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Summation of Amy B Case



Jehovah's Witnesses; Eaton Rd Cohasset Rd; Chico, CA 95973 (530) 345-7077

Jehovah’s Witnesses; 2422 Hammonton Smartville Rd; Marysville, CA 95901 (530) 742-0988

Jehovah's Witnesses - Marysville North Congregation; 610 13th Street; Marysville, CA 95901 (530) 743-4430

Jehovah's Witness; 244 s Canyon Way, Colfax, CA 95713 (530) 346-2525

Jehovah's Witnesses; 32501 Us Highway 97; Oroville, WA 98844 (509) 476-2647

Jehovah’s Witnesses; 7874 Skyway; Paradise, CA 95969

Jehovah's Witnesses; 1700 Petaluma Blvd N; Petaluma, CA 94952 (707) 762-9707

Jehovah's Witnesses; 720 Park Ln; Petaluma , CA 94954; (707) 778-1885

Jehovah's Witnesses; 3561 Cedar Ravine Rd; Placerville , CA 95667 (530) 622-5394

Jehovah's Witnesses; 755 Reeds Ave; Red Bluff, CA 96080; (530) 529-0466

Jehovah's Witnesses; 755 Reeds Ave; Red Bluff, CA 96080 (530) 529-0466

Jehovah's Witnesses ; 615 5th St W; Sonoma , CA 95476 (707) 996-3021

Jehovah’s Witnesses; 734 S Orchard Ave, Ukiah, CA 95482 (707) 462-4041

Jehovah’s Witnesses; 740 East Highway 20; Upper Lake, CA 95485-8703 Phone: (707) 459-6141

Jehovah’s Witnesses; 9640 Main Street; Upper Lake, CA 95485-9597 Phone: (707) 275-9449

Jehovah's Witnesses; 400 Brown St; Vacaville, CA 95688 (707) 448-1113

Jehovah's Witnesses; 23262 Avenue San Luis; Woodland Hills, CA 91364 (818) 222-5777

Jehovah’s Witnesses; 650 N George Washington Blvd, Yuba City, CA (530) 673-8734


Members of the public in the areas above and Jehovah’s Witnesses attending the congregations above would find the following of great personal interest.










In these court documents those persons complaining of having been molested by Jehovah’s Witness elders in the “Christian Congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses” which is controlled by the Governing Body of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (also known here as Watchtower et al which is the foregoing and its alter-ego corporations) and in the given years were: 


Charissa W 1972-85, Tabitha H.1977-80, Javier C. 1986-98, Ken L. 1984-87; Daniel West et al 1990-1997; Jocelyn A. et al. 1982-89, Dennis S. et al 1977-85, Julianne Wimberly Gutierrez et al 1976-82, Tim K.  1994 v. Watchtower et al. – Superior Courts of Napa, Placer, Yolo, Sonoma, Tehama Counties , California .  Eventually also added as a plaintiff was Orphee D. Adkins of 1936 Northwood Dr., Unit 4 in Vacaville . CA 95687.  In pro per much later was Fred Fritzinger, POB 1055, Clear Lake CA 95401.  (Note: Charissa alleged abuse from a Jehovah’s Witness (JW) elder during 1972-85 and was born 1969 meaning she was a baby when first abused, while Nichole D in the lawsuit along with her was born 1971.)  Added on at the end were A..B., G.G., N.H. and S.H., a minor, by and through their Mother S.A.H. Guardian Ad Litem and mother, S.A.H.


Helping the victims in these matters before Superior Court Justice W. Scott Snowden in Department B of Napa County, CA, were the attorneys Nolen Saul Brelsford of Sacramento, CA;  William E Bernard of Roseville , CA ; Love & Norris of Fort Worth , TX along with Fibich, Hampton & Leebron of Houston , TX .





