Friday, February 15, 2008
@ 10:15 PM guestbook
Just wanted to let everyone know that the guestbook lost some posts due to some corruption in the programming. We have corrected the problem but lost posts back to December 2007. We are sorry if your posts were lost and you are welcome to re-post them if you wish. Thank you all for you comments and expressions and we wish you the best.

ME Saturday, February 16, 2008
@ 7:15 AM How to Prove Your Case
If a young person is being abused by a brother, and no one is listening, you must protect yourself and not worry about the consequences within the congregation. If the elder refuse to contact the authorities, then you must do it. Ideally wait until the abuse occurs again and SAVE any article that may have sperm/DNA on it. Take that with you to the authorities, then the elders and the perpetrator can no longer deny the abuse. God bless you.

silentlambs Saturday, February 16, 2008
@ 1:00 PM guestbook restored
We are happy to let everyone know that the posts were saved by a kind silentlambs supporter. If you look in the right column you will see the posts up to 12/07/07 are archived for 2007 and the lost post are archived for the last three months. We are very happy to keep this information and thoughts of those that have commented. We look forward to continued communication and interaction on the guestbook. Thank you all for your support. silentlambs

Earl Sunday, February 17, 2008
@ 1:02 PM Do not wait to report
I am glad to see Silent Lambs guestbook up and running again.. I don't know if there was a mis-print on a post below or what occurred exactly as the poster made a good point of not waiting for the elders to report abuse as they often cover up the offense. I wanted to point out that waiting to report abuse for any reason is a bad idea. Trauma of this nature changes who we are and waiting for another occurrence could push someone over the edge due to suicide. There is also the chance that the abuser may harm the person to keep them silent. There is also the possibility that the abuser is harming another victim etc. No it is never a good idea to wait for something else to happen to report to the police.. The sooner it is reported the sooner evidence and information can be taken to apprehend the abuser and stop the evil in its tracks. After I read the court transcripts here of a pedophile who was convicted of numerous abuse violations I could see how the jw's protect each other. The transcript was concerning his sentencing and the peds lawyer had many members of the congregation stand up and say what a charming fellow this person was and couldn't possibly be guilty of the offenses as jw's don't/cant lie. It was kind of sickening to read how brainwashed so many in the congregation could be to stand up in court and plead his innocence after a jury convicted him on so many grounds. They could /would not allow themselves to believe the terrible acts he had committed. Some in the congregation said they would /have trusted him around their kids and the judge later warned these people that the person they saw in public was not the same person in private and he assured them that others in the congregation had also been abused. It was like the judge was trying to break through their wall of denial. I encourage others to read these transcripts as they are very educational and will convince one of the hypocrisies if anyone has any doubts left. Everyone keep up the good work. Blessings:)

L.L Sunday, February 17, 2008
@ 6:19 PM Need some Advice
I was recently involved with a 35 year old man who had been raped by an elder from the age of 11-14. The elder was thrown out and if he repented would be allowed to attend the meetings again. What good does that do when the abuse is removed 50 feet away from you instead of allowing it to take place 10 feet away. What about children who are not Witnesses? His parents continued attending meetings. My boyfriend, obviously being very troubled, recently had a mental breakdown. His family and others have prayed on his weakness and have sucked him back in. I was asked to study. I have been with an open mind, but I am noticing a lot of contradictions and manipulations. Please help me... Is there anything I can do to get him out of this situation without having him be told Satan is pulling him over.

JB Monday, February 18, 2008
@ 9:47 AM LL
The first thing I would do is get myself into counseling to help you hope for the best and expect the worst on behalf of your boyfriend and help you to determine if you should continue to study. The next thing I would do is assist him in getting professional help, which will hopefully encourage him to go to the authorities. Even if/though the statute of limitations is up on the crimes committed against him, he could possibly bolster the case of a child being molested by the pedophile now, in or out of the congregation. Be very careful of your own soundness of mind, and don't try to handle this situation alone. These people are well trained in mind control. I hate to hear about the suffering of a sex abuse victim, but you becoming a victim in general of the WTB&TS will not help either one of you. Good luck and God bless. I'll be praying for you both.

M.A.N. Monday, February 18, 2008
@ 11:14 AM To LL
First of all, I'm sorry for what has happened in this case. I used to post regularly but I have some health issues that need attention. This is not to brag but since I've seen many new people, I want to clarify my situation. I have a degree in Psychology. I was a JW for 25 years and was given a tremendous amount of responsibilities. I know many GB members and have read all the WT literature since 1930. My own daughter was molested from the age of nine until she was thirteen. I wanted you to know that I have much experience in this field. I don't know what state you live in but it might be possible to still report it to the police. I used to live in NJ which is very lenient toward pedophiles. I now live in FL which puts you in jail for life if you molest one child just one time. The children in the area who are not JW's can be warned through the authorities. We have a monthly newspaper that lists all molesters with their picture, address, and what they did. You can warn the other parents in the Hall by just telling them what happened. I don't know how you feel about being a JW or not, but I quit over this issue. I don't know if I'm DF'd or not but my daughter is shunning me and I divorced my wife for leaving me when I spoke up. You may be punished by the elders if you warn others but in my opinion any religion that would hinder other children from being harmed is not a religion, it is a cult. If you've read the posts on this guestbook, you'll see that the WT definitely NOT God's organization. I suggest you and the victim get therapy ASAP. Healing rarely takes place without some sort of professional assistance. I can promise you that if you quit studying and/or get your boyfriend to quit, you will be shunned or worse. The main question here, and it was what I ask everyone, is whether the children who might be molested are more important than what a few uneducated elders tell you. Satan is NOT pulling anyone out of the "truth" in this situation. I am an agnostic and don't believe in God at all, but if he exists, he is NOT using the WT as his people. It might help you to picture what Jesus would do if he were attending your Hall. It is your decision, but ultimately you will have to live with your conscience. Some people who run this site or post regularly realized early on that the WT was not going to do the right thing concerning pedophiles. WT's only concern is their reputation and their money. It might help to consider the WT as a book publishing company that just happens to publish mostly "religious" books. Then picture what any corporation would do if there was a report of "sexual harassment". I'm sure you realize that most companies would take care of it properly or they would face huge lawsuits and/or prison time. The WT believes that it is above the law and will decide for itself what is considered immoral conduct. Recent TV shows and lawsuits are starting to show the WT that they are NOT going to be allowed to pick and choose what laws they follow. I hope this helps you and that you find some comfort on this site. My best to you. M.A.N.

Richard D. (alias of course) Monday, February 18, 2008
@ 3:20 PM I'm so ashamed to know what I know now about my religion...
Dear Mr. Bowen, thank you so much for bringing this scandal (by Jehovah’s Witnesses Governing Body - the leaders of the Watch Tower Society) out in the open. I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses (here in Massachusetts) and I’m horrified by all that I read. I want to thank you for the strength and courage you displayed throughout all of this (and I mean it). I can see clearly that the legal counsel for Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Governing Body is culpable towards the true God (and that isn’t the one Jehovah Witnesses worship). My apologies go out to the abused children as I never knew there was such a problem in this organization. Why would I? I always thought it was the other religions (i.e. Catholics) who were guilty of such sins because the WTS society always wagged their finger at other religions guilty of the same thing. We were told this was a spiritual paradise. I am now withholding all contributions to Jehovah’s Witnesses, knowing what I know now. I hope this helps the abused victims see/appreciate that not all of Jehovah’s Witnesses side with the Governing Body or shameful way that they mishandled these very serious cases.

Earl Monday, February 18, 2008
@ 10:47 PM LL
I am sorry for the pain and suffering of all concerned. This is a very troubled family you are getting involved with here. I think you need to ask if this is what you want. If this man is so confused as to go back to what hurt him I suspect he has not had some desperately needed counseling. You must know that jw's expect you to marry right away as they don't believe in long term engagements. This man is not able to be married at this time in his life. Another thing I ask you to look at the stories on here and then ask yourself if you want to be part of a group that treats women and children as they do. Do you want to give your freedom away to a group that tells you what to think on almost every issue in life and worse ,harbors pedophiles and protects them. Do you understand that for the most part pedophiles are incurable and the elder that will be sitting near you will more than likely be abusing other kids and they still require him to go door to door instead of protecting society. By the way, why is this pedophile not in jail? It is said that each pedophile will molest I believe 30 children before they are caught. And do you realize that if you say anything about this pedophile to warn others you will be warned and disfellowshipped? Do you really want to bring your present or future children into this group? You asked how you can get him out without being accused of being the devil? I don't think you can as you would be the first one looked at as a bad influence. I think the question you need to ask is why you should have to try to get him away. If you read the stories on here you will see how brainwashed they are and they are told not to seek outside counseling unless it agrees with their beliefs. I have seen many very sick jw;s because of this attitude. The sick members never get the counseling they need so they keep going back to the same people that continue to harm them. I am not trying to be harsh with you but to save you from a very sick and troubled situation. Trust me you can not change him, he has to want to change himself and then it is very hard work to break away from a cult. This man you care for needs serious help before he can even think about a relationship. This poor soul has suffered at the hands of someone he looked up to and a group he would be willing to die for. He is going to be very conflicted and needs outside help. You can be a loving soul and steer him in the right direction but you can't and shouldn't try to make him do anything he doesn't want to do. It will backfire on you and he will see it as manipulation and resent you. I don't think he is up to making good decisions at this point and I think you should give him some space to work things out. You can pray for him and be his friend but I'm afraid he is not able to be what you want him to at this point. Please consider his needs and love yourself enough not to get into a very heartbreaking situation. You and especially your kids if you have any do not need this. Blessings

Silentlambs Supporter Monday, February 18, 2008
@ 10:48 PM To L.L.
Encourage your boyfriend to make sure the police know about the molester. That's what this site is all about!!! Report Report Report!!!

M.A.N. Tuesday, February 19, 2008
@ 5:05 PM To Richard D.
It's a good thing to see JW's learning about the hypocritical and perverted conduct of the WT. I'm obviously glad that you now know the true story about the Governing Body's sick policies concerning pedophiles. But please don't feel ashamed just because you are a JW. It's not your fault at all. How could the average JW know about the abuse situation? The WT is too cowardly to print the truth in their literature and they punish those who read outside material very harshly. The important thing is that you know it NOW and can do something about it. Every person has his/her own conscience. It is up to you to decide what you are going to do. The more JW's who stand up to the Governing Body, the better things will become in the future. God-less bullies cannot maintain power if no one stays around to be bullied. The conduct of the WT lawyers is some of the most disgusting I have ever seen in my 60 years of life. I too was ashamed that I ever was a JW. I quit and became quite public about it. I am probably one of the biggest "apostates" in my state. But now I'm proud of that. And I let them all know it. I know they are furious that I won't remain silent, but until the WT does the right thing concerning child abuse, I'll continue to hammer at them. Every little bit helps. Even a huge stone wall can be destroyed by just a few people if they keep working at it. I hope that you work out in your heart what you want to do. My best to you. M.A.N.

Melody B. Tuesday, February 19, 2008
@ 9:21 PM To Richard D.
I would like to suggest to you to make a contribution to the Silentlambs in lieu of contributing to the WTBTS. At least you would know that the money is going to an honorable and worthwhile cause, and I am sure the WTBTS would never miss it. They have been bilking a lot of money out of my poor old dad (who has Alzhiemer's, by the way) for quite some time, and I know that he is not the only old person that they have scared into donating to their organization. And, perhaps if you could spread the word to other JW's, (I realize you are not supposed to speak against the organization) maybe some of them would wake up and smell the coffee. Doesn't it tell you in one of your publications to study all religions to see what the truth is? I urge you to do a research of the WTBTS as far back as Charles T. Russell, and then form your own opinion. May God Bless and Keep You!

L.L Wednesday, February 20, 2008
@ 7:20 PM Thank You
Thank You for all the advice given. Although my boyfriend knows about this site, I don`t think he has looked into it. I am very angry and confused to how a person who suffered so much at the hands of these people can go back into it. How ignorant and clueless can you be? I was told by him that the first question the elders ask when you begin to study is if a person has suffered from sexual abuse. No one asked me that with my studies. This person now refuses to speak to me since he is a baptized member and I am not. Yet, he is supporting children being abused just like he was. I am watching a person I love very much slip away into insanity and more abuse by a religion created by Charles Taze.

man711 Thursday, February 21, 2008
@ 12:49 PM To LL
"I was told by him that the first question the elders ask when you begin to study is if a person has suffered from sexual abuse. " That is not true.

VE Thursday, February 21, 2008
@ 5:31 PM Discusted with the cover up of this abuse!
I have read and re-read many stories on this site. But what astonishes me most is the fact that the adults in this man made org. WTS. are still dumb to the fact that the evil slave were kicked out in the early part of the start of this org. How can anyone with any education not understand that this is a con by the satanic angels to grab more glory and put the wonderful name of our god in the muck!! I truly believe all these poor people have gone through the most heart renching experiences and that Jehovah god is disgusted with the whole org. And I trully think they are in for a very tough time in the near future as punishment! I was very lucky not to be too involved but I have some very scary experiences that I am now going to the poice about.....This concerns a cover up by the org for not talking to me and trying to shut me up by people saying I was mad and then they slandered my family who have nothing to do with them or there so called religion! Let us all remember that the Almighty god is attacked every day by the wicked one and the angels he has hooked up with...........The Watchtower org has the evil slave in the masters house and is not concerned about you....But Jehovah is! He will repay for all your damage. Please don't abuse his name because of the stupid deliquant elders that hush up the victims. A woman who was hurting children told me she knew I had been abused because I liked to shower most days and ware clean clothes....She is evil and slanderas. She was given away by her mother when she was young so she needs help.....She would not go to the police and tried to have me killed!! She tried to damged me so badly she should be locked up for her crimes...She has so much hate in her! She has damaged her children so badly that they will suffer into adulthood! Take courage in the scriptures and go to the police and not the elders. Do not put your trust in a man made org. that abuses Gods name!

