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After reading all the posts regarding the letter from my sister ... I am getting up the courage to give the name of my ex husband and the congregation where this happened and the congregation he is attending now, in Queens, N.Y. One of you said "prevention" and that word smacked me in my face!! Right now my ex is remarried and has a little girl around three years old (my daughter had a flashback of when she was around four) I know I have been afraid to give his name and the story to the press due to fear of being df'd. But I now realize that being silent can never protect this little girl. I've been told it's not up to me, it's her mothers responsibility, NO it's all of our responsibility, if we have proof that this child is living with a child molester. I am not worried about being sued for slander, because it is the truth and he confessed to it. I just have to take baby steps, posting on H20 was my first step, then the letter from my sister, soon I will post the letter from my daughter to the elders and her abuser. I can feel my courage building, thanks to all of you...



XXXXX is a victim in that she feels that she needs my parents to help support her. These two people have no voice. They are scared little lambs. What I want to know, is there a way to do this SILENTLY...not expose the victims? No names, just real case scenarios...



I also know of a friend whose son was molested when he was about 10. That was 12 years ago. He has subsequently left the truth.



Although I live the other side the world I would still like to do something about exposing child predators. Being a former witness and having gone through abuse at the hands of a "ministerial servant" I would like to know what I can legally do about exposing this man. He has continued to abuse and something must be done to stop this man.



I met a brother from the kingdom hall. He was 23. I was 16. He would get drunk and do things with me. I let him do it because I "loved" him and thought he loved me. Later I found out he used me.



"Janna was raised a JW for 16 years, molested by her step-grandfather, disfellowshipped at 16. He was a JW. Elders did nothing. She says many others in congregation besides her were molested, including Janna's siblings.



What I mean by this is when my mom was told what had occurred, her remark was that I was making it up. No action was taken or questions asked. At the age of 5,I was left feeling alone and unprotected and not to mentioned scared.



My Ex-husband molested my younger sister when she was the age of nine. (she is now in her early thirties). This went on secretly for many years. I had no clue. I finally SAW things that were not supposed to be, and I abided by the rules and informed the Elders.

I was the one who was ousted, and it was because I "told."

It has been TWELVE years now, and FINALLY the truth has been revealed. The heartbreaking thing about my story is that at the time that I "told," I had a beautiful three year old daughter. With all the support and the legal department of the WT, I stood no chance, and my little one was ripped out from my loving protective arms and handed over to a pedophile.

The pedophile, went on to appear to succeed, he had much support from the Organization, he even grew in his spirituality and was given the title of Elder! Meanwhile, I was outcast, my own family, disowned me and said that I was the one in the wrong, and they even stood by him! It was not until my "secret" was revealed by an innocent party, did the truth finally come out. My little sister is now in her early 30's, she is emotional about the whole thing, because she KNEW at the time that they took my little one and gave her to her father, that they were handing a little lamb to a PEDOPHILE!

She still lives in fear of being outcast, and risks the hurt all over again, if she ever does speak out. Sad to say, she remains a victim. I feel I can SPEAK OUT for her. What was done to her was not right, it was covered up by the Elders, and when she did attempt to get closure, she was told that she lied. Ironically, she is still a member of that Organization. On the brighter side, I can't help what was done, I was totally in the dark at the time that it was all happening, and I now have custody of my beautiful daughter, who is now 15 years old.

People... I cried for help for twelve years... I was a SILENTLAMB, because once they disfellowship you, you are then labeled as unclean and unfit for God's Organization... You are then cut off and no one will hear you because you are now what they label as an Apostate!

I never dreamed I would get the chance to VOICE this horrific problem. Sometimes one just has to wait in order to get the right help... I believe now that light is shown on this, the WT Organization will have no other choice but to show it's TRUE COLORS...if they are about God and truth, then they will change their crazy policies...if they are just another religious affiliation that keeps [followers] in fear to keep the contributions coming, then maybe God will have mercy on their "Blind leading the blind" efforts.

You know what hurt children grow up to be? Hurt adults...and by that time, not too many people understand that the reason they hurt as adults, is because they were hurt as children...

