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Vicky Boer
Vicky Boer Trial decision postponed.
I spoke with Vicky this morning and the decision by the judge has been postponed for thirty more days. This is difficult for the Boer family as this now means ten months of waiting for a decision that was supposed to come around the first of the year. For an abuse survivor this could qualify as cruel and unusual punishment. There seem to be certain assurances with this latest extension that an decision will be made for sure before the end of June. My heart goes out to Vicky for bravely standing before the court and speaking about her abuse in an effort to protect children. Her effort and courage in speaking out gives hope to thousands that are afraid to do so. I am honored to know her and for the reasons above Vicky is a silentlambs "courage award" recipient. This has been a difficult time for her and her family, if you would like to send a note of appreciation, or just a kind thought to them, please email to silentlambs and we will be sure they get it. As in all things a kind word of prayer for comfort or assistance would be appreciated if you feel you can do so. Thank you Vicky, when you win this you are sending forth a shot that will be heard around the world. silentlambs

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