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NF19 Saturday, December 1, 2007
@ 2:30 PM
to Earl
You said some good things and I hope people listen. You said that if someone's child was molested they would believe it. When MaN used to post he said his girl was abused and many jw's and his wife also, defended the Wt and it's rules. I think some people are so dumb no matter what you show them, they won't believe it.

DJB Saturday, December 1, 2007
@ 4:50 PM
Apostasy must come first!!!
I was just talking to a couple of witnesses lately as they had stopped at my daughters for a chat. I thought of when I was in their place at one time not questioning anything. Then I shake back to the present and think of everything I have suffered and my children have suffered. One of their magazine articles was on preparation for Jehovah's Day about to begin...It got me thinking about the warning in 2Thess 2:2,3 it tells us "not to be quickly shaken from your reason nor to be excited either through a verbal message or through a letter as though from us to the effect that the day of Jehovah is here", in verse three it gives the reason "let no one seduce you in any manner because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed..." I believe at one time, as God's people, doing God's work and on the surface, when most of us got involved, we thought they were. So when we take a stand for the children and against the watchtower policy they try and make us feel like we are in the wrong...But according to this scripture we are not to be quickly shaken from our power of reason as when we take a stand for what is right Jehovah God is pleased. They may preach Jehovah's Day but as it says it won't happen unless the apostasy gets revealed... Who preaches Jehovah's Day? There is only one group but I'll say it again the bible says Jehovah's Day won't happen unless the apostasy gets revealed...Isn't their treatment of the children apostate and are not we revealing it as the scripture says? Isn't allowing practicing pedophiles to preach accompanied by an elder apostate and are not we revealing it? This apostate class and/or individuals represented by man of lawlessness the bible talks about is being revealed here is it not? What could be more apostate than child molesting? In verse 8 it promises that when he gets revealed "Lord Jesus will do away with by the spirit of his mouth and bring to nothing by the manifestation of his presence." All the work for court cases and the web site is doing...all the work, I believe, is revealing this apostasy, and that we have the support of Lord Jesus who will bring them to nothing... Many of the victims have endured so much as the scriptures say this is "proof of the righteous judgment of God leading to your being counted worthy of the kingdom of God for which you are indeed suffering." So further on it promises relief and vengeance at the hand of Jesus and his powerful angels. This is why I believe we are doing a very important work here. AND ITS GOD'S WORK!!! DJB

man711 Monday, December 3, 2007
@ 8:53 AM

man711 Friday, November 30, 2007 @ 8:24 AM To mm: Many like me were baptized prior to that wording and I personally would pledge my allegiance to men. This post was supposed to say "would NOT pledge"

JB Monday, December 3, 2007
@ 9:07 AM
It's really hard to come up with extra money this time of the year with the holidays and the additional costs of winter weather, but I just wanted to encourage people to give what they can to the Silent Lambs. I can never afford to make a hefty donation, but at least what is given is a little more than what they had.

PCW Monday, December 3, 2007
@ 12:12 PM
Putting Their Faith In Man
Hi, In catching up on my visits to this site, I came across the following, which I find shocking and would appreciate further information or a source to research this enlightenment: "But if you look at their record all the way back a hundred years you will read discriminating comments about black Americans being somehow less than others, you will read of the myriad of changes in their dogma which they call new light when they are proved wrong." This would make an excellent topic of discussion and argument since the Jehovah Witnesses are famous in saying "... people from all walks of life"... Thank you

NU Thursday, December 6, 2007
@ 9:04 AM
Ex- JW
Hi. I am an ex JW. When I first started to study with a Jehovah Witness I was young trying to fit in. I was in an extremely abusive marriage at the time. I had gotten pregnant at 16 married and was getting beat up three or four times a week. By the time I was baptized I had three children, the youngest just months old. I approached the elders many times about the abuse. My husband at the time was not a witness, so I was told about a GOOD wife having a quite and mild spirit. One night my husband almost killed me beating me. I left him. He had many affairs with other women so I was off the hook according to the governing body. I had grounds for divorce. Four years after I divorced my first "non-believing" husband I met a witness. It is taught in the congregations and from the GB, dating is not recommended unless you are considering that person as a future mate. Well we dated for about a year. Were married and not long after the games began. The first week of our marriage I found many empty pill bottles behind our piano. I of course took them to our elders nothing was ever said or done, except for the elder to say "Well sister it looks like you have your work cut out for you" Then came the emotional abuse. My husband who was and still is a ministerial servant drug my 7 year old daughter around the front yard because she was tired and did not want to go to the Kingdom Hall. He had affairs, even contracted herpes and the elders always had an excuse. When he contracted herpes he was working out of state, called me and told me he had it but did not know how it happened. I hung up the phone and went to the doctor. Thankfully since he had been out of town I was safe. I approached the elders and they said that after researching the matter they came across an article (which my husband gave them) that stated there was a less than 1% chance of contracting herpes any other way but sexual contact, BUT since that less than 1% did exist I did not have scriptural grounds for divorce. I was a "Regular Pioneer" which is as high as a female can go in the congregation. I was told that I would have to step down because the congregation was "talking" about our situation. I told the elders, maybe THEY should council the congregation on that. I left the kingdom hall that day and I have never been back. On the subject of child abuse. My best friend and pioneer partner suffered at the hands of her father and other elders for many of her childhood years. When she started seeing a counselor she was "spoken to about it" I don't know what ever happened to her, but I hope she finds your site and has the courage to break free from such a godless organization.

Thursday, December 6, 2007
@ 2:46 PM
To Earl and DJB
I think your posts are very good! Informative and thought provoking, well thought out. Earl, my Witness sister said something similar to yours when my sister said "I'm a part of the organization, I'm part of it". I had told her some things about the WTB&TS, and she told me I was digging up dirt. I don't understand that attitude. Don't JWs want to know the real truth?! I don't think they're so much dumb, as I think that their thinking processes when it comes to their religion and spirituality is more or less 'numb'. It's hard to get through that fog, and they sure don't want you to try! Anyway, I enjoyed both your posts very much, and I hope that we here at Silentlambs keep hearing from you two! I'd like to say thank you for your wise words!

Reverand George Phillips Thursday, December 6, 2007
@ 8:48 PM
My comment
The Watchtower organization hides illegal activity on a daily basis. This time they are caught in a catch-22. God has finally decided this child abuse problem needs to be out in the open. Praise God the most high! By not reporting this disgusting activity, they put themselves above their neighbors. Now the people have to decide if a pedophile Jehovah's Witness is at their door. A pure "disgusting thing in a holy place". No doubt.