I, for one, will not rest until the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society comes forward and explains the TRUTH, that justice will be done, and from this point on, at any time a person is accused of molesting anyone, and especially a child, then the authorities MUST BE NOTIFIED, and it MUST BE HANDLED BY THE AUTHORITIES, AND NOT BY THE WATCHTOWER SOCIETY.

Time to wake up!! This is a real problem, and no person has the right to hurt children. To have an Organization stand behind one who hurts children is even SICKER!

I was at my midnight hour with this...So, NEVER give up, anyone who is hurting because of abuse, DON'T GIVE UP..Get help! You are not alone!



I was raised third generation in the WTBS. My father developed schizo-affective disorder before I was born. He was extremely paranoid, had a larger than normal J-W persecution complex, and decided he was of the anointed the year I got baptized (at age 12) because he was competing with me in his own warped way.

Before age 12 I was molested on a daily basis. It was done in a ritualistic way, ending in prayer and sometimes having my toys burned for demonism. Always I was the one who 'called the demons' and caused my father to do these things. I was told to stay quiet and my sister would escape the same fate.  ...what I did not know until years later was that he was abusing her also and telling her that she should be quiet and obedient like me!

She grew up hating me because she thought I was cooperating with him! I thought I was protecting her. Once I sat in the living room and my mother was in her chair reading a romance novel, while my sister was in the locked bedroom with dad, screaming her head off.

My mother said simply, "if she would just cooperate she would get it over with..." yet my mother denies ever having any knowledge of the abuse.  My father was finally disfellowshipped when he ran off with another woman, but he has been reinstated since. In fact he now qualifies his subsequent remarriage to the woman he committed adultery with by claiming my mother and her best friend of 50 years are lesbians!

It is a sick claim. One of his stepsons killed himself and the other one is gay. His wife has never 'come into the truth', yet he is still in good standing and partakes every Memorial.  My mother is an old woman now, he devastated her, destroyed her. My sister is also schizo-affective.

I walked away from WTBS, never did anything to be disfellowshipped for ... I was a regular pioneer for 15 years when I walked away. The last year I was 'in' I saw 2 suicides and one murder (my good friend was beaten by her husband and she had an unknown heart condition-she died within 6 months of the last severe beating, never seeing her 3 babies again because the elders condemned her for leaving him and he kept the children with their blessing...)

In my 34 years I saw everything there was to see. I sat on Freddie Franz's lap as a child... I did my piano lessons on the Bethel piano, I served as a Pioneer from Georgia to California to Idaho to Vermont... I knew the Governing Body members personally. My conscience was saturated. I had to walk away or die myself. I spent 6 years in therapy-secretly-when I was still 'in'.

It was not any outside influence that took me out, it was WTBS who took me out. They did it themselves. Now the 'love' I had is replaced with a hate just as strong. I hate what is bad. It is hard not to be bitter.



I would like to briefly summarize my experience as a victim of molestation as a child. The difference from other molested victims is that it happened to me as one of Jehovah's Witnesses(JW). Most of the rapes/molestations occurred by a Jehovah's Witness elder who incidentally also happened to be my father's good and trusted friend. The sexual assaults started at age four and continued until I was eleven. The perpetrator is presently a JW in "good standing" which means he is accepted by JW's and he can preach from door-to-door without hindrance.


Not so long ago, I attempted to resolve this situation in accordance to JW policy, which meant approaching JW elders who would exercise justice and fairness as outlined in the Bible. Instead, these group of men did everything they could in order to cover-up and dismiss the serious crimes against me. It became apparent to me that these Watchtower representatives were only interested in protecting the organization and cared little about my individual circumstance. This came to a head when one elder told me, "never repeat what happened to you (the numerous molestations), or you will be disfellowshipped (excommunicated)."

I am now relieved that I did not maintain silence and went to law enforcement officials so that these sex crimes would be made known and would cease. I finally at the age of 19 related these sex crimes a peace officer who also happened to be one of JWs. I had come to "my wits end," in that another JW elder had molested me from age twelve to sixteen. This is what prompted me to divulge to proper authorities what was occurring to me in the present and what had happened to me in my childhood. Little did I realize how calculated the organization would be in encapsulating and deflecting the responsibility in this matter. In one judicial meeting, I was appalled because my parents were verbally attacked and later ostracized for not going along with the "code of silence" adhered to among JWs.

