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Fantastic NEWS!!!
Silentlambs invited to RNC Conference!
I have some fantastic news from Silentlambs! We have been invited to make a presentation on Jehovahs Witnesses and child abuse to the annual RNC ( Religion Writers National Convention ).( ). I have been asked to make a presentation about the child abuse issues and why it is a problem within Jehovahs Witnesses, and then it will be open to question and answer from some of the top religious news reporters around the country. It will present a key opportunity to educate key religion writers for future press and coverage of abuse within Jehovahs Witnesses for years to come. There will also be further interaction throughout the conference with Silentlambs providing materials to interested parties for foundational information for future stories. The conference is going to be September 25-27, 2013. I have committed to attend and made reservations as this opportunity could not be passed up with the profound impact it should have. We need your help. The cost of the Hotel alone is $175.00 in addition to air travel and other expenses to get there. It is estimated to be around $1,000 to cover the trip. I have raised $500 to this point but need the balance to make air reservations and put together materials to present at the convention. If you can assist in any way or have any questions, please contact me at or you can send donations to: The importance of making this happen cannot be emphasized enough. Please put the word out and help me make this happen as it will benefit everyone in helping to get the word out on the horrific abuse problem within Jehovahs Witnesses.

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