to another controling man made org. I went back in the Guestbook and found your story. I am sorry your daughter has been through what she has. I am glad it sound like with your help she is finding her way back to health. It is scary when someone you love tries to take their own life. I have a brother who does not speak to me but I love anyway and he has tried on many times to take his own life. I was very sared I can not even imagine what it was like for you with your daughter. I know that my kids are my world and if it was one of them and not my brother I think scared would take on a whole new meaning. Your daughter is lucky to have you to help her.I hope you are doing well. I have kept you in my prayers. God be with you.God be with you also vern and everyone who visits this site. May he continoue to heal the wounds of those that come here. Sassy

Peter A Monday, June 30, 2003
@ 5:39 AM
Victims No Longer
Hello and well done for this site. Have a look at mine and let me know what you think. Best wishes Peter - Victim No Longer