Earl Friday, December 7, 2007
@ 12:47 PM
PCW and others interested
I am posting a sight at the bottom, where one could literally spend days reading quotes from the Watchtower back to its beginning. There are other sites on line also that show how ridiculous the founders were to believe what they printed, The HTML I posted here is full of derogative discriminatory remarks that I would be embarrassed to print any where. If one goes to the home page of this site they wIll find a long list of subjects to convince themselves of the total wrongness of the cult. Everything I quote is backed up by the WT's own words. I believe this same site shows the United Nations documents proving the WT membership. Some may ask why I continue to talk about such matters on this site that is here to help the abused. There are a few reasons. For one I think most people especially women have been abused in the jw's cult as I read stories on here all the time of women being told by elders to accept abuse of alL kinds from their husbands. Instead of standing up to the plate and telling the husbands to straighten up or get out, the WT puts children and wifes in harms way. Another reason is that no one in the cult especially women have any say what so ever as to the workings of the WT and their flawed policies. I have also seen the abuse of using guilt on members to get them to participate more and go door to door when they didn't want to or make more meetings when they were ill or had family matters to attend to. The WT and the cult tactics are very manipulative and intended to run a persons life up to and including into ones bedroom. The main reason I report these unknown facts about the org. is to try to break through the brain washing of those jw's who come here. And the reason I know I am getting through and at least creating a hint of interest in them is that they never challenge my facts. And like me and many others that stepped away to freedom, we always knew in the back of our mind that things were not right in the org. Since most people have access to a computer we can now look up the many false doctrine of the jw's. I believe in order to help these poor victims we have to also get to the parents. And if I can get one witness to stop and look they might convince themselves that they will never allow their children to spend one night or one weekend un attended at any house, especially if there is any question about a male living there. There is also the possibility that a jw is right on the edge of leaving the cult and needs a little convincing, Coming here and reading the many stories of ex-witnesses and the abuse they experienced is very convincing. Yes there are people like my sister who called me an apostate behind my back and no longer speaks to me because I gave her the Silent Lambs site and proved to her how the org. had misled her and hurt the children by their dogma. Her reply being I am the org really showed me how embedded the un-truth was in her. So yes, there will be many that will not allow the truth in but there will still be some with an open mind that might step up and do the right thing. This is my hope as after all this is how I and many others got to Silent Lambs

Friday, December 7, 2007
@ 4:45 PM
Hi, NU, I am so very sorry for what you and your children went through with your so-called husbands, those bullies!!! Also, I am so very sorry about the responses you got from those loony-tune elders!!! If they could use their heads and their hearts, they would be able to help women and children appropriately, but they're so screwed up, they can't think straight! They don't even KNOW how to care! Therefore, they are callous and cold, unfeeling robots! Again, I am so very sorry for all you have been through and what so many other women and children have been through being bonded by this screw-loose "religion"! I hope this finds you and your children well and thriving now! Take good care!

Friday, December 7, 2007
@ 4:49 PM
I wish I was able to make large donations also, but, at least sending in even just a little bit of money can only help! If everyone could do that, the money would add up and really make a difference!

Friday, December 7, 2007
@ 5:54 PM
This 'new light' term sounds like rationalization and how! If it was true that new light was alway replacing old light, then God must be really wishy-washy and wimpy! Of course, He is strong and steadfast! The WTB&TS isn't wishy- washy, either, just trying to constantly cover their derrières. They're not doing that well any more. My sister mentioned that the end is near, and I said that even Jesus Christ said He didn't know when it would come. She said that the Witnesses are not trying to say when the end is coming (oh, excuse me, but what has been going on for over a hundred years with the Watchtower?!), just that it is coming soon. I didn't say anything. It doesn't do any good, anyway. It seems as if JWs have an answer for everything, even though they don't! Anyway, this 'new light' term is ridiculous! How many light bulbs have the JWs been through by now?! I think this new light stuff is making a mockery out of God, and I don't like it!

Cara S. Friday, December 7, 2007
@ 10:38 PM
My Poem

vern Saturday, December 8, 2007
@ 3:15 AM
ex jw
Have been out of the org. about 6 yrs. and still haven't fully recovered from the experience. Am very active in another religion and endeavor to live my life for God rather than an org. As a result of my experience I don't look at those who continue to follow the org. as dumb but as ones who need our prayers. Until God opened my eyes I too was living my life in darkness.

Earl Sunday, December 9, 2007
@ 9:17 AM
To Cara S.
Your heartfelt words really tugged at my heart and I wanted to respond to you and all the victims. There are no words from man to take away your pain, but with me it helps to share my story in a safe place. Some how it takes the sting out of it to know that others have been there too. There is no hurt worse than being betrayed by a loved one. I still remember like it was yesterday the betrayal and abuse by family members. While writing a book it came to me that I stopped trusting anyone when I was about 5 yrs old. That mistrust has followed me in every relationship since. I still tend to isolate rather than have friends I can't trust. To me it is a comfortable place when I am alone as I grew up that way. Even as a little kid I learned to entertain myself and would spend hours and days by myself as much as I could. I ended up having some friends that were very abusive too. It was like I was a magnet to such people. Anyway my thoughts go out to you as I struggle with my own pain. I am better today and by the Grace of God I am healed much. The scars are still there but much diminished and I believe my faith has helped me through. I have forgiven my abusers in time as I know how sick they were and I pray that I do not pass on any thing that I received that was hurtful to others. I am so glad you shared with us and if I could I would take away your pain but you know through all of my suffering I believe God can make some good out of it as I now can feel others pain and truly understand and maybe help someone along the way. There is spiritual growth in suffering as it often makes one understand empathy and suffering once I got through the bitterness after many years of struggle. Time does heal to a certain point if we share our hurts and work through them. It was when I hid my secrets so long that it made me sicker until I finally had to deal with them if I wanted any peace and serenity. I am so thankful today that I have that and I believe we all can find healing and peace in time. Anyway thank you Cara for sharing as you again have reminded me that the abuse continues and we all need to be aware of it. It makes me want to work even harder to get the word out to try and stop such hurtful actions. Love and prayers my friend.:)

JB Sunday, December 9, 2007
@ 12:15 PM
To Earl
Posting things on this site about terrible things that the WTB&TS have said or done over the years is a good thing, even if they don't relate to abuse. Doing so, helps abuse survivors to see that the organization not only mis- handled their abuse but that of others as well. As a JW, if I heard "those who are faithful in what is least will be faithful in what is most, and those who are unfaithful in what is least, will be unfaithful in what is most" once, I heard it a thousand times. Both current and former JW's need to know how awful this organization is, in every way! The abuse that I suffered was so dire, that I offered to disassociate myself, but they disfellowshipped me anyway (for not staying in a marriage where my mentally ill JW husband was threatening to kill me). For years afterwards, I was convinced that I just wasn't good enough to be part of God's organization. Reading the many awful truths about the WTB&TS only encourages and convinces me that I did the right thing by getting out, despite the fact that I've lost any chance of communication with my mother. I frequently surf the internet to hopefully find some line of reasoning that will help her to escape as well. I receive occasional news of her from non JW relatives, and I'm worried what will become of her after her pervert JW husband dies. Though only in her sixties, she is disabled. Of course, with expecting the end of the world at any minute for the past 30 years or so, they have no savings. I really wish there was some way to get through to her.