Earl Friday, February 22, 2008
@ 11:51 PM To all
Its good to see all the new people reporting in to Silentlambs. As the word gets out people like myself and others here have learned the real truth about the Org. and have come to be ashamed to be a part of it. I personally feel more about the Org. is going to be revealed with the press releases and more people coming out. I encourage all who have seen this truth to pass it on and report any suspected abuse one is aware of, and support Silentlambs in any way one can. At least one knows that if they donate something here it goes to a good cause and not to pay out settlements and lawyers to protect the Org. I really think what we have seen on tv is the tip of the iceberg and the Wt Org. is going to be spending a lot of money in the near future because of their unethical and immoral practices. All of us working together can make real changes especially if it means sparing a young child the abuse we read about on here from the poor victims of a fallen Org. Blessings to all :)

MJ Saturday, February 23, 2008
@ 5:49 PM Watchtower Information Service
Has the Watchtower Information Service been taken off the web permanently? I have tried to log on for 2 days and cannot get the website.

Realitycheck Monday, February 25, 2008
@ 3:23 AM Is this legal????
To whom it may concern: Jehovah's Witnesses do not provide informed consent prior to membership, that provides information on the extent of authority by church leaders, and the lack of whistle blower protection and that Jehovah's Vintner counselors or 'elders' are not secularly supervised as to mental competence, nor qualification to give counsel to individuals suffering depression, post traumatic stress, or personality disorder, thus causing life threatening harm and operating autonomously to silence dissent with threat of sanctions.

Cathy C. Monday, February 25, 2008
@ 3:53 PM twenty- six years and counting.....
This is my first time on your site. I am so glad that it's here for us "Lambs". I became so emotional when I listened to the songs that I'm still crying. In the song "When They Cry", I feel like they're singing about me. The sad, sad, thing about us is, when we were young, nobody believed us. Now that we're adults, it's called consensual, and for that reason, it makes "it" okay. My abuse from my priest has now been going on for over 26 years. I don't know how to stop. age 49

M.A.N. Wednesday, February 27, 2008
@ 5:48 PM to Earl
Earl, you are right about it being the tip of the iceberg. In my college Psych courses, it was stressed time and again that the true rate of abuse could be 10, 20 or even 50 or more times what is reported. If 6,000 people have called or posted here on Silentlambs, it's conceivable that 600,000 or more have been abused among JW's. This is truly an abomination. And yes, it is all the more disgusting because this organization, the WT, prides itself on being so squeaky clean. It sickens me to see all the hot air they blow about other religions when they are the worst offenders of all. It's like Adolph Hitler criticizing other people for being insane after the things he did. It almost makes you think the WT is kidding at first because no one would say the things they do with a straight face. But then we realize that they are serious. This is an alarming thought. Again, the victims need to be helped, to tell the authorities, and for the WT to stop interfering with abuse investigations.

ME Wednesday, February 27, 2008
@ 10:12 PM Appreciative
1. I am appreciative and wish to note that there is also now as it handles another facet helping to keep kids from being abused by being drug to attend cult studies with JW spouses after a divorce. 2. That Elders get special favors over regular JWs is proven by the 1972 rule which says when an Elder confesses he committed a "serious wrong" but several years have gone by, then the Body Of Elders don't have to delete him as an Elder so long as what he did has become so known as to bring reproach showing loss of Jehovah's favor. When non- Elders make an admission like that, they get disfellowshipped (shunned/excommunicated). Favoritism and hypocrisy. It also allows lots of deadbeat pedophile Elders to stay in power. Their ranks grow daily.

Earl Friday, February 29, 2008
@ 2:14 PM MAN and all
Man, I thank you for your contribution here at SL and so sorry for your experience with the ORG. I too have an interest in psychology and therapy as it it such a needed profession, especially now days. I study and Annalise people and maybe you can give me some insight here, I have pondered the extreme power of cults over otherwise intelligent people. As I talk to jw's I can see the doctrine they have learned often overpowers their common sense. Yet like me and others we never really believed the non-sense and therefore were able to break away. What I haven't figured out is if the brain washing was always intended or was it just arrogant leaders of the past stating that they had the truth and the rest of the world was evil. And did that belief attract a certain individual with low self esteem etc. to finally believe they were better than others. I see that in jw's I know personally as they never acclimated to society and finally have a place where they can look down on the rest of the world. That has got to be empowering. Hitler was aware of the power he had, do you think that is true of the WT. org. Did they know that they could use mind control or again was it a by-product of their theology. I try to understand this so I can tear down that wall one stone at a time. as you mentioned in an earlier post, with jw's to get them on our side so as to be a part of the solution and not part of the evil that perpetuates child abuse. That is one way I can assist SL, one person at a time, getting them to use their God given mind. It is said that education, in part is about drawing out something one already possesses. I believe everyone of us has the intrinsic ideas of right and wrong and it is only by over riding those beliefs that we succumb to the non-sense( non-sense as not being a pejorative term but something that does not make sense to a normal person) that allows jw's to believe and accept what they do. I hope at least some of this makes sense:) Anyway , keep up the good work of exposing the evil around us. Best regards

JB Saturday, March 1, 2008
@ 10:41 AM To Earl
Because the WTB&TS is a money making operation, I think the brainwashing is intentional. It guarantees a slave work force for the publishing and distribution as well as a customer base for their rubbish literature.

sue Saturday, March 1, 2008
@ 12:18 PM been there done that. awakened and protected.
in jan-feb 1983 My husband rented a space in a warehouse to sand his sports car. The manager lived in the warehouse in his RV The man was very kind and loving. he would pick up my 2year old and give her a hug. One day I went there to have my husband watch the kids so I could go to the laundry-mat. my husband was not there. This kind old man offered to watch the little one. but I had just read an article about hawks and chicks. I promised myself that I would never leave my kids alone with any male. When I told this man "NO" He became very offended and mad. because I was thinking bad of him. and I was and I felt bad. But I stuck to my promise and left. later that year he was put in jail for 12 counts of molestation. Now I had some problems with my husband, who did leave them with him when I was not there. my husband got a divorce and I went to the police and cps. with information. (VOCAL) in Humboldt county.Calif I ended up losing custody to him. he, two months later, lost my young babies to foster care. It took me nine months to get them back. I had really nice social workers lying about me Others were trying to get me to lie about my husband. It was a real big tramatic ordeal that daughters and I are still recovering from. he lied some more and won custody. Now my first husband was talking about having my mother killed. I went straight to the police dept. they said that until a crime was committed they could do nothing.march1976 I left town He later told his new girlfriend that he was going to have me killed after the baby was born so he could get custody. I left town again without any restraining order. March1976 Sept 1976 He was in jail for murder for hire. he was bragging about the young woman he murdered. he made a deal to convict the man who hired him. I got a divorce and asked for full custody and no visitation. which I was denied. When he was let loose they did not tell me. He later married a correctional officer from Quintin and moved to Florida. Later cus I don't know exactly when this happened because I don't know when he got out. In Aug of 1984 His new wife shot him. My son who went to therapy told all of his live experiences was promised that it would not be told to anyone else. But his story was published with detail and a copy was given to his stepfather and his attorney. you can get a copy too it is on public record in Humboldt county or Shasta county. So much For the police who are allowing rape in prison. telling could get a person killed. Torturing child molesters does not heal the child. any one getting tortured makes me sick. If a bad dog is tied and tortured it does not make the dog safe.

Bear Sunday, March 2, 2008
@ 10:51 PM Your The Best
Thanks for posting that article about the New York JW trying to rape a 14 year old while in South Carolina. It's been here about a week and hasn't even shown up on the biggest ex-JW forum, so that shows when a person wants to keep up on this issue, this is the best place to look.

DJB Monday, March 3, 2008
@ 6:26 AM Is the Congregation Patterned after the first Century Christians??
What about when members donate?? The Watchtower always encourages its members to make donations...... It is considered giving of our first fruits as it were from the harvest (today our valuable things). It is considered doing good works of which God is well pleased......... In ancient Isreal when everyone was asked to donate it would always be stopped when they had recieved enough for fixing the temple etc...they didn't just keep collecting for their own use (car,accommodations)etc or take money ear marked for world wide work and use it to defend pedophiles in court. The two are not the same!!! The donation wasn't continual as it is today. Scriptures encourages you receive free give free.... Another point of interest is that in the first century the apostles worked and supported themselves. The Messiah Jesus was a carpenter and the Apostle Paul was a tent maker as it is written "to add no further burden on you"(the congregation). The governing body doesn't work outside,(I don't think they ever have even when younger) the members support them living off the donations...but notice originally Charles Taze Russell used his own money to print the Watchtower and travel so he obviously supported himself, not like today. With all their claims to pattern themselves after the first century congregation they make exceptions. For example the elder arrangement and they ask for no tithe but instead constantly ask for donations never calling it off so what is the difference?? So should it surprise us when they don't follow all the scriptures related to handling pedophilia??? The man of lawlessness is still among them and having influence, as the scriptures warn!!!! This is the apostasy that has to come first it is to be exposed before Jehovah's Day happens!!! They may accuse us of being apostate but this isn't the definition the scriptures talk about. When this happens they are calling the righteous wicked and wicked righteous. The scriptures promise the "presumptuous ones and the wicked ones"(those pedophiles)will in Jehovah's day be "devoured and they will be like stubble"...It further states we will be victorious and "shine forth with healing wings and you will certainly go forth and paw the ground like fattened calves. And you people will certainly tread down the wicked ones... in the day on which I am acting Jehovah ... has said." Mal 4:2,3 In verse 5 it tell us he is sending a prophet Elijah to warn his people about Jehovah's Day. Who today is this Elijah class who is warning the people??? Warning about the apostates pedophiles in their midst??? Before God takes action in the scriptures the people were always warned first. God "does not desire any to be destroys but all to attain to repentance." Are we not warning about the pedophiles in the JW???? DJB

Harold Tuesday, March 4, 2008
@ 6:48 PM My thoughts
Jehovah's Witnesses are hypocrites. That's all I have to say about that.

Terry P. S. Tuesday, March 4, 2008
@ 8:37 PM Germany and Japan JW Pedophiles
Your list of congregations where pedophiles have been reported in the U.S. now is including some for other nations like Sweden. I know Bill was in Germany and Japan, so why no congregations for those nations? I think it's good you're listing for other nations now because it shows the problem has a worldwide scope. A kid raped in Germany or Japan is as big a tragedy as a kid raped in Iowa. Know what I mean?------------------------------Silentlambs Reply---Thank you for your comment. It is true, Bill was in Japan and Germany where perps were reported within the JW congregation. We are constantly updating our list. This requires a lot of research and time to go back to other countries when the abuse was reported to Silentlambs. If you know of anyone that would like to report communities in any country, we would be glad to add it to the list.

man711 Wednesday, March 5, 2008
@ 10:29 AM
The article never states that this guy is a Witness. Only the girl is stated as a witness. ------------------------Silentlambs Reply-The article stated the man met the girl at a "social" gathering of JWs. JW's do not have social gatherings where non-JWs are invited. This suggests the individual was a member or at least a regular associate of JWs with efforts of becoming a member.

JB Thursday, March 6, 2008
@ 9:48 AM Elders Protecting Molester Again
Copy and paste the website address into your URL line to see the latest exploits of the JW's. C_trial06.439464c.html

RCS Tuesday, March 11, 2008
@ 1:34 PM Grateful Exploration
Thank you for creating this website because I had no idea that things like this were happening in Jehovah's proclaimed organization.-------------Silentlambs Reply - It is kind words like these, especially with those who have just found the website, that make us want to continue to do our work. Thanks for the supporting comments!

BLC Wednesday, March 12, 2008
@ 4:48 AM Thanks
So many thanks for having the courage to take a stand against such a powerful and corrupt organization. I had no idea that this was going in such a large way or the fact so much had been concealed by those who claim to have peoples' spiritual welfare at heart. It is purely criminal - as simple as that. My sincere wish is all those involved will punished to receive the severest penalties available! Causing so many people to suffer - innocent, pure children at that. Just who do they think they are? To permit such heinous activities to go on unchecked..... INSANITY! Thanks to all those who have found the courage to tell their stories, to bring to fore these despicable things. Continue to heal - I wish you all the very best for the future. And the same to Silentlambs - continue in your mission. I never ever suffered the sexual abuse as has been brought to light, but I certainly suffered in other ways at the hands of corrupt and warped and lying elders. My continued thoughts are with you all.....

vern Wednesday, March 12, 2008
@ 5:58 AM ex jw
As a former jw who disassociated myself after 9 years I was very bitter for some time. I finally realized this was destroying my life as well as those who depended on me for spiritual guidance. As a result I am now active in another church and endeavor to live my life for God rather than an org. I have found that many things I learned as a jw can be used in my ministry of helping others. The lords prayer says we will be forgiven as we forgive others, so I urge all who have been hurt so deeply to forgive and begin living their life for Christ. With Gods holy spirit there really is life and happiness after our experience as a jw. The bible says in Romans 8 35-39 nothing can ever separate us from Gods love.

Making it known Wednesday, March 12, 2008
@ 9:31 PM
As a former JW contrary to the propaganda about exJWs I have never been bitter against JWs but am determined to make known to JWs and the public that pedophiles are among the elders. Thanks for the photos of such creeps that you have posted on the left side of your homepage here. A single picture does say a thousand words. Every JW knows all JWs must go door to door and ALL means ALL including child molesters and murderers.

Helen Thursday, March 13, 2008
@ 4:11 PM New Ways?
I was told that the ways of dealing with child abuse had just changed for the better. Is this true?---------------------Silentlambs Reply - No, it has not been changed.

