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Our Thoughts

The Only One

Aug 31, 2001 19:56

Dedicated to those who thought they were the only ones...

A troubled child with vacant eyes sits quietly alone with not much to say,

He killed her puppy and said she would be next if she told her friends at play.

A father who betrayed her trust, violated her innocence and left her emotionally numb,

To afraid to confide or tell anyone, she cries inside, thinking she is the only one.


One day in a moment of trust she tells her mom the atrocity that happened to her,

The one person she needed to believe her the most instead increased the hurt.

Her mommy cried, then said she lied perhaps it was all just harmless fun,

She wonders did it really happen or am I just crazy? I must be the only one.


As she grows older with courage mustered to the elders she now goes,

The men she trusted for justice call her a liar so no one will have to know.

With a pedophile’s denial she’s told to be silent or she will be shunned,

Her heart is crushed she feels so alone she believes she is the only one.


With pain so great she thinks she will burst, confides in a friend who turns her in,

While the child molester is an elder she is told she has committed the greater sin.

Charged with slander as the announcement is read she sits in the audience stunned,

Her friends are gone, her parents turn away, why am I the only one?


A silentlamb she’s been for years as the pain continues it’s hard to face her fears,

One day she learns she is not alone by reading of victims who share her tears.

With righteous outrage a roaring lamb to help the children her healing has begun,

To finally be believed and given support with slow realization she’s not the only one.



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