Cara S. Sunday, December 9, 2007
@ 1:57 PM
Thank you Earl...
Thanks so much for acknowledging my poem. It means very much to me. I have several other poems I've recently written in order to help the healing. It really only helps though if I can share them with others. Because it seems to help me only if my poems and experience can help others as well. Does that make any sense? Thanks again Earl and God Bless You!

vern Monday, December 10, 2007
@ 4:18 AM
cara s. my poem
My heart goes out to you. Having never experienced what you did I cant truly know the sorrow and pain you must feel. The first and most important step in finding closure for the terrible wrong done you is forgiveness. Gods word says in the model prayer that he will forgive us as we forgive others. Always remember that you are special in Gods eyes and never blame yourself for the wrong that was done you, The org. puts the guilt on the victim many times rather than on the one that is guilty. God never deserts us and with his help all things are possible. I too was very bitter after leaving the jw org. but after starting to follow God rather than an org. am now happy once again. Have found that if I put my trust in God he will never let me down. OITN

man711 Monday, December 10, 2007
@ 9:12 AM

To Cara S. You had twisted parents! How could anyone allow their child to be knowingly abused.

Earl Monday, December 10, 2007
@ 12:40 PM
Cara and all
Yes your poems help many. I know my songs I write and play are cathartic to me and my book I am still writing allowed me to understand things I had buried as a child and has helped me heal immensely. It's almost magical what writing can do to the soul. As MAN said twisted parents is a good term. It really confuses a kid as we look up to our parents as god like and when they are our worst enemy, it really throws us off track. Most of my life I thought God was like my harsh dad as that is often where we get our concept of a god, until I changed that view and got away from the jw's. I couldn't love myself and always felt God was out to get me just waiting for me to fall down so as to kick me. Now he is my friend and I am safe. The twisted once blamed the women if she was raped and maybe they still do believe that. I found that statement in the site I posted below. So twisted thinking goes right along with the cult right from their beginning and the members and children end up suffering for it. That's why Silent Lambs is so vital as it brings out the truth and tries to effect change in the org. to protect the sheep that have no voice. Thanks Cara and all and keep writing and sharing with us all. Blessings

Jay Monday, December 10, 2007
@ 6:05 PM
My thoughts
Christendom has an uncanny way for asking for money. All organized religion require from their members that they contribute to either a tithe or donation policy to finance their work. Fortunately for myself, I do not go to church. Churches have always wanted more and more money. The Catholics told their petitioners to donate as much as they can. The Catholic Church passed out a pamphlet on what they would like to see donated. The pamphlet included the following items: Life Insurance policies, Bank Accounts, Gift Annuities, Wills, Trusts, Stocks and Bonds, and Real Estate. The church was a commercial enterprise if I did ever see one. A local Jehovah’s Witness came to my door one day and gave me the November 1, 2007 Watchtower magazine. To my surprise on pages 20 and 21 was the heading “Ways in which some choose to Give”. The same items the Catholic churched deemed necessary were the same items the Jehovah’s Witnesses wanted. All I can say is that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are like the Catholics when it comes to having their hands in peoples’ pocket books. As we can see, following Jesus’ example is hard to follow in these churches of Christendom.

JB Tuesday, December 11, 2007
@ 8:45 AM
To Jay
And the sad thing is that the WTB&TS uses much of the donated money to defend themselves and their child molestors.

PCW Tuesday, December 11, 2007
@ 8:52 AM
My Thoughts by Jay
Hi, How eloquently stated. Those are my sentiments exactly.

Bradley M. Tuesday, December 11, 2007
@ 8:18 PM
Outward Appearances
Hello Everyone, Our society,organizations and individuals are overly concerned about outward appearances, I thought when I became a J.W. it would be the exception, that they would be consumed with the truth behind all matters like our Lord Christ Jesus. The irony behind all of this is the fact that all the writers of the Bible never hid their Sins,shortcomings and imperfections, the Apostle Paul was a noteworthy example of this, he was a murderer, an insolent man and the primary persecutor of the Christian Congregation, but was shown mercy for his eventual humility. This concept that this will bring reproach on Jehovahs name is a bunch of crap, Jehovah doesn't need to rely on the Watchtower to make him look good, he has a Human History of individuals that stood for his name, an Organization throughout history has never successfully done that, because God does not work through Organizations. Simply put, in the long run it doesn't make Jehovah or anybody else for that matter look good by shielding sexual perverts from the consequences of their actions, including the perverts themselves. It delays both the victim and the Sexual Predator from getting any help.

AR Thursday, December 13, 2007
@ 1:08 AM
Been a while
Its been quite a while since I've visited here and a lot has changed and a lot is still the same. Nice to see at least one familiar name here PCW. Hello to all once again.

