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WT Comment [07/15/2001]

Jun 4, 2001 15:33

WT 7-15-01 Page 21
Are You Truly Tolerant?
(Balance Is Needed)

Of course, we need to avoid being overly tolerant. For instance, terrible damage is done when religious authorities tolerate abusive priests who persistently molest boys and girls. “Treating the children as occasions of sin,” commented one reporter in Ireland , “the church authorities merely moved on the offending priest (to another location).”

Is just transferring such a man an example of proper tolerance? Hardly! Suppose a medical body allowed an irresponsible surgeon to continue operating, transferring him from one hospital to another, even though he was killing or maiming his patients. A mistaken sense of professional loyalty might produce such “tolerance.” But what about the victims whose lives were lost or adversely affected because of negligent or even criminal practices?

Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black, or is this an evidence of someone's conscience bothering them? These paragraphs come out of the clear blue with no further comment about this issue in defining tolerance. Why would you jab the Catholics and bad doctors with no acknowledgment of the glass house the WT resides in?  In my opinion the largest perpetrators of "treating children as occasions of sin" would hit WT squarely between the eyes in a comparative ratio of members. Does the WT have a twinge of guilt for condemning others for the very things they practice?


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