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Personal Experiences - A chance to speak out

Battered Lambs
Read self-told accounts from battered victims or share your own story. Again, reprinted excerpts may be edited for spelling and context.

Pinpoint a Pedophile
This is a secure and confidential online form that allows you to submit information on an accused, confessed, or convicted child molester in your local congregation.

Poems and Thoughts
Read poems and thoughts from abuse survivors or share your own. Again, reprinted excerpts may be edited for spelling and context.


Abused Lambs-SPEAK OUT!

Abused Lambs stories

When the media was first approached with this story the Home Office of Jehovah's Witnesses immediately sprang into a misinformation campaign.  They informed members there was no problem with current abuse policy and anyone who spoke to media was in effect speaking against God. Members were required to inform the public there was no problem with the abuse policy and anyone that spoke to media were liars. This was the basis for the start of the silentlambs website which began in March 2001. The following pages are a place for you to tell your story anonymously as a testament to the truth.  When you tell about what happened in your life it lets many others know they are not alone and encourages them to summon the courage to come forward and no longer be silent.  The following pages are the real Heros of silentlambs for without their collaboration of truth, their courage in wanting to help others, we would not exist.

Silentlambs Mission Statement


Our Story, Our Mission

The evidence shows this administrative policy directed by the Governing Body (leadership) of Jehovah’s Witnesses has hurt many children and will continue to be a danger until this organization wakes up by doing what is morally and ethically right in the interests of the innocent. We encourage Jehovah’s Witnesses and the public to unite, and demand Watchtower to change their policy. By doing so you protect not only the children within the organization but also your children.

Thoughts and Comments
The following is a compilation of various comments written about the abuse issue as well as personal thoughts and letters.

Letters to Watchtower

Located here are various letters written by the home office as well as letters written to individuals from the home office in response to their requests for assistance on child abuse.




23,720 Alleged Child Molesters - Secret Database (Click Here for more info)

In the News - Latest News and Info

April Is Abuse Awareness Month!

Put out the following flyer to make others aware!!

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Royal Australian Commission Investigates

The Royal Commission in Australia is investigation the Jehovah's Witnesses on child abuse policies

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Reform and Jehovah's Witnesses

Will things get better?

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