Thursday, December 13, 2007
@ 1:01 PM
To Cara
Hello, Cara, your poem was heartbreaking and gut wrenching! Your parents response to your sexual abuse was in turn abusive! I am so sorry about the way they treated you, the way they talked to you, the way your father put your abuse on the back burner, because he didn't want to be late for church! I felt turmoil in my heart when I read your poem. I can't begin to tell you and other victims how very, very sorry I am for the abuse all of you have been through. You all have suffered unbelievably! The organization is indeed twisted about the way it deals with pedophilia. It even has parents and others in the "religion" become twisted and sick! There is nothing I can say that could possibly take away your pain. You have all endured great misery, and I hope you find healing through counseling and coming here to Silentlambs. All of you have friends here who want to support and comfort all of you. I agree that not only is it healing to write and share your experiences with others, but, it helps others when people share their stories. Nobody has to feel alone here from their burden of suffering. So many others have been through the agony you have all been through, and your fellowship here can help everyone! Take good care, all of you victims, and hang in there!! Please keep coming back!!

b.y. Sunday, December 16, 2007
@ 1:44 PM
was i mentally ill.
Hi. I can't believe the stories I have read on this site. I felt that if I wasn't a jw I would not be loved by God. When the news started coming out about pedophiles in the catholic church I said it figures, and anyone who is a jw would actual get happy when they heard more priests were exposed. Now I see that jw's have the same problem! If we look at the amount of jw's in the world 6 million - very small in comparison to the catholic church's billions, the ratio of molester's are probably equivalent. Well anyway, I haven't been active in my congregation for years. I just hope everybody who has had a bad experience with a predator can try to go on and heal..

Patricia C.W. Sunday, December 16, 2007
@ 10:55 PM
I am praying for all of you.
I just want everyone who is going through recovery as a victim to know that you are not alone. I was a JW for 9 years. My daughter and I were both victimized and have recovered so will you. Many blessings to you all. I really do keep you in my prayers.

I'd rather not... Monday, December 17, 2007
@ 12:01 PM
Here's why
A frightened Jehovah's Witness Comments="The Watchtower should be legislated to provide and submit policies and procedures, terms of agreement, documents giving detailed rules and regulations in every and all details of member and organizational expectations....... EXAMPLE: As a member - all rights are waived to call into question any and all conduct, actions of any and all representation of authority, (elders, circuit, district, overseer, branch committee) breach i.e reporting misconduct, abuse of authority, arbitrary injustice, judgment, negligence that causes physical, emotional psychological harm outside of the organization, will be sanctioned, with discipline as far as and up to excommunication. As a member all rights to whistle blower provisions are waived, and will be sanctioned up to and as far as disciplinary actions as - loss of privileges or and excommunication. As a member (women) all rights are waived to free speech, in regards to giving any advise, to younger female members, on grooming, or terminology especially of different race or cultural background as theses will be interpreted as "rebellious, un-submissive, and subject to sanctions of loss of privileges. Even if ones husband does not find scriptural basis for such a ruling. As a member all rights are waived to independent bible study group, or discussions, with outside literature, or and reference's, as this will be viewed as deviating from organizational interpretation, and doctrine that will be subject to labeling as apostate, and disfellowshipping. As a member if you no longer agree to or are comfortable with any of the terms, even if you have not made any sexual, or doctrinal violations you will be labeled and dishonorably dismissed as the same. And will have no further contact with friends, family, acquaintances, less you risk their immediate expulsion by their contact with you. Get the idea! We all know that no one in their right mind and FULLY informed would CONSENT voluntarily "sign up" for such archaic, draconian terms but here we are, because this only comes out when the circumstances of damage control, or more frighting just control. My heart goes out to Dear Bro Bowen. Please you who have the legal where-with-all pursue this! Right so very many Wrongs. And get a windfall!"

Monday, December 17, 2007
@ 1:10 PM
To I'd rather not...
Whoa, this is one WACKY "religion"!! Of, course, it's not really a religion, it's an all out dictatorship!! It sure has people hoodwinked into thinking it's a religion and that they must obey, obey, obey. What a bunch of automatons! God didn't create people to be marionettes! He created them to have free will, but the WTB&TS squelches the "rank and file" into not daring to make any waves, not even tiny little ripples. It is not natural for people to be so repressed! It is just the opposite. People should be carefree. As long as they don't hurt other people, they should have this freedom. The WTB&TS hurts people. The elders hurt people. But, they rationalize their hurting people. It's okay by their standards. What standards?! They run people, pull them around as if they have rings in their noses! By the time the "religion" is controlling people, it has them so manipulated, they'll believe anything the WTB&TS tells them! Only a cult would attempt to delude and control people the way the WTB&TS does. The power it "has" over the poor "rank and file" is frightening and almost all encompassing, because it seems to touch almost every aspect of people's lives! Not being able to ask questions, express doubts, or opinions is NOT natural. Being fearful of expressing thoughts and feelings that don't go completely, exactly with the grain of the WTB&TS is not normal! I am so glad, happy, and relieved to be out of there! I am glad that I got out of there before I knew about the pedophilia issue, because that is just sickening and disgusting beyond belief!!

PCW Monday, December 17, 2007
@ 1:40 PM
Hi there AR, Welcome back. It is so nice that you referenced me in particular. I consider us "slackers" but at least we have returned and should make a commitment to continue. Every time I visit this site, I am enlightened with the wealth of information and encouragement. Anyway, great hearing from you and I look forward to many more comments from you.

Bradley M. Monday, December 17, 2007
@ 9:45 PM
Knowledge and Truth is Power
Hi Everyone, Thats what happens when you become extremely legalistic with the Scriptures, making their subjects liable to Gehenna twice as much as they are like their predecessors, The Pharisees. If they would only stick with clear Scriptural statements and leave the rest of the Bible to individual opinions and attempting to be control freaks, things would have been alot different for them. May the love of Christ be with all of you, Brad

JB Tuesday, December 18, 2007
@ 8:49 AM
to I'd Rahter Not
Your "legal brief" is funny, sad and so true. Why don't you send it to the WTB&TS? That way people could sign it before they are baptized.

