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Our Thoughts

British Apostasy!

Sep 6, 2001 23:35

After reviewing the British BOE letters posted here, a painful truth seems to be evident. The British brothers are apostate. We tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, but can no longer cover for them anymore. The BOE letters from Britain clearly show as far back as 1992 the brothers there chose to encourage the witnesses in England to go to the police first on child molestation issues.

While this is a much better and proper choice, it is in direct conflict with USA WT policy which has yet to offer that directive. It appears the British brothers were not willing to "wait on Jehovah" while thousands of children were molested as here in the USA . They run ahead of God's arrangement and did not wait on the Governing Body to develop "new light" for the children.

While it is true children in England were protected better, it becomes a non-issue when considering apostate thinking. We can be thankful the 6-1-01 UK BOE letter sent from WT legal in the USA has finally put things right in Britain . If you read that letter you will note not one mention of "Caesar" and the troubling aspect of actually turning pedophiles over to the police. We are sure the Governing Body can only hope the brothers in England will turn around stop running ahead of Jehovah's arrangement much like the example of Korah.

This way pedophiles in England will have equal access to Witness children as they do here in the USA with the uniform application of WT policy. English brothers, we do appreciate your efforts to do what was morally and ethically right, but "waiting on Jehovah" requires you to forgo what is morally and ethically right, instead obey the biding of the "Faithful and Discreet Slave." Doing so will no doubt bring you a princely position in the new order, where there will be no pesky authorities to bother the Governing Body's pet pedophiles.

We hope it is not too late for you to renounce your morality and do what your Brooklyn conscience dictates. Your apostasy has now been recognized and you can be sure the Governing Body has taken note. How soon will it be before a boat load of "Given Ones" have to come to England to disfellowship the trouble makers and take over leadership positions to make sure the child molesters in England get the same privileges as here in the USA?

While the future may bring harsh punishment when the GB takes action, we are compelled to say you tried to do the right thing and it is good to know that there are men of conscience who saw the matter and took proper action to protect children.


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