Helping Watchtower et al in court were attorneys Robert J. Schnack, SBN 191987, Tiffany P. Scarborough SBN 180981, Bullivant Houser Bailey PC 1 1335 Gold Express Drive . Suite 105 Gold River , CA 95670-4491 Telephone: (916) 852-9100 Facsimile: (916) 852-5777 E-Mail:


Listed as Watchtower attorneys practicing in New York: Attorneys at 100 Watchtower Drive in Patterson, NY 12563Philip Brumley (home address 131 Brimstone Road, Patterson NY 12563 although also given for him in another document was 2891 Route 22, Patterson, NY 12563-2236; New York attorney registry: 2224871); Mario F. Moreno (home address 720 Route 292 in Holmes NY 12531), Carolyn Wah, Adam Lett, Paul D. Polidoro, Donald T. Ridley, Robert C. James, Richard King, John Miller III, Richard Moake, Erna Neufeld, Gregory D. Olds (home address 79 Willow Street, Brooklyn NY 11201 involved with Religious Order of JWs), William R. Bell, Christine Benham, Max Custer, Michelle Dickinson, Lisa Douglas, furthermore: Michelle Dickinson at 27 Hudson Watchtower Drive, Ossining NY 10562; further: Christine Benham at 275 Tanner Marsh Road, Guilford Connecticut 06437; further, James M. McCabe can be mailed at 4817 Santa Monica Avenue, Suite B, San Diego, California 92017





Mentioned or in one way or another involved also along with the Watchtower were attorney Craig Diamond of Diamond, Baker, Phillips & Walters LLP in Cedar Ridge, CA for alleged child molester defendant Albert W. (“Red”) Harriman a former elder of JWs at Colfax Congregation of Placer County living at 35 Gilmore Rd., #17 in Red Bluff, CA 96080 sued by Ken L.; also convicted child molester Donald Glew a former JW elder at Santa Rosa Congregation in Sonoma County of PO Box 424245 in San Francisco, CA 94142 (though Petaluma Congregation also mentioned) and sued by Jocelyn A. a minor and therefore by and through her guardian ad litem Joe A, Rebecca G. Michael G. and Nicholas S.  Plaintiff Danielle A’s attorney was Andrian Randolph of Randolph, Cregger, Chalfant in Sacramento; Lumped together among the defendants or otherwise mentioned were Napa Congregation of JWs, Oak Knoll Congregation of JWs also in Napa County , and Silverado Congregation of JWs.  Some other names of alleged or convicted pedophiles: Edward Villegas a former JW elder sued by Charissa, Carlos Vasquez a former JW elder at Roseville in Placer County sued by Javier C;  Timothy Silva (former JW elder/ministerial servant at Woodland Congregation, Yolo County) sued by West his attorney being William E. Bernard of 1624 Santa Clara Dr #210 in Roseville CA 95661, in another document attorney Michael Wayne Jensen of 1301 College St in Woodland CA 95695, in still another document Crystal Calloway; Shawn Appling sued by Danielle A;   James L. Henderson a former JW head elder or Presiding Overseer at the Red Bluff Congregation living at 35 Gilmore Rd. #17 in Red Bluff CA 96080), Alvin Heard whose address was given as 703 Delta Street Klamath Falls, OR 97601 then later as Two Rivers Correctional Institute at 8291 1 Beach Access Road Umatilla, OR 97882; Russell King with attorney Ralph W. Thompson III of The Thompson Law Office in  Monterey and with King’s address as 239 Beach Road in Manna, CA 93933  Rick McLean (fugitive sought by U.S. Marshals as a pedophile from the San Diego and Riverside Counties area)





On behalf of Watchtower, attorney Robert J. Schnack showed documents saying Secretary-Treasurer of the Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses (CCJW) William H. Nonkes swore CCJW (address 2821 Rt. 22, Patterson, NY 12563-2237) did not exist before incorporated August 21, 2000 in Putnam County.  (Schnack’s doing this may have, whether deliberate or not, acted toward confusion of the lawsuits inasmuch as the CCJW is but one of numerous relatively new corporations created by Watchtower; in other papers (exhibits, depositions...) the same ploy was also vainly attempted for example regarding the Watchtower’s Religious Order of Jehovah's Witnesses (ROJW) and Kingdom Support Services (KSS).