George Thursday, March 13, 2008
@ 9:23 PM Sick, Sick Elders
Watchtower states that there are 8 pedophile elders. The number seems to be growing. 1991 spending = $40.2 million USD, 1996 spending = $60.9 million USD, 2001 spending = $70.9 million USD, 2006 spending = $111.0 million USD, 2007 spending = $121.0 million USD. Big business and Elder pedophiles are on the march. Will the name of Jehovah continue this disgrace of a religion? Epicurean lifestyle indeed. Bible prophecy dictates that there will be hypocrites in these last days. Watchtower, please show us the right example. All we get from you is poor examples.

Jay Friday, March 14, 2008
@ 7:04 PM Look the Watchtower Pandora's box has been opened
Look at all the goodies. Watchtower is not following the Bible. Fornication abounds at the JW camp.

aNoNyMoUs Friday, March 14, 2008
@ 10:36 PM Deep scriptural thoughts
Is it not written that we should respect the superior authorities? If those same authorities have laws that protect its citizenries, are we not to obey them? Since when does penitent-clergy privilege cover up illegal activity. Is the saying, "pay back Caesar's things to Caesar's and god's things to god's", applies only to taxes? Jesus stated that we should love our neighbor. By not reporting sex offenders to the authorities, can we rightly say that Watchtower is really loving their neighbor?

lulu Monday, March 17, 2008
@ 11:26 PM pedifile community
i feel in order 2 keep up with some ,if not all pedifiles ,they should have their own community,like a very large appt. complex(if not a small town or island ) walled in w/ barbwire including electrical fencing. there should b top security ,esp. at front gate. having 2 showing i.d. ,frisking of entire body and of personal items: bags ,wallets, groceries etc. when coming and going. their company also has 2 b checked. every month they should have raid of everyones appts.if there r any violations back 2 jail where they belong, 4 ever. i dont know, the thought just came 2 me after watcing a distrubing program on the subject. what do u all think?

George Tuesday, March 18, 2008
@ 5:23 PM aNoNyMoUs is right on target
That guy, aNoNyMoUs, is right on target. Keeping a pedophile hidden is not Christ like at all. The most wanted list would not contain a Jehovah Witness on it, if the Elders did what Jesus would do. The Governing flip- flops are not doing their job. Loving your neighbor is when you know something is wrong and doing something about it. Bible principles are not being followed by the Jehovah's Witnesses and the light is getting brighter. We are seeing the weeds in the Watchtower company.

PCW Wednesday, March 19, 2008
@ 2:03 PM Lulu's comment
Good idea Lulu. That way, the perverts and ones who hide what is going on with our victims can get a taste of the pain inflicted the poor innocent.

Roxanne Wednesday, March 19, 2008
@ 7:42 PM Jehovah
Satan is the ruler of this system. Blame him. Put your faith in Jehovah, never in ANY man: JW Elder OR NOT!! Take legal action against those evildoers, like you would against any other criminal. Shame and expose them no matter who they are. Jehovah will bless your efforts. Do you think he is happy about everything we have suffered? He can't stop them but we can! Those in a position of authority who abuse trust will be judged the most severely! Where is the tested quality of your faith if you allow evil humans or tools of Satan to disconnect you from Jehovah? Remember, He made the sun- he can do anything! Never stop loving Him in your hearts. I hurt deeply from what I and my sister suffered, but I refuse to blame Jehovah for it. Romans 12v21 Do not let yourselves be conquered by the evil.

man711 Thursday, March 20, 2008
@ 7:46 AM
Roxanne You have the right mind set.

JB Thursday, March 20, 2008
@ 8:35 AM To Roxanne
I don't believe the purpose of the silentlambs is to blame Jehovah for the pedophile problem within the ranks of the jw's. Blame is being placed where it belongs; on the shoulders of the elders and their leaders, the governing body of the WTB&TS. There is a difference between God and the governing body.

Thursday, March 20, 2008
@ 8:47 AM Roxanne
Well put Roxanne.

Concerned Thursday, March 20, 2008
@ 8:41 PM Good To Remember
Watchtower sends EVERY JW preaching (peds, murderers, rapists etc). As JWs it is usually put off in the farthest recesses of our minds as we go knocking a doors, that is the thought that some of those who are out preaching alongside us were formerly (and still are in some cases) gross sinners or criminals. As your articles with photos here show, though, we shouldn't forget it. This exposes the public and JWs in general to grave danger. Watchtower, if you're reading this too, please read Luke 10:7 then show some responsibility. Also, some people should never knock on the public's doors and you know that. Solomon said there's a place for everything, including for where pedophiles need to stay away from!

Earl Friday, March 21, 2008
@ 12:31 PM JB and others
Good points all, about the responsibility of the Watchtower org. It is easy to say ' The devil made me do it" or " The world is in the power of the wicked one" But one could say that was the case from the very beginning. One could use that excuse for every time they failed to do the right thing. The courts have heard that excuse for years. I think it is this line of jw thinking that makes them pacifists and sit back and do nothing about the evil in their org.or of society . How many times have we heard the witnesses parrot the WT and say "Soon this system will end and all evil will be done away with. Can one see how this alleviates ones responsibility to stand up and stop the evil. People like the Bowens see the reality of not allowing more harm to our kids while waiting for an end to this system that may never come in our life time. The fact that the Wt org. made itself a false prophet beginning in the late 1800's predicting the end date which Jesus admitted even he did not know, allowed witnesses to sit back and do nothing to change a situation. They don't even vote for that matter. They detest the government, yet were advocating members of the United Nations for over 9 years, until they were caught- all the while calling it an evil scarlet beast in line for destruction. I bet they are glad their end times prediction didn't come while they were members of such an evil group.??? They have a total defeatist attitude when it comes to change. I always use the analogy to get their attention, that suppose they personally were being mugged or raped, would they call out for help, you bet they would. But with their line of thinking others should stand back and allow the assault as they say. Wait on God to end this evil system. Well this is exactly what they are doing, they are sitting back and allowing all kinds of evil right in front of them to go on. I had a witness tell me this the other day. He said, sure there are a few bad apples in the org. but this will all soon be done away with. This is their attitude until something happens to them and then they are the first ones to run to court and holler discrimination etc. But they won't deal with pedophiles amongst them. They have lost their sense of right and wrong after years of brain washing. Even an animal will protect its young to the point of death. JW's sacrifice their children to pedophiles and blood transfusions because they made the WT org. their god. It is every persons job to protect our kids and because jws' won't take responsibility for it, we must step in and do what we can. The works of Silent lambs and all who contribute is so necessary. God never meant for us to be spineless creatures allowing evil to flourish. It has been said many times and we should never forget . The only thing required for evil to exist is for good people to do nothing. All keep up the good fight, the silent lambs are depending on each and every one of us. Blessings :)

M.A.N. Friday, March 21, 2008
@ 5:40 PM To JB
Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. I still look in as often as I can. I have a lot going on in my life. My heart is still with the victims and always will be. JB, I liked the fact that you made the point that the Governing Body and God are NOT one and the same. Although the GB never claims to "be" God, they certainly "act" like God and expect the same level of worship and respect for their faulty promises and policies. Again, this is not to just bash the WT. We've all done that or seen it done. I am speaking from a Psychological standpoint in order to help those on the fringes. Many good JW's have been abused and mistakenly believe that God wants them to remain silent and "trust in Jehovah". To do what??? Put an end to abuse?? He's not doing that, is he?? So what does that tell us? That WE must do it. The Bible warns about counterfeit Christians. The WT is so busy claiming they are the only ones who are NOT false Christians that they fail to see that perhaps they are the only ones who ARE false Christians. There may be other groups, but none is so obnoxiously vocal as the WT. My advice to those who suffer(ed) abuse is this: Please remember that God does NOT require you to remain silent. You should and must speak out, even if it is to save other children in the future. Child molesters never get "cured". I don't care what the WT says, they are lying. I got my degree in Psych with a 98.5 GPA. I wonder what grades the GB got? I hope you victims contact the police and also get therapy. The more cases that make it to the newspaper or TV news, the more the WT will look like the swine they are and the more lawsuits they will lose. Again, my best to all and good health to you. M.A.N.

Jane Saturday, March 22, 2008
@ 7:46 AM Woe to you scribes and Pharisees
We need to expose these frauds as to what they really are. I agree that Jehovah is not the one to blame. It is the (imperfect?) leadership of the Jehovahs Witnesses (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society) that is solely to blame. The Governing Body is a BAD EXAMPLE. These individuals do not follow the Bible as they should.

Alex Sunday, March 23, 2008
@ 10:45 AM Whole bag of issues.
There is a lot more wrong with this so called Christian Organization than the sexual abuse nightmare. I find it very hard to read the messages from those who make it their only concern. This is a high control group that separates families and mildly brain washes. Can anyone provide a website that covers a wider range of the issues than silentlambs does? With Christian love. Alex ----------------------Silentlambs Reply: Alex, you can check out This website gives a much broader perspective as to JW policies and especially how the leaders further hurt children and break up families. Watch the YouTube Videos under 'The Danger' and 'Watch Video of How JW's Operate'. The 'A Young Woman Speaks' video, sends a powerful message to the public, especially judges and attorney's. Hope this helps you in your journey.

Emily Sunday, March 23, 2008
@ 1:25 PM Way to go George!
These Jehovah's Witnesses are the same people that write in their magazines that we should simplify our lives. This spending of theirs is a timely reminder that even they have problems with money. Their pedophile problem should open the eyes of all dear christians. The Watchtower has set an inappropriate example that all of us should avoid. Let me reiterate George's comments: Sick, Sick Elders Watchtower states that there are 8 pedophile elders. The number seems to be growing. 1991 spending = $40.2 million USD, 1996 spending = $60.9 million USD, 2001 spending = $70.9 million USD, 2006 spending = $111.0 million USD, 2007 spending = $121.0 million USD. Big business and Elder pedophiles are on the march. Will the name of Jehovah continue this disgrace of a religion? Epicurean lifestyle indeed. Bible prophecy dictates that there will be hypocrites in these last days. Watchtower, please show us the right example. All we get from you is poor examples.

KennyC Sunday, March 23, 2008
@ 9:33 PM Re-Appointed by Holy Spirit?
My cousin was molested by an elder next door before her teenage years. He was "deleted" as an elder. When his wife died he married a woman with 3 grown kids and moved to New York. He was then "appointed" as a pioneer. Then he moved to Indiana and was found re-appointed as an elder. Was it the holy spirit that kept re-appointing this guy? I think not, but YOU had better think so or you will be disfellowshipped as an apostate! This was nearly 30 years ago, and the man has never been disfellowshipped. I however am disfellowshipped as a "slanderer" and a "Diotrophes" for speaking the truth to them about another appointed predator in their midst.

JB Monday, March 24, 2008
@ 11:48 AM To Alex & KennyC
KennyC, take heart. There are many of your "kind" on this website. You are disfellowshipped, but you are free from the hypocrisy required to remain a jw. Most of the rank and file don't even know about the problem of child sex abuse cover ups within their own organization. Apparently they don't watch the national news, but even if they did, they would be instructed not to believe it.

Earl Monday, March 24, 2008
@ 2:53 PM Kenny C and all
You know you are doing something right when you do something good like you have and you get the boot from a group of people who profess to be doing what is right to the exclusion of the rest of the world. :) Did you ever notice that if you mention the fine works of other people and organizations that the witnesses discount them. People have given their lives's trying to reach people in the jungles of the world and if they were not jw's, they didn't count. When I started with Silentlambs I knew from the bottom of my heart that they were here to help the ones who don't have a voice. Though I was never a baptized witness I watched them for years and saw much hypocrisy. I tried to defend them because my family is involved with them but over the years I saw too much to accept and when I discovered through Silentlambs the evil that they are trying to cover up I was convinced The society had truly fallen and was no better than any other cult. I tactfully brought the new awareness of the pedophile situation to the witnesses I know, and my own sister has not spoken to me in many months after a close " I thought" relationship for many years. I showed her also how the org. had fooled the members by keeping secret that the org. was a member of the United Nations for about nine years. She got so mad with all these facts and ended by saying that " I am the org." That said a lot to me in that she as most jw's had made Watchtower their god. My one jw guy did the same thing and refused to believe even after visiting Silentlambs.They said it was an apostate site and I was an apostate. This showed me just how sick and twisted they had become as to look evil in the face and deny it. It is truly an illness when we can become so brainwashed as to cut all contact with family and to sacrifice our kids to pedophiles and withhold medical treatment from the kids to belong to a group that says only jw's will be saved. I assure anyone who has left the org. that after a very short time you will see how fortunate you really are and you will come to see how you have been fooled and taken advantage of. You will know a freedom you never thought was possible and you will see that you can now help mankind and be done with the fatalistic attitude about life and the thought that only jw's were right. You can finally join mankind and work together to try and do what you can to stop the evil that is harming our children. I am so grateful for the internet as the information I have is still a mystery to most jw's but I am doing my best to change that. Blessings all

Annett Monday, March 24, 2008
@ 3:10 PM Your website
Hi , Realy like your website, found lots of interesting info. Keep up the great work. Will soon be back to visit again.

vern Tuesday, March 25, 2008
@ 4:45 AM
As a former jw I agree with Alex. Once you become a member they quickly begin to take control of your life to the exclusion of everything else. You find that you no longer have time for friends or family who aren't members as they are part of the world and no longer have any place in our life. I agree about the brainwashing only don't think it is mild but cleverly designed to gain complete control over its members which it very often does. They slowly take control of your life until they become the most important thing in it and the really sad thing is that they do all this under the guise of Christianity.

Robin Tuesday, March 25, 2008
@ 2:06 PM Food for thought....
I just read about a man in the mid-west who had to recently put a sign on the front of his house "REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER". What if the Witnesses who are registered offenders had to start doing that? There would certainly be NO WHERE TO HIDE.---------Silentlambs Reply - Problem is Robin, that the offender would still be expected to publicly 'preach door to door' as a trusted member of the organization and must do this continually to qualify to be a minister and thus remain a JW in 'good standing'. Happens every day.