Meanwhile, the child molester, for months continued to evangelize, preach from the platform at the Kingdom Hall, and enjoy "special privileges" as an ordained JW minister. Finally, in 1998 he was forced to appear before a jury in a superior court to answer for his crimes. That jury unanimously convicted him on two counts of child rape and two counts of child molestation. This trial could have been avoided if he had truthfully confessed to his crimes against me and accepted the plea bargain offered to him by the state. However, the pedophile hired a private attorney and lost; he was convicted and later sentenced to eleven and a half years to State Prison. Interestingly, by the time he was sentenced he was reinstated as a JW member in good standing so that he could escort his daughter at her wedding in a Kingdom Hall of JW (a privilege reserved for approved JW's). At the trial, the pedophile's side of the courtroom was filled with JW's who were in support of him. On my side, only three sat. During this time period, two other JW victims came forward, but it would be ineffectual as far as the trial was concerned because of the statutes of limitations pertaining to them. At the sentencing three elders stood up to plead for mercy in his behalf along with nine other fellow witnesses. The judge just shook his head in disgust. When the judge sentenced him to eleven and a half years, a pioneer sister yelled slut and whore at me across the courtroom. I have to wonder what part of the "spiritual paradise" I was experiencing at this point.

Sadly this is not the end of it, recently, the pedophile was prematurely released from state prison due to a technicality; a technicality favors a new trial. This is not because there was insufficient evidence, but that jury selection was tampered with. (My case is not the only one up for retrial, but many others in that time frame.) This means I now have to go back through my entire testimony all over again. To go through this ordeal again is extremely traumatic for me. But if this prevents him from continuing his pattern of sexual abuse, it is all worth it. If any of this that I have related seems embellished, please access court transcripts that will verify my account in xxxx County Superior Court in xxxxxxx. My hope is that another JW involved in a similar situation will find my experience helpful and a stepping stone to do whatever is in their power for true justice.


My sister has given me permission to post this letter that she wrote and gave to the elders, exposing her sexual abuser.

"To the elders of the Kingdom Hall, I have asked my sister_____to pass this letter on to you for me. I know that my sister has told you the story regarding my brother-in-law___but I would like to tell you personally since I do not know what (my bro. in law) has said to you since he is a manipulative person and liar. For many years beginning at approx. age 8-that I can remember, my bro. in law molested me. I was very close to my sister and slept over her house almost every weekend. I would wake at night to find my bro. in law standing over me in the bed. He would tell me that he was covering me or that I had a bad dream and that he came in because I was talking in my sleep.

This went on for a while until one night I woke up and he had his hand under my nightshirt. He had gotten nervous and said he was covering me. When I realized what was going on I would wrap myself in my covers while I slept there and never fully fall asleep. When he would come near me I would yawn or turn over or something to let him know I wasn't in a deep sleep and he would go into his room.

I never wanted to tell (my sister) because I was afraid too, I loved her so much that I couldn't believe my own bro. in law could be doing this to me. There were so many occasions that he touched me during the night and I would wake up. During this time of abuse I was having very bad nightmares because of this and my parents did not know why. They spent thousands of dollars bringing me to doctors and psychiatrists to find out why I was having nightmares and excruciating headaches at such a young age. I even had a brain scan because the doctor thought I may have had a brain tumor.

Through all of this I never told anyone including "The best" psychiatrists about what was wrong. I blocked it all out and suffered in silence. My brother in law is a typical child molester, very manipulating, almost putting you under a trance, buying gifts, etc. Many years later my niece______ran away and came to live with me and my family. She was almost 18years old at the time. (my bro in law) came pounding on my door cursing and screaming that she was to come home.

