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Silentlambs Mission

We at Silentlambs welcome all persons regardless of race, religious affiliation or lack of religious affiliation, culture, economic background, gender or disability. Silentlambs remains neutral on religious issues and seeks to break down barriers that lead to the segregation of abuse survivors from different faiths and backgrounds.

We wish to provide assistance to victims who have been molested as children and silenced from speaking out or seeking proper assistance as directed by religious authority. Silentlambs believes education is the key to uniting people together. We wish to impart knowledge and understanding to survivors of abuse and let them know it was not their fault, we believe them, it is their right to stand up to those who hurt them, while providing a forum for interaction, which will help other abuse survivors know they are not alone. Silentlambs stands up for and will defend the right of any abuse survivor to tell their story. We believe when those hurt by molestation speak out, it lays a basis for providing mental and emotional healing. Silentlambs holds that, in part, when victims learn they are not alone this helps them to reach out to others, and helps them take back the power that was lost through abuse.

In expanding its mission of unity and positive societal actions, Silentlambs realizes that there is a large contingency of individuals who historically have been left alienated from traditional religious institutions and doctrines. Traditionally, all aspects of life for molestation victims have been seriously undermined by the lack of assistance provided by misguided religious organizations, the injured are silenced. Our purpose is to give them a voice and a place to unite with others and find healing. Silentlambs seeks a fuller life for everyone with the encouragement of beliefs to assist the well-being of the mind and body.


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