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Our Thoughts

Silent Roar

Aug 29, 2001 22:47

Silentlambs received another call tonight; this person was given the silentlambs site about an hour ago. How can you convey the feeling when you hear the same tearful words over and over again? “I thought I was the only one.” This person was molested at age seven by a ministerial servant, raped at age fifteen by an elder. No congregation action was taken. They have lived with the pain for over twenty years, defending the organization whenever confronted, always feeling somehow they were wrong to have negative feelings toward the leaders who perpetrated this policy that hurts children. After twenty years of being inactive, living in mental anguish, with ten years of therapy, yet defending the “truth” the blinders finally came off after reading my website. She saw the truth about the “truth.” That truth states there are people in leadership positions of the WT who perpetrate a policy that hurts children. When they were confronted years ago with the need for change, they arrogantly and wickedly chose to do nothing. Why? Victims are easily silenced after all they are children who will believe them, and of course the parents are easy, as they will do what they are told.

What person could possibly stand before God and justify taking the innocence of a child? What brother or sister could stand before God and justify protecting those who would take the innocence of a child? What religion could stand before God and justify a policy the hurts children, saying they are protecting God’s name? How could they continue to have the unmitigated arrogance to deny any wrongdoing with no adjustment being considered to WT policy on child molestation? It is madness.

About one out of five will put their story on the victims page when they talk to me, about one in ten are willing to talk to the press, about one in fifteen are interested in legal action. When you consider the quantity of stories cited the numbers become staggering.   How many Witnesses even have a computer, yet the few that do would be brave enough to defy wt policy about Internet surfing? We are just starting to scratch the surface. The silentlambs are learning they were not the only ones, they can speak up, they can press charges, and they can sue the pants off the elders who silenced them. How sexy do you think being an elder will be when homes and Kingdom Halls start going up for auction to satisfy settlements for victims? How faith strengthening will the field ministry be when publishers have to overcome the conversation stopper, “Why do you encourage child molesters to go door to door?” What scripture will defend that WT policy?

Could the GB be waiting on Jehovah? How would Jehovah speak to them? Could Jehovah be speaking by using “Caesar” to remind them that they are not above the law? What position is required of righteous men when they clearly see corruption going on in God’s name? Do you remember the story of when Jesus saw moneychangers taking advantage of God’s people? Did he wait on Jehovah or did he pick up a strap and use it as a reasoning tool for greedy men? You see sometimes the wrong is so outlandish and so obscene, it requires action. Waiting actually brings more reproach on the name of God. So the question that begs to be answered is, if WT brings reproach on Jehovah by hurting children, could He be using silentlambs issues to honor his name? While I choose not to venture an answer, the fact remains, victims are starting to learn they are not alone, they have a voice, and they will be a force to be reckoned with as this matter progresses. Much like the recent settlement in California , we would like to see three basic requests honored by WT.

1. A video taped apology to all victims to be played at all congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
2. A written statement in the form of a letter to be read to all congregations. If you are molested go to the authorities first.
3. Anyone who has ever molested a child should be forbidden to go out in field ministry for life.

Do you think it will happen? Get your straps ready, with proper “reasoning” time will tell.


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