(My niece) locked herself in my bedroom. My husband made (my bro. in law) leave our house because she broke down and told me that (my bro. in law) had been molesting her since she was a little girl and she wasn't going to take it anymore. Everything she described to me was what I had went through. We cried together for hours. Even now when we get together we talk about what happened to us. There have been many long tearful nights between us. We can talk to each other better than anyone else because we lived the same life and have many-all of the same problems today. So called after-effects. We both feel that the boys were molested........ I have been through it so I know its possible not to tell anyone.

Because of him (my bro in law) I had brain scans, x-rays, electrodes attached to my head and many different medications. My poor dad spent so much money because of him and both my parents suffered with worry and fear. Also because of him my three little girls never got to their Aunt, because I wouldn't let them sleep over my sisters house. (my sister) didn't know at the time so I would continually make up excuses of why they couldn't stay there. I believe with all my heart that if given the opportunity he would have molested my children. For years I put up with self righteous preaching all the while thinking how could you (my bro. in law) preach to me you filthy child molester!

He used to tell me that I wouldn't go to Paradise because I wasn't a witness! Imagine God letting him go and not me! My God would never do that. He has nerve going door to door. That alone proves that he is a sick man. He has no shame what so ever. He should never be allowed to spread the "good news" because he is a filthy pig with no morals. He doesn't deserve to hold a Bile in his hands. He had ruined many lives worst of all his own children.

Sincerely ------ ----- (I also have a letter to the elders from my daughter--but even with these two separate victims their sexual abuser, a MS, was never disfellowshipped)



When my sister's story was of the Elders in the Congregation stated to her..."What is the big deal? It's not like you were raped or anything!" That statement, only added MORE hurt to a child that is already hurting too much...


As a child I was also molested by a close blood relative so I can relate. The org doesn't really care about us. I have since left the org. I still have a friend in the "truth" who has told the elders about how her father and brother molested her and the brothers didn't do a thing but ask him if it was true. As soon as this molester told them no, they just ended it there. What a disgrace!!! He continues as a brother in good standing. There are two different set of rules in the org. All I know is that when it come to something like this it is swept under the rug and that is the truth!!!!!!!!!



I was a witness for six years. At the last congregation I was in, I was very excited to meet a family whom I thought would be such "good association" for my children. My kids would sleep over at their house and vise versa. Anyways, one day their daughter spent the night at my house. The next few days my daughter (the same age) acted really strange but I didn't think anything about it. Then a few weeks passed and she came to me (she was 9 years old) and cried, "Mommy, I think I'm pregnant!" I couldn't believe my ears. I said, "How can you be pregnant when you're only nine?" She said, "Mommy XXX (the other nine year old girl) got me pregnant! I said, "A girl cannot get a girl pregnant." She said, "Look at my tummy - it's getting bigger!" So I sat her down and asked her to tell me what was making her think this. She told me that the other little girl was kissing her with her tongue when she spent the night.

When I probed further, she said the little girl had fondled her vaginal area as well and tried to stick her finger in her vagina. I was appalled. Immediately, I was angry at the little girl and addressed it with her parents. But the parents acted really weird and said it was just "kids playing around." I said, "No! She had to learn this from somebody!" They wouldn't address it so I went to the elders. I said, "My little girl was violated by XXX. The parents refuse to address it. I believe they are afraid that somebody might discover something about their daughter. What I want to know is 'HOW DID SHE LEARN TO DO WHAT SHE WAS DOING TO MY DAUGHTER?" I said, "I believe she may be being molested." The elder stopped me cold. He said to me, "NEVER EVER EVER SAY THE WORD 'MOLESTED' IN A KINGDOM HALL ABOUT ANY WITNESS - EVER!"

For weeks I pressed the elders to get to the bottom of it. They NEVER DID A THING! They told me they asked the father and he told them his daughter had learned it by "watching videos on MTV." The elders bought this lame excuse. They NEVER investigated it further. As a mother, I know in my heart of hearts that they were HIDING something. I KNOW IT!

The elders counseled me to drop it and they told me that I was to blame because I should have told my nine year old daughter a long time ago how babies were made. It disgusts me to even think about it!