Me Tuesday, March 25, 2008
@ 8:30 PM Latin America
Just to let you know many are visiting here from Puerto Rico and South America. You think there are a lot of pedophile Elders in the U.S. and there are. But there are a lot in Latin America too.

ROBIN Wednesday, March 26, 2008
@ 2:45 PM Question....
With this new situation in Court( Riverside, CA.), does that mean that possibly Elders will have to expose the Preditor(s)to the congregation from now on? (That is if they know about it)

jf Thursday, March 27, 2008
I have been a baptized witness for over 35 years....I feel complete hurt and disbelief at how the Org. has been handling this issue for ALL this time. I have had a very hard time trying to recover from feeling anger at Jah...I know in my mind that the Jah I knew could not approve of these "horrible" actions and yet in my heart the hole is bigger then the size of Texas. I can not seem to get past the feeling of being "dupped" about just how "great" every- one in the org. is and how there is not another place where "love abounds". ALL I see is the "evil" of so many in the congregations and how they look for anything negative they can gossip about AND YET.....they WILL NOT admit to any of these issues of abuse and call anyone who questions this apostate....and any references to this on the media as apostate and should not be watched or listened to. HOW will the extent of the issues EVER come to light???? I can not imagine that ever happening....and until that happens all victims will be abused by the abuser AND the congregations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J.G. Friday, March 28, 2008
@ 3:37 PM Ever wonder about this...
Had it not been for the whistle-blowers (The molested individuals who spoke out and their spokesman), the related publicity and the Internet, 'Who would even know about this?' For those Witnesses who have educated themselves about these criminal acts occurring in Jehovah's Witnesses congregations, they may have a chance to protect themselves and their children - some have done this by leaving the organization altogether (can you blame them???). (Oh, btw that would mean that the GB stumbled them and we know what the Bible says about stumbling people.) For those Witnesses who have kept themselves in the dark, 'How many more children will continue to be abused by members (including those in responsible positions: elders, ministerial servants, etc.)?' It's a sobering question, because internally the WTS (Governing Body) has chosen to not inform it's members of the magnitude and seriousness of this problem. Because the GB - faithful and discreet slave class - didn't act quickly and knew about this problem for decades, many members would be stumpled, wouldn't they?, if they all of sudden came clean. Oh, the tangled web they have weaved. It's a shame... an awful shame. So, I repeat the question,'Who would even know about the child abuse problem in Jehovah's Witnesses organization had it not been for the whistle-blowers?' Sobering question, isn't it?

To Robin & JF Friday, March 28, 2008
@ 4:47 PM
Robin: From a brief bit of research on Child Welfare Information Gateway, CA. is has a law that makes it mandatory for clergy to report suspected child abuse. I am assuming that since the WTB&TS has lost 2 court cases in that state that says elders aren't considered clergy, they are using that same argument as to why elders did not report the abuse to police in the Riverside case. The latest court ruling says that the elders have to testify in court as to what the accused pedophile told them. I don't know of a law in this country that says clergy and/or elders have to report sex abuse of children to their congregations. One would think that common sense would dictate that they would want to lovingly warn their sheep about wolves in their midst, but case after case has proven that not to be true.-----------Silentlambs Reply: There were actually 7 cases that the WTB&S lost in the state of California. To JF: God did not commit sins against children and then cover them up from the congregations and the public at large, the elders under the leadership of the WTB&TS did. I'm sorry for your pain.

George Sunday, March 30, 2008
@ 8:24 AM Sick, Sick Elders
Watchtower states that there are 8 pedophile elders. The number seems to be growing. 1991 spending = $40.2 million USD, 1996 spending = $60.9 million USD, 2001 spending = $70.9 million USD, 2006 spending = $111.0 million USD, 2007 spending = $121.0 million USD. Big business and Elder pedophiles are on the march. Will the name of Jehovah continue this disgrace of a religion? Epicurean lifestyle indeed. Bible prophecy dictates that there will be hypocrites in these last days. Watchtower, please show us the right example. All we get from you is poor examples.

Jane Sunday, March 30, 2008
@ 9:47 AM Watchtower not setting the right example
Abuse is illegal. Every form is not appropriate in human society. When the Churches of Christendom hide this, they are not following the Bible in its entirety. This past summer, A Jehovah's Witness came to my door. She was wearing a blouse and I can literally see parts of her breasts. I am a conservative and I was astonished by what she was wearing. She looked like a slut. She was presenting a Watchtower magazine that had a couple on the cover that were appropriately dressed. I am surprised that the Jehovah's Witnesses allow this to happen. Since they do not take care of their abuse cases, I am not surprised.

JB Sunday, March 30, 2008
@ 10:28 AM To JG
Not only have the abused come forward, but elders such as Bill Bowen have made this information available to the public. Had that not been the case, the abused, such as myself, would've continued thinking it was an isolated case. Of course, thinking that way, always makes victims think that it must've been something very dirty about themselves to attract that kind of attention in the first place. I know I felt that way for more than 20 years until I saw Bill Bowen on Dateline NBC. ------------------------Silentlambs Reply - Bowen has said for years that he wants the public to know that he was a representative for the abuse survivors who were the brave ones that spoke out for the first time about the huge problem and cover up of abuse within the JW organization. He says he simply gave them the platform to speak. And that they did, and continue to do so!

M.A.N. Sunday, March 30, 2008
@ 11:11 AM Hi to all
First, hi to everyone! It's been awhile but I do always keep up, I just post a little less often. I'm still framing out the outline of the book I'm writing and that takes time. To JB: As always, you make very good points in your comments. People we once sought approval from are now the very people that we hope do DF us. When you come to learn of the WT's treachery, cruelty to the victims (I guess they don't believe the scripture about taking care of widows and children or how much Jesus loved children) and their utter disregard for common human decency, most people with a shred of conscience are moved to either expose this criminal organization or quit as a member. I'm now proud to be despised by every JW in the world. It means that I'm doing the right thing. I don't know if I've been officially DF'd back in New Jersey, but I know I'm the biggest apostate in Florida. And I'm very proud of it. As usual, I make the point to the poor victims here that you are NOT doing anything wrong or are hated by God if you warn others, investigate any information about these cover-ups, or especially, if you seek treatment and help. Any religion that would punish a person, especially a child, for telling what happened to them is NOT from God. As was said, people are taught not to listen to anything critical of the WT while they are members. That alone should send up warnings in a person's mind and heart. Can anyone imagine Jesus killing children who told the elders that a member of the synagogue molested them? Yet this is exactly what the WT threatens will happen at Armageddon. I don't seek any harm to the rank and file JW, they don't know what they are doing. But I hold the GB guilty and all the elders who know what is happening yet punish the victims. They will see scripture fulfilled when THEY have to account to God. We all know their fate. I'll post a few more comments so these don't get too long. My best to all as usual. (Cheri, are you still visiting this site?) M.A.N.

M.A.N. Sunday, March 30, 2008
@ 11:26 AM Hi again
Hey Earl!! How are you doing, my friend?? As usual, your analysis is right on. I cannot believe that 6 million JW's (which is one out of every 1,000 people on the earth) can believe, and GLOAT about it, that God will kill 6 Billion people at Armageddon just because they didn't goose-step in harmony with the WT Society. I won't even go into the doctrinal issues since that's not the point here. But I see that many victims fear coming forward due to their belief that God will punish them. No normal religion would ever teach such a thing. I again urge all victims to get help and to expose those who are guilty. The WT likes to play games in court but I always stress that we outnumber them, we have more money and can outlast them, and most importantly, God is NOT on their side. He is on the side of the victims. The Internet is the "Great Equalizer" and the WT fears it very much. Being a network engineer, I can assure everyone that there are many sites that can be a source of recovery for victims. Please use them. If we all remember, the founder of this site, Bill Bowen, was DF'd for not going along with the cover-up of victims he knew about. He also started this site and was punished for it. I also was punished but doing the right thing often comes with a price. As most of you know, I lost an only child to this cult, probably forever, but I couldn't do anything else. I had to save other children although I lost my own. To Vern: You are correct about the brainwashing. They are very good at it. We all know people that we consider very intelligent, yet they were once JW's. The thing to do is to be thankful that we are now free and can help others to get free and seek treatment. Dear Robin: I'd love to see all pedophiles have to wear a sign like the old story "The Scarlet Letter". (Worth reading if you haven't already done so.)

M.A.N. Sunday, March 30, 2008
@ 11:31 AM Another point or two
Dear Me: (I know, it looks like I'm sending a message to myself.) It is good to realize that pedophiles are everywhere on earth and are not usually the bum in the park with a raincoat. Most are respected in the community and many are doctors, lawyers, clergymen (the JW elders, for example) and policemen. Most victims know the person who abused them. I hope you can keep alert and always discover who they are before they can hurt someone. Nice to see your post. I'll add more information later. Health and blessings to all. M.A.N.

M.A.N. Sunday, March 30, 2008
@ 6:07 PM Additional information
Hi to all again: I came across a few more facts that I hope will help. I haven't been to any meetings for about ten years now, so I don't always have the latest teachings. But I have my sources in Bethel and elsewhere since I lived an hour from NYC most of my 55 years up North. I urge everyone to check with Bill Bowen at for official policy, as I don't want to mislead anyone. Dear Robin: It should be the law, but I doubt if elders will ever expose known pedophiles in their midst. First of all, they are insisting to the bitter end that "Jehovah's organization is clean and no "reproach" should be brought upon his name." This might be a noble viewpoint in respecting God's name and reputation, but seeing that the WT hasn't had the faintest relationship with God or Jesus EVER, this is a hollow and hypocritical statement. The WT is only concerned with it's OWN reputation. They need new members all the time since JW's are quitting in droves. They are selling off prime real estate in NYC that I have personally toured and it is worth untold millions. Of the top 50 businesses in NYC, the WT ranks at number 40 in income. I beg the victims to constantly remember, and I always say this, that God will NOT hate you for seeking therapy or reporting abuse to the police. In most places, it is the law, and if it's not, it SHOULD be. In the next 15 years, I intend to publicly make this an issue in the news media in NYC, where I have contacts, and also in the books I am writing. The elders claim anything said to them is a "confession" and they want the "clergy confidentiality" rights that other churches enjoy. But when a pedophile meets with the 3 elders for a judgment meeting, they are NOT acting as if they were hearing a confession. They are gathering evidence to either disfellowship or clear the name of the accused pedophile. I believe that will have some bearing on your question. I think the elders would rather die (and good riddance, I'm sorry) or even go to jail rather than allow "Satan's world" to tell them what to do. It would help if you knew that most elders suffer from severe esteem problems. They usually have barely finished high school and they know that the Internet will destroy them. They also cannot compete with those of us who have higher educations or did research as we quit the WT. Their only feeling of importance is their control over helpless women and children. It might help if you knew a few statistics. According to my Psych books from college, one in six females will be molested or sexually abused in some way during their lifetime. One in three women will be attacked or abused as adults. And around 90 to 95% of abuse victims know their attacker, usually a family member, elder, or someone similar. So I hope you can see that they have every intention of keeping this as quiet as possible. I was an assistant elder (MS) for years and recognize that the elders have a "good ole boys" mentality concerning protecting each other. There have been reports of 2 elders molesting the same child and covering for each other. Just saying that makes me physically ill. I hope that when victims realize how and why the deck is stacked against them, that they will turn to God, the Bible, and whatever other spiritual things help them. You will not find any honesty in the WT or its top members. I know, because I experienced all these things when my only daughter was a victim of horrific treatment by the elders. Peace and health to everyone. M.A.N.

M.A.N. Sunday, March 30, 2008
@ 6:20 PM Another installment
To JF: I sympathize with your situation. I also blamed God and hated him and cursed his name daily for years. Many loving friends kept trying to show me that the Jehovah that the WT teaches is NOT the real God. Their God is a demon. I am still being encouraged by friends here in Florida, and especially by one very special lady who is in the field of counseling, to see things as God does. I am slowly trying to turn from my negative feelings toward God and am trying to see the joy others get who have already made it through this issue or else didn't have it arise in their life because they didn't suffer abuse. This very dear and special friend promised me that I would "see God in her eyes". She is a very caring and loving therapist and I hope someday to share the joy she wants to show me by my showing others after I find it myself. I no longer hate God. So at least I have moved from hating God. I hope someday that I can receive and enjoy the positive blessings that others enjoy. We all need to travel different roads and we do this at different speeds. But if we help each other, it will be easier and a richer experience than if we do it alone. My best wishes to you. M.A.N.

M.A.N. Sunday, March 30, 2008
@ 6:34 PM Last comment
Hi again. My pc is on its way to crashing, so I felt it was better to post these things while it still works. To JG: You are absolutely correct. The abuse had to be exposed to the public. I cannot fathom how any WT elder or governing body (GB) member could resent or fight against bringing all this out into the open. It has absolutely saved hundreds of children from being molested. It has also encouraged victims to seek therapy. There is NO defense anyone could offer from the WT to defend their conduct in hiding this issue. If they do, they are saying that they want more children to be molested. This is so wicked that it doesn't even need for anyone to quote all of the scriptures that foretell their destruction by God. But I'll leave that to Him. Again, JG, an excellent point. To Robin: It should be the law in all 50 states that if ANY adult knows of abuse and doesn't report it, or worse yet, hinders people who are trying to report it, they should be charged as criminals. The WT considers abuse to just be a "sin" and in their arrogance, they believe that they alone have the right and the knowledge to know Jehovah's mind and to handle all these cases. But as has been proven many times, abuse is not just a sin. It's a crime, the WT elders are NOT qualified or authorized to act as law enforcement people. They have no education in this field, they are hostile to the victims, and they actually are part of the crime because they cover it up. They should be in prison. Many of us hope that the WT will have the audacity to defy the court decisions now being handed down against them. It will be poetic justice to finally see them found guilty of breaking the law and being sentenced accordingly. But I remind all that they STILL will blame "Satan's system" for what happens to them and defend their disobedience. I know these men very well. I have met several of the GB personally. Their hubris knows no bounds. Someday this will all be rectified. Again, my sympathy to all of the victims. I urge anyone who needs encouragement to post on this site. In one way or another, you will receive help. Good health, joy, and peace to all of you. I've been there. M.A.N.

