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Our Thoughts

To All Those in High Places

Jul 25, 2001 20:31

This morning we received this story in my email:

Dear silentlambs,

I am now 36 years OLD I type that in caps because I feel 100, my body and mind have been broken over the years by the " Brothers." My story starts at a very young age when my father an Elder in the congregation raped me. Did I state I was four at the time? Did I also say that my Grandmother and Aunt who both were Pioneers knew of the sexual abuse? Perhaps I should say I know for sure My Grandmother knew I KNOW my aunt suspected or just ignored "IT."

"IT" was a very strong word in my home "IT" referred to my mothers suicide. "IT "Referred to my Grandfather getting caught touching my friend in an inappropriate manner. IT referred to my Grandmothers Alcoholism, also my Fathers and Grandfathers. I am now left to sift through the Whys??????

Why did my "Elder" Father rape me and beat my brother and sister.

Why didn't the elders do anything about it?

Why did my Father stop at the age of thirteen????? Wait, I know I started my period!

Why did another "Elder" join my father in sexually tormenting me?

Why when this same "elder" beat his dog to death in a fit of rage (for barking) was he not " DF'ed?

Why when I Went to the Elders WAS I TOLD I NEEDED TWO WITNESSES???? Do you think that my dad and his friend would testify to their wrongdoing against me????

Why do I still suffer??? And wonder if I did the right thing by leaving the Organization?

Why did my mother kill herself?

Why was my Father not DF'ed when 12 years later he went to jail for sexually abusing my Half-sister and some of her Witness Friends????????????????????

Why why why..............




Silentlambs gets these types of stories every week. Sometimes two sometimes six or more. We are touched in ways that cannot  be described and it helps us to know we must be on the right path.

The stories offered by victims provide the truth of these matters all saying the same thing, "it happened to me-I thought I was the only one." We could not comprehend the extent of what was suspected, yet as time has passed silentlambs realized it was worse than could be imagined.   How easy is it for a victim to tell about your molestation? How would you like to dig up the horrid memory of being raped by your father and share it for the world to see? There is no basis for doing so unless you wanted to help someone else and thought your story could help make a difference. This silentlambs is told time and again, they want to help protect the children. These victims want no money, no recognition, no "prominence,” no purpose but to try and help others.

How would you define a hero? Bravery? Someone who you would be honored to know? We say it is these silentlambs . They have been beat down, DF'd, pushed to the side, treated with disdain, called liars, have deep emotional scars to deal with, yet it is they who step up to the plate and try to make a difference in an organization who could care less about them.

Ask yourself what would the silentlambs website be if it did not have the victims page? The issue would be laughed out of any serious consideration of this being a "real" problem. It is their courage that makes this issue real.

While we appreciate the help of certain ones. For example, the murder letter was sent by one brave former elder, the 4-25-01boe media letter by another elder who wanted to help, the British boe letter yet another courageous elder was moved let everyone know. These persons were moved to do something and it has been of great assistance. Much more can and needs to be accomplished.

This matter is not about our stand; it is about what is right. Victims have spilled their guts to make this known, men in high places that have sympathy for this issue need to assist.

It will not change from within, if you want to make a difference you have to stand up for what is right. This is it, the time is now, if you think you need to wait on Jehovah, how do you not know this is an effort guided by Jehovah that will succeed?

When Jehu looked up at the window and asked, "Who is with me?" Those men in "high places" had to make a choice. They had to either do what they knew in their hearts was right or they could have waited on Jehovah. Sometimes you have to grab evil and throw it out the window. While we claim no special dispensation, silentlambs stands before you now and says, "Who is with us?"

You men in high places have a choice to make. Support misguided people or stand up for the children. We ask no one to leave Jehovah but instead, to do what you know is right. If you have the power to make a difference and you choose to wait, can you in good conscience do this knowing that a child might suffer due to "waiting."

If you wish to help, email sl, lets talk, We will protect your confidentiality but let's see if together we can do something meaningful to resolve this matter. Time has passed and we ask each man of conscience, what you do from this day forward can make a difference and can help the needed changes come quickly to protect. We have spoken from our heart now what does your heart move you to do?

Will you help the silent lambs ?

We await your response.


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