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Your support needed Can you donate to help silentlambs continue? I was molested by my stepfather at age 11, his name is R V M. I am 42 now and have always been affected by it. I am scared he does this to others. My mother has been divorced from him 24 years now. Thank you for letting me tell. KG ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This email was sent to silentlambs in July of 2004. It is another story of a person finding their voice and no longer being a silent lamb. Each week on, a regular basis, abuse survivors and others find the silentlambs website and find education as well as closure for abuse suffered as wives and children in the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses. February of 2001 after a sleepless night a story was written called "The Day the Lambs Roared" you can read it here, This was written after getting hundreds of emails from those that had suffered abuse after only two months of being resigned as an elder. I had just found out my parents had made a video that was reconstructed by WT PR to call me a liar to the media and after a sub co had given a talk to my local congregation calling me a liar before my family that was in attendance. It was after this and many other malicious and slanderous attacks on abuse survivors that it was decided to start the silentlambs website. Its purpose would be a place for abuse survivors to speak out and see who the real liars were. Since that time over 6,000 have found their voice, for some time might be just five simple sentences as above for others it can turn into several pages to help them get it out of their head. So was and is the purpose of silentlambs that is to help abuse survivors find their voice and healing for abuse issues. It is interesting after eighteen months of Watchtower spokesman denying they prevent the reporting of child abuse, Dateline aired their program in which the Watchtower Legal Department was caught red handed on tape advising an elder to not report physical evidence of child abuse by suggesting "leaving it in Jehovah's hands" if the molester denied the allegation. That video can be viewed on the website for any that wish to see the truth of these matters but bear in mind it costs money to keep this material up for others to educate themselves. Our mission statement remains consistent to this day you may read it here, The website stands as a testament to truth and the courage of thousands that have taken back the power that was taken away when they were abused. At silentlambs we continue the work of education and helping those in need. We need your help. The operating costs of the website, offices, telephone, as well as participating in conferences is a constant factor that must be met. The silentlambs office and telephone alone represents a cost of close to $500 per month. This year we have sponsored and participated in three major events that represent a cost of thousands of dollars to attend as well as assist others to be there as well. We currently want to move forward with abuse education material that can help protect thousands of children from abuse. We cannot do this without your support and we need that support on a regular basis. The silentlambs organization has never directly asked for funds and has had the quiet support of those in the background, we now realize that to accomplish more we need to make financial needs known. Please consider making a regular donation on a monthly basis, even $20 per month could be of great assistance if a few did this on a regular basis. The link to set this up is here, From time to time we will resend this email as a reminder especially when support is needed. We appreciate your past support and hope this reminder can help the work of silentlambs to continue.

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