I was raised a JW. When I was 14 I was raped by my stepbrother. My mother and stepfather said it was my fault. He did get df'd, but was reinstated. I left the WT 16 yrs ago. I was df'd. I cannot see my family now. But this man gets to be apart of the family. They even go on vacation together. And since they did not turn this man in to the law he went on to molest my 11 year sister. But since has gotten reinstated for the second time.


I was raised one of Jehovah's Witnesses. My father plays a leading role in the congregation. I personally believed the doctrines and was a zealous preacher. I had ambitions and goals to spend my life serving God as a JW. Around the age of 20 I took a small college coarse and began employment as a Nurse Assistant. I began living with another family within the church as I was having conflict with my step-mom at home. This new family was newly converted to the JW faith so I would give them assistance when studying the Bible and I also aided with the care of their 2 young children. However shocking abuse began erupting in the household. I reported numerous incidence to the congregation elders and also to my father who was part of a different congregation now. The response was difficult to bear. I was instructed not to go to the police. They read me scriptures from the Bible and told me that God wanted me to Forgive these Mistakes. Though the abuser didn't express remorse I followed the direction I was given. The abuse continued. Also at that time I began rendering aid to and elderly member of the congregation who was diagnosed as having Alzheimer's. I assisted greatly with his care for about 3 years-till his death.

Many in the congregation expressed appreciation for the work I was doing for this man and I received a lot of support and made a lot of friends. Despite the church's backing, I was still having difficulty over the fact the abusive situation was not being dealt with. It troubled me, and I voiced my concerns a few times to the leaders privately. They acted helpless. The abuse escalated to the point I sincerely felt my life was in jeopardy, so I moved to live with an elderly woman who was a JW. She was a very kind 90 year old. I assisted her around the house while nurses attended to her personal care. We became good friends and she could trust me with her belongings. As a result of my work with the elderly members of the church, I received a lot of backing. However, because I still was raising concerns over the abuse I had escaped from, the elders began to view me as a threat. Because I could not keep quiet I was disfellowshipped from the Organization. The leaders began to spread gross lies about me. The organization began to "shun" me as I was now condemned -and must therefore be "hated" as I am now an enemy of Jehovah God. The leaders told the elderly woman I was living with to no longer pray with me, in fact that she should kick me out of the house if she were to remain in good standing with the church. She thought the whole situation was "crazy" and said she would continue to speak with me.

My parents provided no support to me whatsoever. In fact they took the side of the church leaders and sought out to obtain a police restraining order preventing me from attending the Church and their place of residence. They told the police that I was emotionally disturbed and that I had been making death threats to members of the church. And after they told ME not to go to the police. The wife of the elderly man I was assisting with care wanted me to continue, despite the fact I was now disfellowshipped and technically she could be kicked out for just talking to me. I moved out of the house of the elderly woman, so as not to make complications for her. But because the church was neglecting her, on a few occasions she had to phone me to make her a meal. These occurrences made an impression on me and I began doubting for the first time that this was God's true Organization of Love

I am asking for your assistance in making this public. Are you able to put this into the hands of someone who can help? Innocent blood cries out for justice. This organization needs to accept responsibility for it's actions. There are a lot of hurting people-x-members-and families that have been smashed to pieces by this Organization. This is a legitimate case. Documentation and eyewitnesses can be provided. This case is real and strong enough that if it went public it could silence the boastful claims of Jehovah's Witness members.


I am 32 years of age. I suffered sexual molestation at the hands of my step-father from age 4 to age 14. I grew up as a Jehovah's Witness. I have been living in fear, pain and sadness for 15 years, afraid to tell my story, afraid to go up against that religion, afraid that no one would believe my story. Only now after realizing the enormity of the problem and the fact that I am not alone do I have the courage and strength to face this. I am married, with 2 children, have a college degree, and though I live a "normal" life now, I am still haunted by the ghosts of being molested as a child. I still cannot process how a religion that claims to stand for God can allow these atrocities to go on and cover them up. My story begins in ---------congregation at the age of 4. At the time there were two Kingdom Halls, North and South. I attended the South Hall. I was sexually, mentally and physically abused by my step-father until I finally about had a mental breakdown at the age of 14. During the abuse, (yes my mother knew) my parents told the elders that I had emotional and discipline problems, they used the elders to constantly "counsel me" or more like scare me into submission by saying this is what Jehovah wants. my parents told the elders that I would make up stories, lie and other things to try and make them look bad. I now know they were trying to destroy my credibility in case I ever told of the abuse.