DJB Sunday, March 30, 2008
@ 9:51 PM Stumble??
Who says we have to stumble just because we stop associating or going to the kingdom hall with the JW's??? Who says we give up serving Jehovah God? Who says this is not like the time when Isrealities were warned when you see the armies surround Jerusalem (center of worship) flee to the mountains and when the armies left they were to flee...When the armies returned four years later the city went under seige. The conditions were horrible for those who did not listen and many paid with their lives in the city or were taken as slaves as many did not heed the warning as it is recorded for us in Daniel...but those who fled to the mountains I am sure were very glad they listened to the warning to flee. This warning is in the Matthew 24: describing the last days and what to watch for. It reads "when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation as spoken by the prophet Daniel ...standing in the holy place"(center of worship 'temple')..."let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains." What can be more disgusting than sexual abuse of children, happening at the center of worship (kingdom hall)standing in the holy place and /or by those our children meet there??? The warning in this chapter in Matthew 24 was for the last days. The days were living in. So we can expect a time when conditions in the congregation will be such we will have the flee the center of worship (the holy place)! We will not be able to practice our worship of Jehovah at the kingdom hall!!! So we have seen the disgusting thing standing the holy place (the sexual abuse of children) so we must flee figurtively. We must heed the warn it is for us...this is the only way we can protect our children...So lets do it!!!!!!!!!DJB

PCW Monday, March 31, 2008
@ 8:41 AM M.A.N. - Another Installment
Your comments are so touching. Could it be that you are receiving your blessings from the TRUE GOD through the therapist? Peace to you always.

PCW Monday, March 31, 2008
@ 9:24 AM J.G - Ever wonder about this ...
"...So, I repeat the question,'Who would even know about the child abuse problem in Jehovah's Witnesses organization had it not been for the whistle-blowers?' Sobering question, isn't it? My comment: This is true statement and excellent question. Being disfellowshipped years ago and once I "repented" could have gone back, I asked Jehovah for wisdom, low and behold, an announcement was reported on the evening news that the Jehovah Witness were in court for child abuse. I, in my thinking, assumed it was because some angry parent had went overboard with corporal punishment on the child. Went on the Internet, typed in something similar to Jehovah Witnesses Child Abuse and wala, up pops Silentlambs. I have been coming to this site every chance I get.

Kenny C Monday, March 31, 2008
@ 11:19 AM In my experience...
To Earl and JB, Thanks for the kind words and the level headedness about it. Before I was disfellowshipped for the sake of a predator in their ranks, I was already being ill-treated because of my newfound hope and even had to hear the df'ing talk on Thursday night about "partaking unworthily". That was over 15 years ago. My own behind-closed-door experience forced me to realize how things work when an upper-echelon individual is reported by a young person. Mine was a circuit overseer who was practicing spiritism right before they eyes. First off, there is a blank stoic stare from the elders involved, and then expressions of disbelief that finally escalate into condemnation. Then there is prayer or expressions of concern for the individual who is merely the messenger, as if he has done wrong. This occurs in the same sitting as the report, so their condemnatory reactions are not based on evidence examined or investigated. It is bad enough for a grown individual to have to experience such methods of guilt-purveyance , and I can barely even imagine what a child must be going through who reports this to the elders and their parents. My cousin was 11, I think, and what was told by the elder-recipient of her report to the girl's parents was "We have a problem. Either we have an elder who is a child molester or your daughter is lying." This effort of trust and bravery on the part of the abused is affectively squelched by the apprehension and suspicion toward the innocent party. Why? For the sake of organizational expedience and in order to intimidate and silence the lambs. Oftentimes, after confiding in the most trusted people in their lives, the child and their parents are afraid to even call law enforcement. Just my perception, and I think I am quite right.

Earl Monday, March 31, 2008
@ 9:15 PM Kenny and all
Yes Kenny you are quite right, you have a very good understanding of the dynamics of the Org. and how the people fear them. I also liked what DJB stated to" flee from the disgusting thing that causes desolation". As I was reading that I thought, that describes the Org. Truly a disgusting thing harboring child abusers and there is nothing that causes more desolation than for one that has been abused. Also to M.A.N. checking in with us, hope your PC doesn't crash as we appreciate your support. I too am king apostate as I have noted in other posts but as you can see I am happy with the title especially in light of my new found understanding of how the Org. defines it. It turns out that the entire world including most jw's are apostates according to their own words. According to the elders manual that only elders are privy too , here is what they say. And I expect if the average jw new this before joining they never would have joined. According to a passage in the 1991 manual titled 'Pay attention to yourselves and to all the flock" Apostates are defined as "Persons who deliberately spread and stubbornly hold to and speak about teachings contrary to Bible truth as taught by jw's are apostates. Hows that for mind control. I was talking with a jw the other day and he said he doesn't believe certain jw doctrine. I have always said the jw theology is too oppressive for most people and every jw I ever met disagreed with some of their teachings. Very few people believe all the doctrine but kind of fake it to reap its benefits. So I wonder how many jw's know that if they speak their opinion to someone about questionable doctrine that they are considered apostates. Just another secret exposed that hopefully will allow some to see that they need to be free from the hypocrisy and come and help Silentlambs and the little ones who have no voice. The good news is that the word is getting out, regardless of what jw's want to believe, the public is being warned about this pedophile sanctuary. A jw told me of late that their kids are never allowed overnight at another jw home. We may not see our efforts or they may not be believed by the rank and file but some are listening and taking heed. If we can spare one child from the pedophiles evil works it will all have been worth it. Everyone keep up the good work exposing the evil. Blessings to all

M.A.N. Tuesday, April 1, 2008
@ 6:24 PM Hi to all
To PCW: Thank you for your kind words. I think that's one of the most appealing and constructive reasons for this site to exist. Everyone, even the most shy person or a victim who suffered terrible atrocities, knows that he/she can come here for comfort and solace. And they know they don't have to fear repercussions, criticism, teasing, name- calling, or any of the other cruelties that "loyal JW's" would attempt to inflict upon them. Isn't it enough that these poor sweet children were assaulted and often scarred for life? They certainly don't need or deserve judgments on their moral character or their love for God. So often we hear or read of young children, maybe even 7 or 8 years old, being called names by the congregation AND the elders because of what happened to them. I get indescribably sick when I learn of cases where elders have blamed little girls for being "provocative", "asking for it", "you must not have cared since you allowed it more than one time", and the all-time disgusting comment, "You should have said "no" and since you didn't, it's not the elder's (or her own father's) fault. That's the way men are." Has anyone else encountered cases like this? I don't know when my first book will be completed. But I intend to obtain the services of a good lawyer right from the beginning. My book is going to name real people's names, dates, and descriptions. Here in Florida, we have a newspaper every few months that lists all the pedophiles, their pictures, addresses, real names, descriptions, and what they did to their victims. They don't play around with pedophiles down here. A teacher just got life in prison (he was about 35 years old) for two incidents of abuse. In New Jersey, where I used to live, he would have gotten one year and maybe probation. We all know pedophiles rarely, if ever, reform permanently. The WT likes to tell us that they become model "Christians" but that's not true. Again, to PCW: I'm not sure whether I'm being blessed by God or not. I have good days as well as bad, since most of you know my health situation. I will say that here in Florida, many more people are religious than where I lived in New Jersey for 50 years. So I'm hoping the abundance of religion might rub off on me. And they are very kind down here. People really care about others. It's not like the WT up north with the claims that they do good but the actions say otherwise. The therapist is one of the kindest people I have ever met in my life. I'm certain that either through talking with her about God and/or seeing the light in her eyes, that if anything or anyone could affect my beliefs, it would happen in this situation. I wish you peace also, PCW. I know you post frequently but I can't always read all of them. But I keep trying.

M.A.N. Tuesday, April 1, 2008
@ 6:37 PM To PCW
I also wanted to say to you that you make an excellent point about "who would know except for the whistle- blowers"? I would guess not that many, and not in time to save the hundreds or more that have been saved because of this site, the people who work on it, and all the posters. I'm sure we all realize that those of us who used to be JW's are aware of the price we will pay if we report the abuse or warn others. I had to pay that price myself by losing my only child in order to save hundreds in the end. At least my blood family was not in this religion. I lost a wife of 24 years and my daughter. Some lose far more. They lose siblings, both parents, grandparents, sometimes their own grown children AND their grandchildren. I know neither God nor Jesus would approve of "his religion", which the WT claims to be, inflicting this pain on anyone. Some young people in their teens or 20's, after having lost all family and hope and being evicted from their homes by their own parents, have taken their lives because they had no one and nothing to comfort them. PCW, I'm glad you found this site. Your comments are very helpful to others. To Kenny C: You are right about rank and privilege. I held many positions in the congregation and I know how the politics work. Elders are usually considered gods and no one dares question them, or else. I always urge this and will again. If victims can only be convinced that God does NOT hate them for seeking help or defying the elders, then more victims could heal. Maybe we can all try to be alert to the look in the children's eyes, whether at a meeting or anywhere else. In my case, I saw the joyful light that was always in my daughter's eyes slowly dim and then go out for good. I just didn't know why at the time, especially since this problem was not well-known at the time. If I could turn the clock back 15 years, I surely would. If we all start now and do our best, we can at least help those who are not yet victims. Agape and my best to all of you. M.A.N.

PCW Wednesday, April 2, 2008
@ 12:12 PM M.A.N.
Yes, I have been coming here for nearly three years but not as often as I'd like, or can. Each time you speak of losing your daughter and your wife, I can feel your pain and I am so sorry. You may never get your wife back the way you want her to be but one day she may come to realize her error and your daughter may break away and find you again in her heart. It may take her having a family of her own to realize her children needs to know their grandfather and she, her dad. I pray that you will heal from your loss. As I see it, you are healing in that you continue sharing your wealth of knowledge, caring and support in helping us heal on this site. Wishing you peace and strength to keep going on in caring for the silent ones, PCW.

M.A.N. Wednesday, April 2, 2008
@ 8:57 PM To PCW
To PCW: Well, I did it again. I clicked "sign guest book" when I meant to click the other button to read the comments first. If you see an empty post, that's why. I hope they catch it and delete it. Anyway. I knew you had been here awhile but I moved to Florida around that time and other things came up along the way. I think I started posting almost from the beginning so I've seen many come and go. But I'm glad you stayed because you help others very much. I appreciate your thoughts about feeling my pain. I wanted to mention that I don't tell the story to get sympathy. I know you don't believe that, but believe it or not, some people on other JW forums have accused me of that. I guess most don't know, but I divorced my wife 3 months ago in January. We were separated for 6 years already. Many wondered why the delay but all I can say was it had to do with my daughter's safety, her mental health, and some legal and financial issues. It was in the best interest of most of the involved parties to use the timetable that I did. I haven't loved my ex-wife for years. As I had to say in the court papers "the marriage was irretrievably broken". It sounds like I dropped it on the sidewalk and it broke. Anyway, my daughter is my only concern now. I had tried after the separation to mend things, but it was for my daughter's benefit. But I knew from my studies that she was better off with one "happy" parent (if you call JW's happy) than with two unhappy ones. I mean no malice toward the rank and file as I've said before, but I'm sure many people who post here have heard this. It consists of the principle that when someone sides with those who condone evil, it's difficult to love or respect them. Many mates (I'll leave it general) obviously are outraged at the WT's policies. But they still believe Jehovah is using them, so they say things like I was told,"Jehovah will remove the bad elders in his due time, but I'm not going to stop serving Jehovah". What they cannot see is that serving Jehovah (or God) is NOT the same and being part of the WT or being a JW. We all know people who serve God more faithfully to his word that are not JW's and never will be. I brought up the point that maybe God was using this site, Bill Bowen's hard work, and all of these poor shattered victims to correct this situation. I could compare it to many incidents in the OT when the prophets told the kings they were corrupt and better change or be destroyed. But the WT refuses to accept criticism from below. Therefore, I had to leave. There is no possible way that I'll grant that the GB members, most in their 80's and 90's and never married or had children or worked, can dictate to us God's love. Jesus said wisdom is proved righteous by its works. Just one question: "What is the fruitage of the WT?" I rest my case. I won't get my wife back and I don't want her back. I will hold out hope for my daughter, but it will take years, according to many experts who know the situation. I could very well be dead before she comes to her senses. She lives with her mother and all they hear at the meetings is what demonic trash all of us here on this site are. My daughter is 22 years old now but her emotional and psychological ages are much lower. She isn't capable in the near future to break away and be with me. I hope you are right about her changing her attitude. She already is losing her grandparents and others who are now in their 80's and 90's. If ten years go by without her changing, she'll lose 30 older relatives or more. If she waits 20 or 30 years more, she'll lose me. I try to heal and I am much better than even a few years ago. I mostly worried about her mental health. Since it's better, I can rest more easily. And I certainly thank you for the compliments about my helping others. I love to do it and could not have done anything else. I knew when I chose to work on this site that I'd lose my daughter. I could have kept quiet and played neutral. But I couldn't let other children suffer. Sometimes life makes you choose between the right thing and the painful thing to do. I had to do it. I hope that I am of some help to others. I better close now. My best to all and special affection and concern for the victims. Some day you will be happy again. M.A.N.

MB Wednesday, April 2, 2008
@ 9:17 PM JW Literature Swap
I keep a few pages of Anti-JW literature printed up and within reach just in case a JW drops by. I will tell them that I will gladly "swap" literature with them, agreeing to another meeting in a week to discuss each other's literature. If they do come back, I will make sure that they have indeed studied the literature I gave them, (ask them detailed questions about it, etc.) before we ever discuss theirs. By swapping literature, the WTBTS will not make the small monetary donation requested for their literature, and the JW will not get a brownie point for being rebuked. Just wanted to share this idea with those on this website. And please remember to support the Silentlambs with a donation. This is a wonderful website that has helped hundreds of victims of the malicious WTBTS. Blessings to Bill and Janet Bowen, and all the rest of the Silentlambs Volunteers!