DJB Wednesday, December 19, 2007
@ 6:48 AM
Do they Give the whole picture???
I have many family members still active witnesses who attend meetings. This I do not!!! The Watchtower always hammers away that to have Jehovah God's approval we need to attend at their Kingdom hall and only the witnesses survive in the end. Do they tell the whole picture??? Do they show us only what scriptures or bible examples, that they want us to see??? What about David who wrote the book of Psalms, who was an ancestor of Jesus, who was on the run for his life from the highest of all Israel King Saul, who could not attend and worship at the temple in Jerusalem as was commanded??? Did David have Jehovah's approval??? Did David have to forgive King Saul the highest of all Israel, who was not sorry, he was trying to kill him??? Really did Jehovah forgive the highest Person in all Israel for his actions??? When King Saul offered sacrifice the scriptures rebuked his actions "to obey is better than a sacrifice." It teaches there is an end to forgiveness on God's part even with the highest of all Israel. King Saul paid with his life. There must be works befitting repentance and God makes no exception on this. What about the example of Joseph whose brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt and then pretended to their father that he had been killed by animal. Did Joseph have Jehovah's approval all alone in Egypt??? In fact Jehovah turned it around and used it to save Joseph's family. Did Joseph forgive and welcome them with open arms the first time they approached him for help??? No he did not. He tested them to see if they were truly sorry for what they had done. All this time Joseph was not able to worship with his family, he had live among those non believers but he still had God's blessing. Did he need an organized group to worship Jehovah correctly???His life is in the bible for all of us to read. What about today if we can not attend at the Kingdom Hall can we still have Jehovah God's approval??? What if we have been tossed out (disfellowshipped) by our figurative brothers like Joseph??? What if we have been abused and attempts have been made on our lives by our figurative brothers (pedophiles and/or x's) at the hall like the future King David??? Where did Jehovah God place his approval??? Who was he with??? The scriptures tell us "where two or three are gathered he is in their midst." In Jesus day there was a man preaching, not connected with Jesus or his disciples. They asked Jesus to tell him to stop. Jesus refused. What does this tell us??? This man who was not with Jesus (Jesus was promised Messiah) had God's approval how much more so can we also have Jehovah with us today??? Jesus put it clearly "He that is not on my side is against me and he that does not gather with me scatters." How have Governing Body been treating the sheep??? Why is it in the western world they have had such -1% increase to 1% increase at times??? It is low because so many are disfellowshipped and leave. I heard one figure of 40 thousand disfellowshipped in one year. Are they gathering the sheep or they scattering the sheep??? Would Jesus consider them with him???

man711 Thursday, December 20, 2007
@ 12:35 PM

DJB thought provoking thoughts. I have to say that I thought similar things and I agree with your thoughts.

Bradley M. Friday, December 21, 2007
@ 10:25 AM
Right On target DJB
Good Morning Everyone and may the love of Christ be with all of you. I enjoyed and support your comment DJB. The problem lies with looking at the Bible and service to God organizationally, the closest example of an Organization in the Bible is the nation of Israel. They had a covenant relationship with Yahweh, yet constantly and consistently disobeyed God. A God publication that explains all of this better than I can is Does God Work Through an Organization by an Ex-Bethelite Elder Tom Cabeen. David sinned by having relations with Bathsheba and proceeded to plot the death of her husband Uriah, according to the Mosaic Law he should have received the death penalty, yet God sent the Prophet Nathan to counsel him, not any Organization or Body of Elders. This shows that God doesn't always look at things Legalistically. Hebrews chapter 7 is a fine example of how individuals worshipped God and were pleasing to him. I know of a few cases close to home of ones who left and are still just as Judgemental, self-righteous and Dogmatic about things as they were when they were Jehovahs' Witnesses, perhaps its' just part of their basic personality. Respectfully Yours, Brad.

M.A.N. Friday, December 21, 2007
@ 12:15 PM
Back again
First of all, I wanted to say hi to everyone and to especially welcome the new people who have come here for healing, comfort, compassion, and self-esteem. I could go on but there isn't room. LOL. I have a degree in Psychology and my own daughter was raped/abused from when she was 9 years old until she was 13. We have proof that the elders knew the pedophile molested children and they didn't warn us. I agree with the basic concepts being highlighted here. It's not just the WT having a list of pedophiles, it is their insane insistence that the "two witness rule" be applied. As we all know, molesters don't like audiences. The verses in Deut. 22:25-27 make it plain that the girl had no witness to her rape, yet the man was punished. So where does the WT get off saying that the principles in the Mosaic Law don't apply today? The WT is constantly quoting the Old Testament. It is against the law for someone over 18 to have sex with a minor. Even if this occurs in a "non- reporting state" (and I must question the IQ's and moral strength of elders who would NOT tell the police so that future attacks couldn't occur since the rapist was in prison, or better yet, executed if that is legal. The Mosaic law provided the death penalty for these crimes. The WT truly is the a most cowardly and perverted group of men I have ever known. Even some of Adolph Hitler's own men wanted to stop the cruel way some prisoners were being treated. Several tried to kill him, but he survived the bombing. So even the Nazis had some awareness of the evil they were doing. But many, if not most, JW elders today, do NOT. It's a sad day when I can say that the Nazis treated their prisoners with more compassion than many WT elders treat the flock. The elders have NO business judging anyone concerning child abuse. The police and social workers are trained to do this. It takes years to acquire the insight and skill-set to work with victims. Reading scriptures or watching some WT produced video is NOT training. J. R. Brown is either an idiot, has no Christianity in his heat, so he gets a cake job. If elders wish to remove microphone privileges from a brother, then they can do so. (Who cares about that job, anyway.) "Sins" can be handled by any religion, not just the WT. But because they think they are the only truth, they equate themselves with God's level. I am an avid camper and I've seen animals with more kindness to their young than what the WT shows. Child abuse is a "CRIME". Every citizen is morally obligated to report it. And announcements should be read from the platform WITH the sin listed. Parents have the right to know if 'Tom Smith' is a pervert. If bad guys were trashing cars in the parking lot, I'm sure that some announcement would be made. But if it makes the WT look less than human, then they won't lift a finger. I know if someone cheats on his mate or commits some other crime, the entire congregation will find out in a week or two. I'll save my story for another post. Elders protect one another and also try to protect God's name. First of all, that's not their job. Secondly, God quite capable of doing what he needs done. And when the public and other JW's find out what the GB did, they will lose even more people. Even if only ten people survive Armageddon, they think it's worth hiding the truth. Isn't it ironic that THEY prostitute the truth, yet use the word to describe themselves. The WT is a spiritual whore. I asked the elders to announce from the platform about what happened so the other kids would be safe. They said NO and claimed it would be "gossip". I think most SANE people would rather have gossip in their hall than pedophiles. If this isn't the "pot calling the kettle black" then I don't know what is. Within the next five years, I hope to publish a few books on this topic and also sue to make the WT report any abuse that they ever here of. They claim "clergy protection" but I thought WE WERE ALL EQUAL!!! Wasn't that what they said???? Due to my research, they will not talk to me. Except for my now 22 year old daughter (the victim) I don't care if all the JW's in the world disappeared. No loss. I better close for now. I'll post more later. I have been suffering many health problems and didn't have the ability to keep up with all this information. If anyone wishes to obtain psychological assistance, please call your local office. There are many more social services and agencies out there than most people know about. In the future I hope to help victims myself. I was a servant, so I know what I'm talking about. All my sources are guaranteed and I took extra courses in college on this subject. Down here in Florida, it's now 76 degrees and a clear blue sky. If anyone ever visits the space center or Disney world, you'll be next to me. Happy Holidays to all and I'll post again. I understand a few people thought I disappeared, so I felt I should post and we could all become "current" with what's been happening. My best to all.

