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Pin-point a Pedophile


The purpose of the Survey is to offer a place where you can post information concerning accused, alleged, or convicted pedophiles.  This information will be used to provide survey information about the extent of the problem of child molestation within the Jehovah's Witness community.  You may remain anonymous, but you do not have to remain a silentlamb.   

 Survey Form
Pedophile's Name
approximate age   
Male or Female
Congregation where Molestation Occurred
Congregation where now residing
City or Town
How long ago
No. of Children involved
Reported to authorities?
If so how long?
Congregation Action
d.f./d.a./publisher/Auxiliary pioneer/Regular pioneer/Ministerial Servant/Elder/Circuit Overseer/District Overseer/Bethel/Governing Body
Current Status
Your Name
Your Email
Name of Victims
Personal Comments
Brief story of what happened
Ages of Victims
Please inform me of new resources as they become available
Add Me To Mailing list

Press "Submit Form" button to send results


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