M.A.N. Thursday, April 3, 2008
@ 11:44 AM To MB
I liked your idea about the literature. If they expect us to read theirs and pay for it, they should read OURS, and pay for it. BUT----------Their literature is full of lies and concentrates on the WT corporation. OUR literature focuses on love, Jesus, and the Bible's REAL message, not the one they teach. God, I can't believe I ever became a JW. I look back now in amazement. If I tried to analyze the reasons, I'd blow a fuse. Actually, I'd get a massive headache. LOL We all learn at different rates. Oh, they will use this, MB. "Most intelligent scientists (Sir Isaac Newton, Einstein, and others) believed in some kind of God. WE JW's have found him. Yes, make them discuss your literature first. You know darn well they won't read it. In fact, it will probably not make it back to their car, but will end up in a trash can along the way. OUR literature will expose the child abuse scandal. Theirs will deny, or say only a few cases are valid and true, and 20 other pathetic reasons that you should read their stuff and your stuff is lies. How do they know our literature contains slander and lies if they don't read it??? Can anyone help me out here?? Am I missing something? Did I sleep through my college logic classes?? I can't recall the page, but the Truth book urged all people (back in 1968) to examine their religion with honest hearts and if someone realized he didn't have the "truth", he should convert. Your request to them is to obey that advice, to examine THEIR religion, and quit if it's wrong. Will they do that?? NOT A CHANCE!!! Oh, and the donation things was precious. They won't pay for "apostate" literature. If they don't give a donation to you, then don't give one to them. Fair is fair, right? The WT once boasted (this is going back maybe 100 years) that if they ran out of money to print their material, they would take it as a sign that God wasn't with them. Well, they are selling off property right and left. The future lawsuits will break them. I'm using all the research material at my disposal to destroy them in front of the media. I will never forgive them for what they did to Bill Bowen with his family and friends. I have a lot of JW literature. That's all I need to "weave a web that they cannot escape from". And thanks for reminding me about donations to SL. I bought all the shirts, pins, videos, etc. But cash is still needed. I'll send a check to SL today. Okay, that's today's installment. As usual, my best to all of you, especially the victims. And I don't just mean the literal victim. Family members and friends of a Silent Lamb are also victims, but for different reasons and in different ways. Health and peace to all. M.A.N.

PCW Thursday, April 3, 2008
@ 1:26 PM M.A.N.
Thank you for your response. I read so much from it. There is so much wisdom and humbleness about you offer. You are a very reasonable individual. Question: What is wrong with wanting sympathy from others? Sometimes we need it to feel reassured. I especially know I do, lots of times. After all, the scriptures say we are to incite one another to love and fine works. Isn't that the purpose of this site? It is as if asking to share the strength of a stronger person, or that old pillow that I kneed and flip from one side to the other until it brings me comfort. I deeply respect the love you speak of your daughter and you are doing a most honorable thing. I believe Jehovah knows every heart and every situation and He will have the final say. In-the-mean-time, I realize you have health issues but please keep your posts coming. Wishing you peace and good will, PCW.

EVY Thursday, April 3, 2008
@ 2:02 PM Silentlambs are AFRAID TO BE HAPPY?
I found your "Silentlambs" website by chance while browsing the internet. After reading your very informative and timely articles, a gut feeling tells me it was not merely by "chance". It is a crime what some people do "in God's name", and those who cover up these horrendous abuses are in my opinion, condoning the crimes, and therefore deserving of legal action themselves. A few years ago, I met a teenager who was withdrawn and spoke very little. She never laughed. I saw long scars on both her forearms and asked her what happened. "I cut myself," was her monotone reply. When I inquired how, she said that she just cuts herself because she likes doing it. I had never heard of this kind of self abuse before. I tried to break through the barrier and reached out to give her a hug and to pat her cheek with my hand. She pulled back. Her half-sister was there with me, and I prayed to God to help and heal. Her older half-sister and I were in tears. Later, I was told that she had been abused by a very "religious" mother, and because of this, she started to cut herself to cause herself more pain. I've never seen her again, and heard that she was getting psychiatric assistance, hoping to return to school. My heart ripped inside, and I wrote a poem dedicated to all the abused children in the world: AFRAID TO BE HAPPY You remember a slapping hand. You felt an iron fist. You are a broken child never kissed. You heard words that hiss and cut and kill. The child inside you is crying still. I lift my fingers to caress your face. But an evil memory burns in it's place. You turn away from my eyes. You pull back from my touch. I hear your heart. It says so much. You are afraid to receive, afraid to give, afraid to love, afraid to live. Is the damage done beyond repair? Love tears at the cage of the pain you bear. Child of such anguish, you were sentenced by hatred. Come out of your prison to life that is sacred. Sweet peace will heal as war leaves the heart. Come here. Take my hand. Give love a chance to start. Or are you afraid to be happy for the first time in your entire life? (c) 2008 Evy Of Canada God bless your organization. I pray that all the silent lambs unite their voices and echo their message into a mighty roar. We need to do more than pray. Faith without works is dead. May all the evil "shepherds" get their just rewards. And ... if there is any mercy at all left for them - I hope that the abusers and those who thrive on controlling other people's minds will open their eyes, read how and who started their "religions" and escape from their dictators while there still is time. With love from Canada, Evy.

George Saturday, April 5, 2008
@ 7:46 AM Sick, Sick Elders
Watchtower states that there are 8 pedophile elders. The number seems to be growing. 1991 spending = $40.2 million USD, 1996 spending = $60.9 million USD, 2001 spending = $70.9 million USD, 2006 spending = $111.0 million USD, 2007 spending = $121.0 million USD. Big business and Elder pedophiles are on the march. Will the name of Jehovah continue this disgrace of a religion? Epicurean lifestyle indeed. Bible prophecy dictates that there will be hypocrites in these last days. Watchtower, please show us the right example. All we get from you is poor examples.

JF Saturday, April 5, 2008
@ 5:06 PM
After hearing about the court case in Calf. where the elders were forced to reveal names.....I was very happy and I hope this will continue. However..I do not understand why they have not be required to in the past. They have used the standard of clergy...yet in the literature and when asked they say "we have no clergy class" please explain how this can be. I know "silent lambs" knows this..has this ever been brought up in any trial...the lit- erature has their very words saying they are NOT clergy. What has happened with this??? I want to thank those who have responded to my earlier is always nice for someone to understand ones feelings. Thanks

M.A.N. Saturday, April 5, 2008
@ 7:52 PM To PCW
Thanks again for your thoughtfulness in posting your comments. Sometimes people think that (and I don't mean this as criticism whatsoever)those who have careers in counseling or a similar area, are immune to being hurt this way. I think they figure, "He/she is a professional and knows what to do." Rest assured that we cry as much as anyone else does who had a friend of family member DF'd for reporting the rape. As I once read an email from a friend of mine in the field, she said, "I am still human." I think she was trying to tell me that she had down days just like the rest of us. I don't know her really well but she has a few children. If any of them had been molested by the priest from their church, it's possible that the kind demeanor we counselors try to maintain wouldn't probably crack and our inner, soft, and vulnerable feelings would cause us untold agony. Sometimes I think I talk/type too much, but there is so much to share so others can be helped. I'm approaching the age of 60, so I am not a naive person and I think I've just about seen it all, especially concerning this vile and disgusting behavior. Yet I still learn new things every week and it is only because of what others have posted here in the guestbook. Some have considered us to be immune to pain and/or to know the right things to do in order to heal. I'm saying now that we never heal and never will. I will carry this agony to my grave, and I'm sure my daughter will also. This never goes away no matter how much therapy we attend. Some of us actually counsel others in this field and I know they die a thousand deaths every time they have to deal with it. Thank you for your comments about my love for my daughter. I appreciate your concern for my daughter. I don't really know what will happen. As you know the Watchtower is very clever, has money, and has convinced 6 million people to just follow the robot march that the leaders tell them to do. We can win because we can go on TV, use the Internet, and we have more money by far than they do. My health limits me but I can do a lot from home, the local library, and other things. I can also write a book from home. I'm sure things will work out as we help each other. Thanks again and peace to all of you. M.A.N.

PCW Tuesday, April 8, 2008
@ 10:41 AM M.A.N.
Years ago, when my oldest son was transitioning into the mid-teenage stage, he said to me "Mommy, a real man cries". I have never forgotten that statement. M.A.N., we hear your cries, we hear your worry, and we feel your sorrow and your pain, yet we see you turn these emotions into something positive, allowing us to extract strength from. Keep up your too much talking/typing and believe me, my friend, it is helping in more ways than one. As always, peace and love, PCW

PCW Tuesday, April 8, 2008
@ 10:48 AM EVY - Silentlambs are AFRAID TO BE HAPPY?
Your post was awesome, as was your poem.

Jane Tuesday, April 8, 2008
@ 7:24 PM Thanks George
I really appreciate George's comments below. He clearly states the facts of what the Jehovah Witnesses are all about. It is clearly a sickness. I am glad this group of people are being exposed in the news for their pedophile stance. We can be assured that God does not appreciate such people. The Jehovah Witnesses need to apologize and sincerely repent for this grave sin. All churches are money hungry and spend money like water. The Jehovah Witnesses are no different. Thanks George for your comments. They are below. Sick, Sick Elders Watchtower states that there are 8 pedophile elders. The number seems to be growing. 1991 spending = $40.2 million USD, 1996 spending = $60.9 million USD, 2001 spending = $70.9 million USD, 2006 spending = $111.0 million USD, 2007 spending = $121.0 million USD. Big business and Elder pedophiles are on the march. Will the name of Jehovah continue this disgrace of a religion? Epicurean lifestyle indeed. Bible prophecy dictates that there will be hypocrites in these last days. Watchtower, please show us the right example. All we get from you is poor examples.

Evy Of Canada Friday, April 11, 2008
@ 6:45 PM PCW
After reading the article on the latest court case involving the sexual assault and rape of young girls and the judge's commments when he handed this depraved sicko his sentence, I can't help but wonder how many silent lambs lives are slaughtered beyond repair, and how many criminals are finding refuge in the policies of various "church" organizations because their leadership is more concerned about what others will think of their church when crimes are discovered in their membership. For the sake of anything that is still good, truthful, honorable, pure and just in this world - I pray that organizations such as Silentlambs will continue their quest on behalf of the victims. Almighty God speed the hands of justice! Fly quickly, love, to the darkest corners of this crying world. Heal the broken hearts! with love from Canada, Evy.

Jim Monday, April 14, 2008
@ 8:12 PM Thanks Jane.
Thanks Jane for your comments below. When Watchtower leadership at the top suffers; we should not expect those below them to act any different. A sad commentary who believe that God is supporting this sick, sick religion.

man711 Tuesday, April 15, 2008
@ 9:24 AM
At least the Pope has acknowledged abuse by priests whereas the GB has tried to hide and cover up the extent of abuse in the organization. They will stand before God for their actions.

Adam Tuesday, April 15, 2008
@ 9:45 PM The Pontif acting more Christian
Why does the Pope act more Christian than the Jehovah's Witnesses? It is amazing that the religion the JW's criticize the most, is more Christian in its dealing with its problem of pedophilia. The Watchtower needs more humility in admitting their problem.

George Tuesday, April 15, 2008
@ 9:47 PM Sick, Sick Elders
Watchtower states that there are 8 pedophile elders. The number seems to be growing. 1991 spending = $40.2 million USD, 1996 spending = $60.9 million USD, 2001 spending = $70.9 million USD, 2006 spending = $111.0 million USD, 2007 spending = $121.0 million USD. Big business and Elder pedophiles are on the march. Will the name of Jehovah continue this disgrace of a religion? Epicurean lifestyle indeed. Bible prophecy dictates that there will be hypocrites in these last days. Watchtower, please show us the right example. All we get from you is poor examples.

Dave Wednesday, April 16, 2008
@ 5:33 PM JW v. Catholics. Who Wins
The Pope apologizes about its pedophile priest problem. The Jehovah's Witnesses go to court to protect elders who abuse children. Which religion is acting more Christ like?

Tina Wednesday, April 16, 2008
@ 6:12 PM
I want to know why the Kingdom Hall is not shut down. We have enough evidence to show all the child abuse. At least the Catholics will go to the authorities if they have proof of child abuse. Please stop these monsters from hurting our children.

DJB Wednesday, April 16, 2008
@ 7:59 PM To man...
I find your comments very honest...Your suffering is very evident but I do believe healing is possible. In my experience my feelings become very intense for a long while just as you describe. I feel they are in proportion to what has happened. The hurt and anger can at times seem endless (bottomless) but can be a great motivator in taking action. I try directing these intense feelings in the helping of others and is very healing whether in big or little ways everyday. Writing and talking about it and sharing as you are doing I find helps me feel not so alone...It sounds to me you have already come a long way...It is the nature of the beast we all must go through it to get to the other side and heal some what. The fight for the children and their safety and happiness is well worth all effort. As the scriptures encourage their is "more happiness in giving than in receiving." Your in my thoughts and prayers. Write your book... I wish you God speed!!!DJB

Robin Thursday, April 17, 2008
@ 12:37 PM Atten:Jane
With regards to your comment, where do the figures come from that state how much the WT has spent of court cases? (Just curious). ----------------Silentlambs Reply: Dear Robin, Check out this link from the Silentlambs Website in answer to your question.

Jorge Thursday, April 17, 2008
@ 6:30 PM Pope vs. JW's
The Pope visiting victims of clergy sex abuse ( eref=rss_topstories). Has the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society apologize to their victims of clergy sex abuse? I think not. Who is setting a more appropriate Christian example? Are Jehovah's Witnesses practicing what they preach? Is forgiveness a one-way street? The most hated by Jehovah's Witnesses are the Catholics. But, who is setting the right example?