George Sunday, December 23, 2007
@ 7:29 AM
Thanks Jay
Jay's thoughts on December 10, 2007 @ 6:05 p.m. were exactly right on target. I would like to add some additional thoughts on the matter. At Luke 21:1-4 and Mark 12:41-44, Jesus instituted a Bible principle on donations. When Jesus looked at the poor widow giving out of her heart, Jesus took note. The principle is that the widow did not want others to know what she was giving and that the donation was heartfelt. The donation was between her and God. However, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is lost in this way. They feel they need to let their peoples know what rich people are giving to them. This undoubtedly is the wrong course and is unscriptural. The WTBTS has allowed a covetous attitude in their churches. This is contrary to Colossians 3:5-11 and Luke 12:15. Both scriptures condemn covetousness. As wise people we do not want anything to do with Watchtower's materialistic attitude. God wants cheerful givers.

SJG Sunday, December 23, 2007
@ 3:52 PM
It's been a little over a year now since God removed the veil from my 'eyes' and delivered me from the horrible cult of Jehovah's Witnesses. I have since been born again & have never been happier in my life. The Christmas service today was great. Great teaching. I learned that while Jesus did not leave womb on December 25, he was conceived in Mary's womb about that time, The Jewish Festival of Lights. He was born, left the womb, in about the last week of September, The Jewish Festival of Tabernacles (from when God dwelt in a tent near the people of Israel in Moses day). This can all be confirmed by tracing actual Jewish tradition and their festivals. Please prayerfully research this. The cult never teaches this because the devil runs the cult and he only teaches surface truths to lure people into his trap, so he can place a veil over their eyes and prevent them from getting to really know Jesus and God The Father and The Holy Spirit. Peace to all & have a safe & happy truly God- filled year! Always remember to keep praying that God lead you to worship Him His way!

MT Tuesday, December 25, 2007
@ 7:44 AM
Merry Christmass
Just want's to wish everybody here a very merry christmass and a happy newyear. Hope you all are doing great. I often thinks of you and I will be responding more in the year to come. God bless you all. Sincerely Maja

Earl Tuesday, December 25, 2007
@ 10:05 AM
greetings all
My hopes and prayers are that all children wake up this Christmas morning feeling safe and secure and loved. I also hope the work of Silent Lambs and all others has spared one child from abuse, educated one parent to protect their child or encouraged one victim to carry on and find healing and peace. I believe our acts echo into eternity and we may never know who we have helped along the way and yet maybe someday we will know but the act of helping is its own reward, to think that someone may have been spared some abuse with random acts of kindness is a very rewarding thought for me. Let us all keep up the good work in the new year as we educate we can be sure that many will do better when they know better. Blessings for the new year coming up. :)

Natty Tuesday, December 25, 2007
@ 10:28 PM
Merry Christmas everyone!! I am celebrating my first since I was 5. It was great!

Thursday, December 27, 2007
@ 12:55 PM
To Natty
Congratulations! I hope your first Christmas since you were five has been very, very blessed, very happy and truly merry!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007
@ 1:50 PM
To all
First of all, M.A.N., welcome back, and I hope we here from you often! I sure hope your daughter comes around some day!! I know that would mean so much to you. And she would get such a new lease on life. She just has no idea. Speaking of JWs and their attitudes, I was appalled one day when I was talking with a Witness about homosexuals. This JW thought that if gays aren't willing to change, then 'shrug'. Literally, she just kind of shrugged. She seemed so cavalier about it. I think the cavalier attitude was shocking. I don't care what the Witnesses think about people who aren't JWs, to be so cavalier about it seems so cold and callous! It's like, 'Eh, oh, well'. Really, that is how she seemed.

DJB Thursday, December 27, 2007
@ 10:32 PM
Many JW becoming Very Arrogant!!!
Hi Bradley...Ya, many are judgmental, dogmatic and self-righteous. Before and after!! I will add arrogant... I have many relatives that have become very arrogant recently. It I believe is a sign that many have become apostate or are heading that way...

M.A.N. Friday, December 28, 2007
@ 6:40 PM
I should have posted sooner so people wouldn't think something happened to me. I had planned to tour the country to see my family and then end up in NJ to see my daughter. I was also considering moving back there. The humidity here is terrible. I have been reading the posts regularly and have kept up with the WT nonsense all along. I will probably remain in Florida since everyone has A/C. I even put in a window unit in my bedroom. I'm trying to work from home so I can be near the things I need during the day. I had several bad attacks and need to get a MRI to find out what's wrong. (Maybe I should call Superman and ask him to look at me with his x-ray vision and tell me what the problem is.) That was another reason for me not being able to post. I don't have a job yet so I have no benefits. If I need an operation, I have to spend it from my own money. So I'm hoping to stall the medical things until I'm covered. Well, enough about me. I see we have many new people join the site each month. My first consolation would be that you are doing the right thing. As you already know, the WT and the GB don't give a "tinker's damn" (not a curse, that's how the phrase got started) and the more you try to talk to the older men, the bigger wall made of ice that they put between the two of you. I know I mention my degree often but please trust me, it's only so you can see that every day JW's can be just as smart or even smarter (that isn't difficult to do) than the GB. I know this is a site about molestation, but my experience in college indicated that molestation occurs because of a broken trust with a loving friend or relative. 95% of all abuses take place with the father, mother, older brother, uncle, doctor, or minister. And of course, we all know how often a child suffers abuse from a family member or friend. My main point is that it is NOT the victim's fault and should be reported to the police. If any elder tells you differently, have him arrestd. I am in the process of researching the history of child abuse in the WT and I will name names, addresses, etc. I intend to force these perverts to change their policy or else face utter destruction. My best to all.

Jonathan Friday, December 28, 2007
@ 7:49 PM
Big Business in Watchtower Bible
The Watchtower organization is a business. The Jehovah's Witnesses are required to turn in their activity in their field ministry. Some items that they need to report each month are as follows: Number of Hours of Field Service, Number of books, Number of Booklets & Brochures, Number of Return Visits, Number of Bible studies, and Number of Individual Magazines. This reminds me of my secular work. They always like their numbers. During one of their conventions they have "Circuit Business Meetings" or "Business Meetings". They even highlight that Charles Taze Russell was a business man and have focused their attention on that. If Charles Taze Russell was alive today, he would be shocked at how business oriented the organization has become. Pastor Russell sold all his interest in his business to follow the Bible. His business venture was over when he formed the Bible Students. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has allowed big business in their Kingdom Halls.

