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Our Thoughts

She was a Fine Sister

May 6, 2001 04:27

She was a fine sister with a history that went back six generations with Jehovah's Witnesses. Her family boasted well over 1000 JW family members, many of which had high station within the Organization. This proud heritage was marred by another fact in the family's history this sister had not disclosed. She was a part of the fourth generation in her family to be molested by her great grandfather. After living many years in fear, when she turned fifteen she finally summoned the courage to do something about it. As any Jehovah's Witness knows the only option is to ask direction from the Body Of Elders. She told her father first and then later the elders, everything, a sordid story of molestation that went on for several years. Several other members of the family came forward with their accounts of being molested by this same man who was now in his nineties.

What would the elders do? Would they protect the flock? Would they move quickly to expose this horror to the authorities to bring this lifetime of sick deviancy to justice? What loving assistance would be given to the victims of child molestation?

In the end the answers to these questions were so wrong and so disgusting, its bears repeating to let the public know what kind of "justice" will often be extended to victims of molestation within Jehovah's Witnesses. The events proceeded as follows:

  1. The sexual deviate was asked, "Did you do it?" To which he replied, "No." He was then free to go.
  2. The victims who were interviewed by an investigative two elders asked the victim, "Did you have a witness to the event of molestation?" To which they replied, "No." As is common in most cases of child molestation other people are generally not asked to watch.
  3. The Body Of Elders then basically told each victim, "According to the Biblical principle found at Mt. 18:16 , since you do not have "two witnesses" to each event, we do not have a basis to act judicially. It is basically your word against his and as a result, you must view him as an innocent man. In the event you choose to discuss this with anyone, it could be considered slander of the "good" name of this man resulting in possible disfellowshipping from the congregation. Finally, not one word was mentioned regarding the right to report the matter to the authorities.
  4. Our sister, who had the great courage to come forward and expose the deviate, was informed that the elders wanted to meet with her. When she arrived for the meeting it was found the elders believed what she had stated to be true. How did she know? A Judicial Committee had been set up to deal with the facts she had "confessed" to. Though she was a child at the time, she was charged with sexual misconduct and reproved by the Judicial Committee. In addition, she was placed on full restrictions, which in turn would make a statement to the congregation that she had been dealt with by a Judicial Committee. This would be a public statement that she had done something to break God's law. Our sister was reproved for being molested and to add insult to injury she was not allowed to discuss the matter with anyone in the congregation to protect the "good" reputation of the pedophile.

How many children this man molested in his ninety some odd years will never be actually known. Those who know estimate at least 50-100 victims. When the great grandfather passed away, it is interesting to note that he died as a patriarch among the Witnesses, with over 300 attending his funeral and mourning this fine example in Christian living. He was never reported to the police, protected by the elders and his victims live as silentlambs , terrorized by the sanctions of misguided men who use Watchtower Policy to help criminals to escape justice.

Our sister, is still a sister, she no longer attends meetings or serves as an active member of Jehovah's Witnesses. Her reasons are simple. You see she now has a child and wishes to never allow her child to be exposed to an Organization that protects and hides the identity of child molesters from its members. To protect her child from being molested she feels she is far safer being outside of the Organization.

Can you blame Her?

So sad a story, yet one that has been repeated hundreds of times by elders who use Watchtower Policy to hurt children while protecting the "image" of Jehovah's Witnesses.

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