JF Friday, April 18, 2008

Tina Friday, April 18, 2008
@ 1:27 PM
I want to know why the Catholics are the number #1 hated religion from the JWs? They need to look at their own church and do something about all the pedophiles and murders. From what I see the JWs have more child abuse cases and murder then any other religion. At least the Catholics are doing something about it. God Bless you all for supporting Silentlambs and keep posting!!!

Ron Saturday, April 19, 2008
@ 8:02 AM Jehovahs Witnesses cannot be trusted
All I have to say is the following: Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower) cannot be trusted.

Earl Sunday, April 20, 2008
@ 9:33 AM JF and others
Jf, I appreciated your honesty on the issues inside the Org. The reason I say honesty is to elucidate the problem, for example I have made jw's aware of the problem and they have seen the NBC program and they still refuse to believe there is an issue in the org..They are in my words brainwashed, as you know you are told what to believe or watch or read. My point is only a few will be able to accept the terrible abuse of children right under their nose. I think each individual in this world has many chances to step up and do the right thing, we need to ask ourselves if we are part of the problem or part of the solution. I too am fully convinced that a fellow jw has a better chance of educating another jw. If that leads to disfellowshipping so be it. In my opinion if someone is trying to stop child abuse and alerting others to the problem, then they are doing Gods work. It is not true that only jw's have Gods favor and in this situation I can honestly say that they do not have his favor and according to the Bible all will have to deal with this someday, as to if they did the right thing. Did one try to expose such evil or did they try to minimize it or conceal it. If any church or organization would remove one because of such work then I would have to question if they were the right church. Most churches encourage that type of work to protect the children, so again one would need to ask what their church is covering up and why the governing body is not taking the lead in educating the congregation as to the problem and warning the people of pedophiles in their midst, reporting an incidence to the police, forbidding molesters to go door to door when they could do other work etc. These hard questions bring me to another point that bears looking at. While reading about the Fundamentalist church in Texas where the kids have been taken for protection I came across a statement that reminded me of the jw Org. While the officials were visiting the compound a call was received from the head of the church and he told the people to co-operate with the authorities and they did while their kids were being loaded onto buses. I concluded that this group is led by one man with a lot of power while the jw's are ruled by a few old men who have the last word in any matter.. Maybe not as verbal as the Fundamentalist by equally powerful through their words through the Watchtower magazine and other books and also through the elders who have their own little private book to keep the congregation in check. So with all of this power surely the governing body could clean up the congregations as to pedophiles, murderers and such just as the old churches did to keep the congregation clean so to speak. Instead they use their power to intimidate the people and out of fear the congregation keeps silent or actually defends a convicted pedophile as one can see if they read the transcripts of the court proceedings here on Silentlambs of the pedophiles arrested. So to conclude I agree that the courts and others should do more and I believe they will as time goes on but each individual must ask themselves if they are doing all they can do to stop the abuse of the innocent voiceless Silent Lambs. We saw Jesus use righteous anger against the money changers in the church. What do you think he would have done if he knew of child abusers in his presence.??Blessing to all.:)

O.L Monday, April 21, 2008
@ 12:35 PM Please be aware
I wanted to inform Mr.Bowen and all the readers that there is a molester in the Monterey Bay, Ca congregation, and he is a Child Rapist who at the time, raped an 11 year old boy. The survivor is now 35 years old and has lived a life of pure hell. This thing is a Monster. According to the victim, he has abused two other males. Again, a molester is in the Monterey Bay area. To those who have gone through similar experiences, I truly feel for you and understand the constant fear and lack of power within yourself you may be feeling. That power was never taken away from you. It is within you. You just have to realize this fact and bring it to the top. For abuse survivors and everyone here, may a bright light filled with Love and Peace guide you through and rest your souls from the constant flashbacks and pain you feel. -RmaNay

O.L Monday, April 21, 2008
@ 9:25 PM To silentlambs
I noticed the rapist name was taken out in the last message I posted. Is this for legal purposes? --------------------------------------- Silentlambs Reply: Yes, for legal reasons, we cannot post names of molesters unless they have been convicted in court. We can post the town or congregation where molesters have been reported so as to further help protect potential victims from the perpetrators. Thank you for coming here and your interest in helping others.

P. In Dayton Ohio Monday, April 21, 2008
@ 10:58 PM I am not sure how I survived
I have no idea how I managed to survive the neglect and abuse I was put through by these horrible people! My entire childhood was a nightmare. They were supposed to protect and love me. They do not know how to do these simple tasks. Never question, never think or wonder why, be a mindless life form. No matter what you do you are wrong. Thank God in heaven I have a strong will and realized at a young age if God did not want us to ask why he would not have given us free will. This got my a@@ kicked a lot from my parents. Who did I think I was? How dare I think I was good enough to question the Elders which I always thought was odd the elders not God. (my grandfather my uncle my father) Honor your father or he will knock you around. I have seen children beaten with belts electrical cords rulers what ever the parent could use to cause the most pain, and all because the children were tired of sitting and listening to these self righteous bastards belittle and demean you. They wanted to go run and play, heaven forbid. Say you want to go to college and you get, "associate with the worldly people God does not want that." And all of the people (male and female) know who are beating their wives and children. They do not care. No matter what you do you are wrong no hope no dreams just mental crap shoved down your throat 2 hours Sunday 2 Hours Tuesday 1 hour Wednesday and 1 hour Thursday. I was beaten physically and mentally for years. This is a cult no more no less! They say those that speak against them (JW)are of Satan I think those that speak for them are of Satan! I have tried to act like none of this ever happened for most of my adult life, but it still haunts me. I can't get away from it. I don't know how to cope with the world so I just close myself off from it. Its safe here! I hope that sometime soon I will wake up and be normal!

M.A.N. Tuesday, April 22, 2008
@ 4:10 PM Hi to all
I hope everyone is doing well. There certainly have been many items in the news. To PCW: Thank you for your kind words and insight. I believe that everyone who reads a post takes something with them that will help them that will help them with their particular situation. As some of you know, my divorce became final three months ago back in January. Now I am free to pursue a new relationship. I'll just have to see where things take me. In many areas, there are social groups that meet in order to encourage ex- members. Down here they call them "meet-ups" and people who used to be JW's or were from any religion but were abused can get together for upbuilding and comforting each other. I think they can be found on Yahoo groups or something similar. I don't have the name handy right now. I did get to hear my daughter's voice for the first time in a year. I had to call my now ex-wife (I will have to get used to saying that term, it sounds odd after 30 years of marriage) over a legal issue and my daughter answered her mother's cell phone since she was driving. All I heard was "hello" then I said "Hi honey, it's Dad." She said nothing and handed the phone to her mother. I still don't know if I'm DF'd or this is their own idea. Some health things are improving and others are not. I do the best I can. Oh, a JW came to the door last Saturday. He didn't know my history. I think it was an elder. I cut off his magazine spiel and brought up the child abuse issue. He immediately said all religions have that problem. I told him I was an author and writing 2 books and my research showed the JW's to be the worst. He tried to wiggle out but I wouldn't let him. I told him that 3 adult men who barely finished high school had no business asking a female child such intimate questions. He asked me if I was suggesting that the WT abandon "theocratic procedure". I told him to show me a verse authorizing 3 men to do this. He could not. I then slowly let on that I knew JW's well, and continued attacking them. He then said "at least we don't go to war". I said "no, you don't, you kill people by letting them get abused and dying a slow death from emotional and psychological pressure. He asked what made me an expert (getting quite an attitude by now). I told him I had a degree and that my own daughter was a victim and also told him I knew more about this issue than all the elders in the country put together. He didn't like that but I think you all can assume I didn't like him either. He asked what should be done with abusers because the WT DF's them so they ARE punished. I laughed out loud and told him the OT called for their deaths and I would be more than happy to cast the first stone. A few more things were said but I won't mention them. Suffice it to say he greatly misjudged my willingness to see justice done. It also seemed that he was becoming more afraid of me by the minute. He quickly said goodbye and actually ran off to his car. I'm sure he had some story to tell on the way back to the Hall. I've already told all the neighbors why I moved here, so no JW will ever get anywhere in this area. I told my father what happened and we had a good laugh. The lesson here? DON'T LET JW'S DO THEIR OFFER. IMMEDIATELY ASK IF THEY ARE JW'S AND IF THEY SAY YES, BRING UP THE ABUSE ISSUE AND DON'T LET THEM WEASEL OUT OF IT!!! My best to all. M.A.N.

M.A.N. Tuesday, April 22, 2008
@ 4:32 PM Hi again
To PCW: Your son is a very insightful person. When he gets older, he'll see even more truth to what he told you. I would write more, but my eyes are tired from being at the computer too long. Thanks again for the encouragement. And to DJB: Writing and sharing does help ourselves and others. I think one of the biggest mistakes abuse victims made (and it's not really a mistake, more of a misconception) was to think they were the only person of maybe a very few that this terrible crime had been done to. After this site was started, one positive benefit was that victims knew they weren't alone. They also learned of a place to go to for help. Thank you for your observations. I think many people here would make good therapists. If any of you are in the position to yet choose a career, you might want to look at the field of psychology. My best to all. M.A.N.

PCW Wednesday, April 23, 2008
@ 12:45 PM P. In Dayton Ohio
Hi there, If you were in my presence, I would give you a nice hug because you have taken the first step. You would be amazed at the wisdom you have shared in expressing yourself. Welcome to your new family who are here for you. You did great.

PCW Wednesday, April 23, 2008
@ 1:01 PM M.A.N.
Hi. My heart smiled at reading that you spoke briefly to your daughter. It wasn't much, yet it was a lot, as in "less is more". As we know, WT and your ex are calling all the shots and your daughter has no say but do as she is told to do. Her picking up and answering her mother's cell phone was meant to happen. For all we know, perhaps she was waiting to hear from you. She will carry her daddy's voice around and will not forget it. When she has her private moments she will think about you and it being the last thing she can remember hearing from you. I repeat, it was meant to happen, for her to hear from her daddy. Please let us know when you get your call from her, because you will.

SGJ Thursday, April 24, 2008
@ 8:36 PM Thank you
I am 50 years old and I was raised as a JW and at 18 years old and I left home. I was "disfellowshipped" and cut off from my ENTIRE family and friends! I thank God that I was able to make it. I am still releasing myself from deep rooted "untruths" that were embedded in my mind! I have realized that the teachings from the JW's has affected my relationship with my spouse, by not trusting, I have the tendency to be over judgemental of other people who do not view things the same as I do, and the biggest untruth I had to release is that I was the blame for other people's mistakes all of which was taught in the Hall. By the grace of God and wonderful people that I have attracted in my life since I left home, I have been able to work on myself internally to erase the negative bull_____ that the JW's tried to brainwash me with. I spent numerous times and hours in the "litle room" from the age of 10 to about 16 years old where the elders took me (including my step- father who was an elder) to read to me from the Bible of how damned I was and how I was going to be punished by Jehovah because I asked too many questions and I was not a conformist. When I first left home I got pregnant and the elders summonsed me to a meeting before they disfellowhipped me to ask me how many times had I had sex and did I like it and would I do it again. You can guess that I did not answer the questions correctly because I got put out of the religion. As of the date of my comments I see JW's at the subway stop down the street from my home who knew me as a kid and when they recognize me they STILL will turn their heads with their noses in the air to totally ignore me as if they have seen who they call Satan! How ludicrous is that 40 years later they are still acting like asses! My best friend told me about this website today and it brings me GREAT JOY to know that victims of the JW cult have a place to vent! I honor you for creating this website and I send love and peace to all who were or still are victims of this brainwashing religion! I send my healing love to all of you! Peace & Blessings and break the chains for FREEDOM!

'hg' from 'atl ' Friday, April 25, 2008
@ 8:35 AM my best friend
love you 'hg'. I know you will be ok I will always be there for you. Peace and Blessings

Alex Friday, April 25, 2008
@ 10:38 AM Silentlambs and other types of victims
This website in my opinion should provide a meeting place for others who have been victims of this religion. The work that is done here is important plus there is a lot more wrong with the Watchtower society also. Thanks for your time and care. Alex

PCW Friday, April 25, 2008
@ 11:26 AM SGL - Thank You
Welcome to SL. You are in the right place. Before getting kicked out of the organization and meeting with the elders and your stepfather at 18 years, it is a shame that your honest answers to their questions got you booted out. Would rather you have lied to satisfy them? Anyway, again - welcome.

M.A.N. Friday, April 25, 2008
@ 12:36 PM Hi to all
To PCW: Thank you for your comments. Time will tell. I'll just have to wait and hope for the best. I will definitely keep you informed. To SGJ: I'm glad you survived what could have been a very tragic situation. I just watched a psychologist on YouTube who told the story of an 18 year old man who had been disfellowshipped. I won't describe how, but he committed suicide right in front of the Kingdom Hall because he couldn't live with his entire family, including his parents, not speaking to him. I simply CANNOT believe that any decent human being can defend the cruelty that this inflicts on people. If the JW's think this is "Christian", they are sadly mistaken. If Jesus keeps his promise, those who judge others without God's approval will be removed. There might be a paradise on Earth some day, but I would only call it a paradise if there were no JW's there and the WT had been completely destroyed by God. One other point: The elders asking personal questions of a female in a back room is highly inappropriate conduct, especially due to the nature of their questions. This would never be allowed in professional therapy settings. Here in Florida you can get 70 years in prison for having sex with a 16-year-old. The elders talking to you alone and asking those questions borders on abuse, in my opinion. I would love to see some elders arrested and taken out of the meeting in handcuffs because they thought they were qualified or that it was proper conduct to interrogate a female in this manner. THAT would make national news on TV. My best to all. M.A.N.