ME Friday, December 28, 2007
@ 11:07 PM
JW Murderess
Thanks for posting the photo and article about a Rose West of the UK, a murderess, who has become a JW. The religion is a magnate for rapists and murderers/murderesses of children as this photo and others show. The problem isn't that she's a JW but that JW elders will push her to preach at the public's doors if and when she gets out, even as is so for other serial murderers and pedophiles. They should change their policy on this but won't. No wonder they have to pretend they grew at 3.1 percent in 2007 when the reality is more like 1.5. To pump up the drop this year they had to count inactive publishers (members) they in the past never counted. I wonder what the percentage of pedophiles and murderers are among them, thanks the the men misleading the organization into the muck.

PCW Saturday, December 29, 2007
@ 7:38 AM
Jay's December 10th's comment
Hi Jay, Thank you so much for your comment on donations. I have been feeling so guilty about not giving monetarily. However, I am always giving something away. At times, the mood moves me to give money or material things to a stranger, and at times, I have been taken advantage of but I justify by saying that it belongs to God anyway. Then I think about the child abuse situation going on in the congregations. If it is a known fact that children are being abused and ignored and policies continue unaddressed, think about what is going on with contributions/donations in these organizations and churches? How are these monies really handled in a "Goodwill" fashion to starving countries and children and the world wide witnessing work? In my heart I feel, if someone is in need that I can touch and feel in my presence, I feel good about my giving. Sometimes it is not always about material or monetary gift giving. Why not share our time and our love to people in some caring way? As you noted, field service reports, etc. time constraints are mentioned. Example, if a person spends five hours a week in field service, how sincere is he/she in what they do in those five hours? Sounds more like trying to meet a quota to me. The reason I say this is because when I used to go out in field service, people needed more than just the scriptures quoted to them and would want me to stay longer because they needed the company, especially the elderly. I got more encouragement and learned more from them. They were the giving and humbled ones. I found them precious. Anyway, that is my comment to Jay's post.

Jake Saturday, December 29, 2007
@ 4:27 PM
Facts that support Jonathan's ideas
The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society’s headquarters is located in 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Research reveals on that the average home price in Brooklyn Heights is $937,425.00 USD (Source:, 12/29/2007 4:00 p.m.). Let me ask you, the reader, can you afford a home in that price range? If Jesus were alive today, would Jesus Christ be able to afford a home in that price range? The Bible teaches simplicity. Jesus Christ taught that a simple life is one that true Christians should pursue (Matthew 6:19-23; 1 Timothy 6:10; Ecclesiastes 5:10; 1 Chronicles 28:9). Unfortunately, the leadership of the Jehovah’s Witnesses thinks a life of luxury is more important. Before answering your door to one of those Watchtower people, one should seriously consider the facts. Does the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society truly support a life of simplicity?

Melody Blankenship Saturday, December 29, 2007
@ 7:14 PM
History of Abuse in the Organization
Hey M.A.N. While you are researching the child abuse issue in the WT organization, you might as well start with Charles T. Russell. From what I have read, he started the whole thing and his wife divorced him because of it, and much much more. Thank you again, Bill Bowen and the Silentlambs, for all the good work you are doing! And please people, don't forget to donate to this very worthwhile website. It is a very good tax write-off on top of doing a very good work! God Bless and Hope 2008 is Your Best Year Ever!

Harry Sunday, December 30, 2007
@ 10:38 AM
Keep on the Watch
Does anyone know why the January offer has been changed?

M.A.N. Sunday, December 30, 2007
@ 11:28 AM
To: Melody Blankenship
Thanks for the suggestion. I had heard that Russell's conduct was not always honorable. In addition to the sexual misconduct, he also lied in court numerous times. Someone brought up the point that the world should be able to see that Jehovah was using the WT as his "only organization" because of the fine fruits that it produced. But all I see is molestation, rape, lying, secret arrangements, cheating, bullying other members who didn't agree with the leadership, and many more. All of this is available on the Internet. Sometimes the WT shoots itself in the foot in their publications and other times we can research court records to find the real "truth". It is sites like SL and those who work to support them that will be a major factor in the WT's demise, or at least their failure to make any further progress in this country and eventually the world. I have always said that if Jesus walked the earth today, he wouldn't go near the WT unless it was to blast them as he did the Pharisees. Happy New Year to all. M.A.N.

Melody Blankenship Sunday, December 30, 2007
@ 9:50 PM
January Offering
Hey Harry, It seems that the WTBTS wants to use the January offering any way they see fit, including probably paying off some sexual abuse lawsuits. Also there is the "new light" that the WTBTS is going to introduce to its members when the elders meet in NYC in February of 2008. Imagine that, if you can, another "new light!" Hope you have a Blessed New Year! God Bless Each of You!

Bradley A. M Monday, December 31, 2007
@ 8:35 AM
Reflections on the Sex Scandal
Hello Everyone, I recently received a letter from Ray Franz as we regularly correspond with one another. I asked his opinion on the sex abuse scandal within the Watchtower Org and here are his comments: " As to the issue of sex abuse, there is no question that it has occurred, but my own experience over several decades both in missionary, circuit, district, and branch work gives me no reason to believe it is as extreme as some would like to make it appear." Upon reflection on this comment, keeping in mind my high regard for Ray and being his friend for the last three years, he might be considering this either on a percentage basis comparing all religious groups and/or the time period he was in the Org up until the time he left in 1982, excluding the time period of 1982-2008. Someone suggested at this site that the solution to this deplorable activity(Molestation) is to separate the crime from the judicial handling of it, I concur. If the person is truly repentant, thats' one thing, but it should still be presented to the authorities as a possible criminal act until proven innocent or guilty. Unfortunately and Realistically, this deplorable behavior has been around since the beginning of man, especially the incestual type. It will never be completely stamped out, this side of Armageddon. Also this nation that we live in, is too soft on criminals in this area, if a crime involves huge sums of money like robbing a bank, then a punishment might fit the crime, not so when it comes to molestation, although its' my understanding the laws are getting alittle more severe. In some of the other countries around our globe, all of us know what might happen to a child molester, we won't go their today. If a child molester is truly repentant, he or she should accept any restrictions imposed on them with a view to protecting their future potential victims, in case they have a relapse. Also get some mental health type of help, because the repeat percentage is over 90%. Save the Matthew chapter 18 two or three rule for the church procedure for establishing whether they sinned or not and also let the Authorities on crime do their thing, if the individual is truly innocent, they have nothing to fear from such an examination. Also DJB, thank you for your response to my comment and looking forward to hearing from you again at this site, Respectfully yours, Brad.------------------------------------------------------- Silentlambs reply-the comments above are interesting, once again it is showing how Ray Franz and other supposed "leaders" continue to downplay the epidemic of abuse in the organization. They behave much like Wt spokesman in trying to pretend the problem is not that great and victims are few. There are over 1,000 stories on this website and over 7,000 victims that continue to come forward each week. Shame on Ray Franz and Watchtower for not supporting victims of abuse and ignoring the mountain of evidence that shows them to be hypocrites with no Christian conscience. Now, Catholics routinely REPORT all abuse, JWs do not and seek any legal loophole to avoid it. "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" at Silentlambs we are disgusted by the lack of effort by all the self proclaimed "good men"...survivors have more courage in their little finger than all Ray Franz and Watchtower representatives put together. The abuse survivors are the ones that should be appreciated on this forum.