I finally confronted my mother about being molested by my step father, she told me that I should feel sorry for my step father because he had a bad childhood and didn't mean to do those things. She told me that Jehovah wanted me to forgive him and go on. When this was finally brought to the attention to the body of elders with my step father admitting to doing something improper, I to was counseled by the elders there were 3 or 4 of them and I was by myself. They told me that I would bring reproach on Jehovah and the congregation if I did not get a grip on my emotions and forgive my step father. They told me that if I continued to "act out or show anger" they would disfellowship me. When I asked what they were going to do to my step father, they said "he has repented of his sins and has ask Jehovah for forgiveness and now we must do the same, forgive him and go on" Shortly thereafter an announcement was read to the congregation that he had been reproved but no one was told the reason why. Due to the abuse, I tried to kill myself several times as a child, in order to elicit support from the elders and the congregation my parents used this to say what a troubled problem child I was and they just didn't know what to do with me. They would then ask everyone to please pray that Jehovah would help them deal with me, unfortunately they failed to mention the reason for my problems.

I could not talk to anyone outside the organization. The "outside world" was off limits, they were pagan and would fill my head with pagan things. Once I ran away to a friends house (a non JW) they called her parents and told them that I had mental problems and not to listen to me, my stepdad came and took me home and locked me in my room for days. To this day 15 years later, my mother stills says "oh my you are just over-reacting it wasn't like that". My stepdad has admitted to my two sisters that the sexual abuse took place however we were not allowed to tell my brother.

This organization has a problem that needs to be exposed to everyone everywhere for what is taking place.....people need to know what they are getting into and the people like my family who are still there need to realize something is wrong, and the child molesters need to pay for what they have done to all these children... I know that "vengeance is the Lord's" but the Lord doesn't want these abuses against children to continue and He does not expect me not to be repaid with something for my childhood being ripped away from me. I have got to do something. I feel guilty about holding it in this lon g.... I thought I was the only for all the victims that followed me I'm sorry I should have done something. I was and still am scared, but I'm willing to go the distance to expose the real truth of the pain that exists within this organization.


I was brought up as a Jehovah's Witness in a small fishing town in southern Alaska. When I was 6 years old a little boy a bit younger than me was killed by falling down and hitting his head on a rock, at least this is what everyone was told.

A couple of years ago I had the realization that he had not fallen down and hit his head, his stepfather had killed him. After his death, I often went over to the family's house and spent the night. I remember that the children were very abused. The stepfather made his two stepchildren take care of his entire farm. The whole congregation knew of this and did nothing about it. I remember the stepfather often making sexual comments to the daughter and also to me when I was between 10-11 yrs old.

I also learned many sexual things from other children in the congregation starting at 4 yrs of age. The only way that these children could have known such things at so young of an age is if someone had taught them. I had sexual experiences with three different girls in my congregation between the ages of 4-8. Where did these girls learn such sexually explicit things? This was not normal childhood experimentation.

I talked to my father about my realization that the boy had been murdered by his stepfather. He told me that he knew he had. In fact the boy's family knew he had been murdered. The older brother actually witnessed the murder. I asked him why didn't anyone do anything and he didn't have an answer.


She was a fine sister with a history that went back six generations with Jehovah's Witnesses. Her family boasted well over 100 JW family members, many of which had high station within the Organization. This proud heritage was marred by another fact in the family's history this sister had not disclosed. She was a part of the fourth generation in her family to be molested by her great grandfather. After living many years in fear, when she turned fifteen she finally summoned the courage to do something about it. As any Jehovah's Witness knows the only option is to ask direction from the Body Of Elders. She told her father first and then later the elders, everything, a sordid story of molestation that went on for several years. Several other members of the family came forward with their accounts of being molested by this same man who was now in his nineties.

