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A prayer for Vicki
judge goes on vacation decision postponed two weeks
The 28th marks the date the judge is supposed to rule on Vicki's case.  As you may recall Watchtower has requested legal fees for her to pay in the amount of $160,000 after the Judge ruled in her favor with a $5,000 judgement to be paid to her.  In court documents Watchtower is complaining that Vicki abused them by testifying that elders admonished her to not report her allegations of abuse to the police.  It is another case of punishing abuse survivors that try to speak out and seek justice.  Where do you think the $160,000 in legal fees came from?  World Wide Work money that is donated to and by Jehovah's Witnesses.  So if you wish to support the continued harassement and punishment of abuse survivors continue to contribute to this fund a few cents out of each dollar ultimately goes to defend child molesters.
Please send your prayers to go with Vicki today, it will be a very stressful time for her and the judge hopefully will see the injustice of what is being requested.  Vicki needs all the help she can get and your prayers can assist in that regard.

Also the CBC program that aired earlier this year will have an update;  

The show will air at 9pm. on September 3rd. Not much will be different except for the end, there should be an update on what happens today.

So Vicki may you have God's Blessing and good will as you fight the good fight for those who suffer in silence.


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