M.A.N. Sunday, April 27, 2008
@ 11:26 AM Re: SGJ's post
I just wanted to add a few points concerning what SGJ posted. I've brought this up in the past but I believe it is good to occasionally repeat it for new people or those who missed it. There is a very basic psychological concept that the WT violates in the worst way possible. That principle is that ALL HUMAN BEINGS HAVE THE RIGHT TO SELF- RESPECT, A HEALTHY SELF-ESTEEM, AND THE RIGHT NOT TO BE TAUGHT, LECTURED, CORRECTED, OR EVER BE INFLUENCED BY TOXIC PEOPLE. I put that in caps so that it would be noticed. One of the WT's most basic tools in enforcing conformity and obedience is belittling the helpless or weak, bullying all members with their supposed "power", and having the audacity to presume to speak for God when they judge people worthy of death, destruction at Armageddon, or any other threats. I have maintained in many posts that people need to step "outside of the box", so to speak, and to look at what they do concerning the JW's or how they think or allow others to speak to them. People become so used to being lectured and verbally and emotionally abused that it eventually becomes believable to them. I think if we all read the accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, no one who has an honest heart could ever conclude that Jesus meant for people to suffer these negative things in order to please God and to follow the example he set on earth. It is bad enough for organizations to behave as the WT does, but even more damage is done to innocent people because they mistakenly believe that the WT is the only "truth". And one of the largest hypocrisies is the WT criticizing other religions as "false" or "serving Satan". As a person who is interested in the mental and emotional health of all people, I find this attitude to be extremely damaging to its victims. My main point is that those who have been abused, whether still remaining JW's or not, risk developing many problems in the future due to this horrendous treatment. Abuse victims need to realize that God is NOT angry at you when you report abuse or even leave this religion because of it. This issue has gone far beyond a small or petty argument about "who has the truth". The information that this site has provided and the news that they have proven in the media to be true has established beyond all doubt that the WT is NOT God's organization. There may be good people who are still active, but the leadership and the organization are rotten to the core. It is the fear of God's displeasure that keeps many victims silent. I hope that the example that is being set here by victims who DO speak up can encourage other victims to seek comfort here and also to obtain professional assistance. It is a very heavy burden to remain a victim who believes they have no hope. All of us can help by supporting this work and being upbuilding to all who visit here. My best to all. M.A.N.

Earl Sunday, April 27, 2008
@ 11:37 AM M.A.N. and all
It is a sad commentary that someone would take their life over such rejection, but I can understand it from the point of a jw kid who has been told all of his life that only jw's are worthy to be with. It just once again proves that the org. does not practice the all important Love that jesus spoke of. I too have felt that sting of rejection from my own sister after a whole life of helping her out. I brought up the Silent Lamb story and how the Org. was not telling the truth and the fact that the org. was a member of the United Nations for nine years while calling it evil and the scarlet beast in line for destruction. Her last words were " Well I am the Org.. How does one justify cutting off all contact with someone especially a family member after so many years. I decided it was all about either severe brainwashing or mental illness, which could be one and the same. She had been calling me an apostate behind my back and that at first bothered me until I found the description of Apostate from an elders manual which basically says that anyone who disagrees with the Org. and tells another their opinion, qualifies. On the subject of your daughter I am glad you talked with her and I have recently had an experience that may encourage you. I was married at 17, divorced at 18 and had a boy I had not seen in 36 years. His mom would actually pull him out of school when the yearbook pictures would be taken so I would not be able to see what he looked like. She would have her lawyer send me letters to stop trying to contact him etc. in spite of her hostility or maybe because of it and the curiosity of a child he had wanted to meet his biological dad. He called me up recently and it was amazing how much we are alike and get along. He is flying up to see me in June. He has a lot of contempt for his mom for keeping me a big bad mystery all those years. He said a big part of him was missing and he felt some what fulfilled finally meeting me. My point is that your child too will want to know her dad in time. Kids have a miraculous sense of the truth and what is important in life. My prayers were answered when my long lost son called me of late, now we have to have some fun and make up for lost time. I believe you too will reconnect with your daughter. The separation that people and churches try to do, is truly anti-love. Peace my friend.:)

Patrick Sunday, April 27, 2008
@ 3:25 PM Jesus has spit the Jehovah's Witnesses out!
Reading and writing good things can be done by all people. However, reading, writing, and doing good separates the righteous man from the unrighteous man. Jehovah's Witnesses talk (write) a good game, but the actions of some are spoiling it for the others. When a unrighteous person (Rick McLean) uses the organization to do his illegal activity and no clergy in their church has the moral duty to call the police, then both are guilty. The Jehovah's Witnesses are obligated by the Holy Bible to "love your neighbor as yourself" (Matthew 22:36-40). How can one love his neighbor by allowing a sexual pedophile to go rampant and not call the authorities? Now this pedophile is running rampant in other areas in the United States. The Watchtower could have prevented this guy from doing his illegal activity elsewhere by having this guy thrown in jail. What a grave mistake by the Watchtower "Bible" and Tract Society (a.k.a. Jehovah's Witnesses)! Then, the Watchtower, as humiliated as they are, tell the court system in essence that they have the Bill of Rights to protect their freedom of religion. Instead of apologizing to the victims and telling their people that policies will change, they come off as smug, pompous, and unyielding to the superior authorities and state there were only 8 elders who were convicted of child abuse in 100 years of existence. I always thought Jehovah's Witnesses were law-abiding. How mistaken I was. The world is definitely changing. Is there a religion out there that will do the right thing?

Patrick Sunday, April 27, 2008
@ 3:53 PM Are Jehovah's Witnesses really showing subjection to the Superior Authorities
Romans 13:1-2 (New World Translation) state the following: "Let every soul be in subjection to the superior authorities, for there is no authority except by God; the existing authorities stand placed in their relative positions by God. Therefore he who opposes the authority has taken a stand against the arrangement of God; those who have taken a stand against it will receive judgment to themselves." The Watchtower in their court battles on pedophilia have taken a "stand against the arrangement of God" and have opposed the authority. Jehovah's Witnesses use the Bible to show people why they are right. Right now, the court system needs to start quoting scripture, such as the one above, to combat with the Jehovah's Witnesses. My religious studies and my photographic memory has definitely give me an edge when talking with the Jehovah's Witnesses. Local, federal, and state laws are put in the law books to protect its peoples. The laws on child abuse protect everyone.

M.A.N. Monday, April 28, 2008
@ 1:29 PM Re: Patrick
Patrick, you made many excellent observations. We can all think of many expressions describing how the WT behaves concerning pedophiles. "Talk is cheap." "You talk the talk but can you walk the walk?" "All say and no do." "Put your money where your mouth is." I guess we all get the point. The thing that is so hypocritical to me is that the WT is constantly patting itself on the back by printing articles bragging about its holiness, requiring JW's to repeat these brags, and reminding the world that it alone does God's will or is a righteous organization. IS IT GOD'S WILL TO SEE CHILDREN MOLESTED??? I'M ASKING YOU JW LURKERS RIGHT NOW!! ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!! Are you JW's claiming that God likes child abuse?? My research shows that JW's commit suicide at a much higher rate than the general population. And you claim to be "God's happy people"?? Happy people don't shoot themselves or overdose on poison. Happy Bethel workers don't jump out the window or off the roof. Yes, dear readers, there have actually been suicides right on Bethel property!! Did you read about them in the Watchtower magazine?? Do you think you ever will?? Not until you know what freezes over!! The WT crucified the German churches for not opposing Hitler, claiming that if the population had been told to oppose Hitler, then the Nazis would have died off. But the WT sent a message to Hitler before the war admiring his nation's actions and wishing him well. It's on the Internet. Now fast forward to today. Let's pretend that the US government didn't care about child abuse. Wouldn't true Christians be out in the street demonstrating against those who look the other way?? I know Jesus exposed all the hypocrisy and evil he saw in religions of his day. If the WT were really God's people, then they would be fighting with all their might AND MONEY to expose child abuse and to shame the authorities into doing something. Do they?? We all know the answer. It's really the authorities that hate child abuse and the WT that covers it up. Any elder with even a shred of decency should rush to court or to the police to report ANY suspected abuse. This is the law in most states. And it shouldn't take a law for decent people to act. To the WT: Where is the action?? Why don't you try shutting your lying mouths and stop printing lies about Silentlambs, apostates, saying the media is controlled by Satan and lies about you, and all the other disgusting things you do. We are symbolically calling you out in the street for an old- fashioned duel at high noon. Why don't you cowards come out of your ivory tower and meet us?? We all know why. This post is hard-hitting, but I just learned of another suicide. I'm getting quite tired of them. I know you read these posts and I've given you enough clues over the years to know who I am, as well as my JW ex-wife being able to report me. Blessings to All! M.A.N.

M.A.N. Monday, April 28, 2008
@ 1:44 PM More on Patrick's post
Patrick, you made another good point about subjection. It is the law in most states that any adult over the age of 18 must report suspected abuse. Not even convicted abuse, but just suspected. I'm willing to bet that every congregation in the world would have at least two or three men being reported and possibly a few women in every circuit. Yes, my friends, women abuse children as well. Their victims are both male and female. Here in Florida, we have had several female teachers and hundreds of male teachers convicted of child abuse. Even a female teacher having sex with a 16- year-old boy is child abuse. These teachers are being given prison sentences of 40 years up to life. That's quite serious of a crime down here, and when it's a 24-year-old teacher being convicted, that's a very long time. Now we have the WT elders. They make it as difficult as possible for the law to investigate. They hide behind legal technicalities. They have lied in court and the proof in the court documents. How can an organization that screams bloody murder if they are not allowed to go door-to-door on Sundays only then turn around and go to court to defend their right to not report known pedophiles?? The WT brags that it has been a champion for the First Amendment of free speech. But that amendment was not written to protect liars, thieves, perverts, and morally disgusting hypocrites. To the WT: How about a little more "free speech" in that you "pick up the phone and make that FREE call and use your power of SPEECH and report the perverts in your ranks?? You are fooling no one but yourselves and those ignorant enough to listen to you. We "apostates" are poisoning your well of householders more and more each day. I've warned my neighbors and am now moving on. You have been saying "the end is near" for over one hundred years. We all know you're wrong since you are NOT being used by God, but by Satan. M.A.N.

SGJ Monday, April 28, 2008
@ 9:48 PM
To P. in Dayton Ohio: YOU ARE NORMAL. Get that JW brainwashing crap out of your head! The mere fact that you left that cult and you are sharing your experience with others shows that you are normal. Just keep working the internal work to reverse what you have been told. Grant it will not happen overnight but through good friends, sharing with other as myself and possibly some counseling you will realize that it really was NEVER you! While I'am typing this e-mail to you I feel your energy and you are ready to open up and I pray that you continue on your healing path. To M.A.N: Ty for your insight and encouragement to us. You are right, how inappropriate it was to take me into a little room to discuss personal things and to tell me I was going to die when Armageddon came. And yes the people who are suppose to protect you are in on the "methodical brainwashing techniques", namely my parents. I have two sons 30 years old and 22 years old who are well-rounded, smart and ambitious young men. I vowed that once I left that cult I would never subject my kids to the unprotection that I felt as a kid. And I vowed to let them enjoy their lives as kids, teenagers and now grown men. We laugh, play, communicate and love each other unconditionally! So to P. in Dayton Ohio you can break the cycle!!!! Just continue to receive love from us former JW's, we truly understand and are not judging you, so stop judging yourself! I love you. SGJ

ME Monday, April 28, 2008
@ 10:00 PM
It's been officially announced at the start of 2009 JWs' Book Study will be shifted to the night of Theocratic Ministry School, usually a Thursday night. Though the given reason was to help people hard hit by rising car gas costs, since gas is already high and JWs must wait eight more months, one of the real reasons may be because getting the study away from homes into kingdom halls might deter some of the activities of pedophiles among JWs stalking the children.

Shelley Wednesday, April 30, 2008
@ 8:16 PM Love Patrick's comment
The logic of Patrick is astounding. Thanks Patrick for bringing those scripture to light. The Bible does state that obeying the superior authorities makes God happy. The Watchtower needs to obey the Bible more. Be more like Jesus Christ, not Satan.

Comment Friday, May 2, 2008
@ 1:47 PM This is a disgrace!
The just convicted pedophile Finnish Presiding Elder that was also on the Hospital Liaison Committee is a disgrace. It's also a disgrace - a monstrous one - that over 3,500 Elders and Ministerial Servants have now been reported to That's just the ones reported. How many more or out there? Applied worldwide it's not hard to guess we may be speaking of 10,000 little devils feeding upon Jehovah's Witness children and sometimes the public too. Watchtower Governing Body, are you a bunch of perverts too or simply stupid!

M.A.N. Friday, May 2, 2008
@ 10:52 AM Re: 'two witness rule'
THIS IS IMPORTANT!! Every few months I post these verses in order to show that the WT's "two witness rule" does NOT apply to certain sexual crimes. I certainly consider child abuse to be covered by these verses. In Deut. 22:25-27 it plainly shows that if the victim (the child) was in a situation where they could not scream, or if they did scream it would be useless, that the victim was NOT guilty. Also please notice that only the victim had to testify. It was the woman's word against the man. (Or the child's word against the child abuser.) I have repeatedly challenged the WT to defend their claim that TWO people have to witness the abuse, but they cannot explain away these verses or their obvious application to the victims of abuse. I cannot think of a more appropriate situation where these verses would apply than child abuse. A child cannot "scream". They are often alone with the abuser. And they usually cannot "scream" in the sense of telling anyone afterward, and this includes ongoing abuse over a period of time. It strikes me odd that the WT uses the OT when it suits their purpose, such as when there is no rule now against something that might have been forbidden under the Mosaic Law. But when the verses still apply ("I am Jehovah, I have not changed") then the WT feels free to ignore them. For a religion that is famous for twisting verses and plucking verses out of the air almost in support of their nonsensical beliefs, this is truly shameful conduct. The Bible warns that those who add or take away from the Bible will have their lives taken away. WT: Did you ever read THAT verse?? My best to all. M.A.N.