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Can you help us this year?
Silentlambs wishes for everyone a happy 2014 as we close out this year. Next year will mark fifteen years of public service to thousands of victims of abuse around the world. Silentlambs manages two hotlines and each week directs help and healing to the many that contact our organization. The only way for Silentlambs to continue is through your tax deductible donations to keep the lights on and the website operational. When you are considering a worthwhile charity to support please consider giving your financial support to Silentlambs. We have a donation page listed here ( that offers a variety of ways to make your donation. Some have considered making a regular monthly bank draft so that they can give on a regular basis; others make an annual donation all at once. Whatever you decide remember each dollar you donate to Silentlambs goes to support victims and no salaries are drawn. Many times we are asked how can you make a difference, well this is one way you can directly help those that need assistance. The more assets we have to offer the more resources we can help survivors and victims with. Silentlambs is the first and the oldest 501 C 3 non-profit organization to speak out for victims of Jehovahs Witnesses. In our fifteen-year history it is estimated that over $50 million in settlements have been made to victims of abuse due to our support and efforts legally. If you have contributed to Silentlambs you have been part of that effort making a difference in the lives of so many. As one abuse survivor once told me, Your actions protect children you will never meet. Do you wish to protect children you will never meet? Then please this holiday season consider making your tax-deductible donation to Silentlambs.

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