TB Monday, December 31, 2007
@ 8:57 AM
Broken Trust - Broken Promises
M.A.N., et al: I hope you get your coverage soon. Most of us working stiffs know what that's like, having to put off treatment until our health coverage kicks in. Hang in there. Your comment: "95% of all abuses take place with the father, mother, older brother, uncle, doctor, or minister." is right on the money. I might further comment that in my experience 90 percent of JW Child Abuse is from trusted Elders and MS's. Of the three Elders that sexually abused female family members of mine, two of the perps are Elders again, and one is a MS. There's no justice in our JW system. The Elders just have too much power, there is no current system of checks and balances. The average Witness fantasizes that he or she can go to a Circuit Overseer and get justice over an Elder in a time of trouble but this is sheer fantasy. The C.O.'s are under direct orders to sacrifice any "Malcontents" or "Bitter Ones" or aggrieved parties in behalf of 'keeping up appearances' or maintaining the "Credibility of the Body of Elders". This is direct Brooklyn orders from the top. The ones now running HQ are non-annointeds that are in the deep thrall to the "Long Island Lawyer" caste. These ammount to about 200 JW lawyers (men who have been converted after they became lawyers) who live on Long Island, NY and practice for the Society part-time as well as having their own practices in NYC. These Lawyers are the real power behind the HQ. They don't call the shots but they advize those who do, and increasingly everything is run by their advice. This is sad times for us JW's. I hope for better times (sigh).

JB Monday, December 31, 2007
@ 11:30 AM
To Harry & Melody
I've been out of the cult for so long that I thought "offering" referred to what literature would be featured for the month in the door to door work. Questions: Where did Harry receive the news that January's offering had changed? And Where did Melody hear about the "new light" to be revealed in February? Aside from checking the Silent Lambs site everyday, I frequently surf the net for any news on the WTB&TS. I'm hoping to find some loop hole, so I will be able to contact my mother who remains a faithful robot -- I mean JW.

Hoping for the best Monday, December 31, 2007
@ 9:18 PM

While some aspects of our organization the Jehovah's witnesses group are of moral value, the autonomy, and lack of transparency has created an environment where abusive deviant behavior by the clergy called "elders" carries on with impunity. Under the protection of the 1st amendment this group has set a control standard, with ambiguous interpretations of violations that incur sanctions where by the elders may label any perceived attitude, speech , action, and by that I mean whistle blower, reporting civil, criminal crimes to police of civil authorities a "sin" against "God" and that means really "Watchtower" many individuals of good repute in the community many years of devoted service have had there names defamed, and Christian character assassinated by any vague, feeble excuse to label so that they can take some reprisal. Please investigate or help the government see the need to amend enough to protect those being held hostage by this behavior. If they were held accountable to law enforcement, and government, there would be much more care in how they handle internal operations. And a protection for those of us who want to stay in all we have ever known. Also If they were mandated to provide INFORMED CONSENT DOCUMENTS to be signed by potential members outlining the above mentioned AMBIGUITY, and CONTROL, at least individuals could say they were informed, as it stands no one KNOWS really what THAT IS THE STANDARD PROCEDURE until your in, that to me is not legal and should be a cause for class action. Then those of us are in can be protected, and the society may see the need to be much more ethical, and honest with legislated boundaries in place other then have to list in a document what has happened to so many under the auspices of "scripture" All the best friends, Hoping for the best Hopeful

Earl Monday, December 31, 2007
@ 9:50 PM
I agree with Silent lambs
While reading the post 'Reflections of the sex scandal' I got the feeling That Ray Franz is not aware of the abuse issue or is still not free from the grips of the Watchtower org. His statement "As to the issue of sex abuse, there is no question that it has occurred, but my own experience over several decades both in missionary, circuit, district, and branch work gives me no reason to believe it is as extreme as some would like to make it appear." Unquote. I wonder what he means by extreme, as in how extreme does it need to be to get his attention. I would wager if even one of his children was raped by a jw that it would be a very extreme event in his family.. I was going to buy his book but I will not now, I would sooner send the fee to SL's as his statements tell much about him. Am I being extreme with my position here, probably- as that is what abuse does to one when they hear of even one person being abused and someone minimizing it. One could say I am very sensitive to this issue. It is true that evil triumphs when good men do nothing and I believe we are either part of the problem or part of the solution. The comments by Mr. Franz seems to minimize the problem as if to say hey it happens in every church, always has- and lets wait for Armageddon to fix it. This is just the attitude that has allowed this abuse to grow. The good old boy Elder system passing it off as business as usual. Reading the history of the WT org. on the different web-sites one can find their old attitudes and writings that actually blamed the victims and called rape a sin on the part of the victim. Yes very sick beginnings that have been passed along. Even my sister who is a rape victim and a jw, defended the org. by saying many of these gals make up abuse stories just to get the elders in trouble. That is the level of brain washing that Hitler would have been proud of. I wonder if Mr. Franz is aware of the pedophile list at the org. I wonder why he does not try to help get that list to authorities and expose such things as I suspect he has seen such records or knows of them. I hope he comes to Silent Lambs and learns more about the org. he left years ago and reads the letters of victims that were left by the wayside. Perhaps he could write another book only this time about the thousands of people that were harmed and had no one to even believe them until Mr. Bowen and others stood up and realized that there is an" extreme" problem and we need to do something about it now. Thank God for people who care and have a heart to help the silent lambs. Blessings to all