What would the elders do? Would they protect the flock? Would they move quickly to expose this horror to the authorities to bring this lifetime of sick deviancy to justice? What loving assistance would be given to the victims of child molestation?

In the end the answers to these questions were so wrong and so disgusting, its bears repeating to let the public know what kind of "justice" will often be extended to victims of molestation within Jehovah's Witnesses. The events proceeded as follows:

The sexual deviate was asked, "Did you do it?" To which he replied, "No." He was then free to go. The victims who were interviewed by an investigative two elders who asked the victims, "Did you have a witness to the event of molestation?" To which they replied, "No." As is common in most cases of child molestation other people are generally not asked to watch. The Body Of Elders then basically told the victims, "According to the Biblical principle found at Mt. 18:16, since you do not have "two witnesses" to each event, we do not have a basis to act judicially. It is basically your word against his and as a result, you must view him as an innocent man. In the event you choose to discuss this with anyone, it could be considered slander of the "good" name of this man resulting in possible disfellowshipment from the congregation. Finally, not one word was mentioned regarding the right to report the matter to the authorities. Our sister, who had the great courage to come forward and expose the deviate, was informed that the elders wanted to meet with her. When she arrived for the meeting it was found the elders believed what she had stated to be true.

How did she know? A Judicial Committee had been set up to deal with the facts she had "confessed" to. Though she was a child at the time, she was charged with sexual misconduct and reproved by the Judicial Committee. In addition, she was placed on full restrictions, which in turn would make a statement to the congregation that she had been dealt with by a Judicial Committee. This statement would imply to all her friends and family that she had done something to break God's law. Our sister was reproved for being molested and to add insult to injury she was not allowed to discuss the matter with anyone in the congregation to protect the "good" reputation of the pedophile. How many children this man molested in his ninety some odd years will never be actually known. Those who know of the matter suggest an estimate of at least 50-100 victims. When great grandfather passed away, it is interesting to note he died as a patriarch among the Witnesses, with over 300 attending his funeral and mourning this fine example in Christian living. He was never reported to the police, protected by the elders and his victims live as silentlambs, terrorized by the sanctions of misguided men who use Watchtower Policy to help criminals to escape justice.

Our sister, is still a sister, she no longer attends meetings or serves as an active member of Jehovah's Witnesses. Her reasons are simple. You see she now has a child and wishes to never allow her child to be exposed to an Organization that protects and hides the identity of child molesters from its members. To protect her child from being molested she feels she is far safer being outside of the Organization.

Can you blame Her?  So sad a story, yet one that has been repeated hundreds of times by elders who use Watchtower Policy to hurt children while protecting the "image" of Jehovah's Witnesses.

TB told to silentlambs

As a lifelong, fourth generation Jehovah's Witness, I have no direct, personal knowledge of any incident of child molestation with the organization. However, I personally have been given warnings on two separate occasions by two different elders. In one instance, my wife's brother, an elder who had sat on many judicial committees and appeals committees, advised my wife and me never to trust ANYONE, even a witness in good standing or a witness family member, to EVER be alone with either of our two small children.

On another occasion, my brother, who is an elder, learned that our teenage daughter was spending the night with a witness friend of hers whose grandparents lived in the same home. He informed my wife and me that the friend's grandfather, himself a longtime elder, was a pedophile. If not for the previous advice and the fact that this comment came from my own fleshly brother whom I trust completely, I would have been doubtful of the information. File this entry under "For What It's Worth," please.


For six years I was in relationship with a young woman who was sexually abused in a satanic ritual manner by a married couple who were Jehovah's Witnesses special pioneers. This abuse took place while she was between the ages of 8 and 14. The abuse was so severe that she developed multiple personality disorder. She had as many as 110 alternate personalities, and it took over 12 years of therapy to put her back together. She almost died on more than one occasion when a suicidal alternate personality tried to end their suffering.

At the time this abuse was taking place, the elders of the congregation - untrained in any way to spot child or spousal abuse - spent their time harassing the young people in the congregation about the "evils" of going to a local roller skating rink. And all this while, this helpless little girl was being forced into full sexual relations with a grown man and woman, special pioneers of Jehovah's Witnesses.


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