Nonkes said in 1972-1998, none of the co-defendants including, Edward Villegas, Carlos Vasquez, Albert W. (Red) Harriman, Timothy Silva, Donald Glew, Shawn Appling, Alvin Heard, or James Henderson were acting as a volunteer, agent, servant, employee, officer, director, or representative of CCJW nor acted as such for CCJW before 1972 or after 1998.





Numerous documents were presenting regarding the many corporations subordinate to Watchtower; for example Restated And Amended Charter Watchtower Bible And Tract Society of Pennsylvania at 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY 11201-2483 but with registered office: 1630 Spring Run Road Extension, Coraopolis PA 15108 the Watch Tower officers were at the time of the document: Pres. Don A Adams, VP Robert W Wallen, VP Wm F Malenfant, Sec-Treas Richard E Abrahamson, Asst Sec-Treas Danny L Bland, Asst Secr-Treas Phlip D Wilcox, Asst Sec-Treas John N Wishuk.  Documents showing Religious Order of JWs officers: Pres Patrick J LaFranca, VP Ralph E. Walls, VP Peter D Molchan, Sec-Treas Joseph D Mercante, Assist Sec-Treas Eugene D Rosam, Assist Sec-Treas Kenneth J Pulcifer, Assist Sec-Treas Marvin G Smalley (apparently the same Gene Smalley who writes answers to Questions From Readers in Watchtower magazine issues and is the main writer against JWs using blood transfusions).  The Pennsylvania Department of State giving authority to the “nonprofit” Watchtower corporation is at Room 308, North Office Building, Harrisburg, PA 17120.





Plaintiff attorneys compelled Watchtower to give financial statements proving connections to congregations throughout California, payments in although also out of their own insurance service, e.g.: Elder misconduct 01/01/1989 Red Bluff Cong, CA $50,000 (due to pedophilia); Defective KH gate closed on car 04/24/2000 Northgate, CA $1020.1; unlawful tree trimming 10/01/1997 Encino Cong. $28,673; Fall through sheet-rock ceiling 03/27/1997 English Cong, Carpentaria $31,495; Peraza, Rosie - Dislocated elbow  Trip over curb stop in parking lot 07/13/2001 Villa Bonita Spanish CA $3,000.0; Trip & fall on entrance mat 11/24/2000 Woodley Spanish, Los Angeles, CA $2,228.8





Watchtower said Serbian Eastern Ortodox Diocese v. Milovojevich [426 U.S. 696 (1976)] showed courts would not decide church governance and appointment/removal of religious leaders; BUT Judge Snowden noted Milovojevich also held it okay to evaluate hierarchy and internal information; so the Plaintiff attorneys could ask the court to order production of information about the secular matter of child abuse.  Plaintiff attorneys said they wanted Watchtower to produce the insurance policy by which Woodland, Quincy and other congregations were insured by Watchtower. 





A copy of minutes for the Oct 7, 2000 annual meeting of the Pennsylvania corporation spoke of evangelizing and that Korean Broadcasting aired a 10 minute video for bloodless surgery and many Korean doctors wanted copies; non-military service there still causing imprisonment; Mexico’s newly elected president took and said he would read the brochure Jehovah’s Witnesses in Mexico.  Also highlighted was preaching in South Africa, the Ukraine, and war-torn Sierra Leone .  Governing Body member Daniel Sydlyk said the Governing Body is spiritual in nature but added as the Faithful and Discreet Slave it oversees 110 branches, personnel, services etc worldwide. 







Governing Body member Theodore Jaracz said the organization continually needs to appoint more qualified elders and ministerial servants.   He said no legal entity controls the appointments, the Pennsylvania corporation is merely a legal instrument of the Governing Body which had recently resigned from the Pennsylvania corporation.  New directors of the NY Corporation are as Pres. Max Larson, George Couch as VP, Jerry Grizzle as VP, Bob Pevy and Dave Sinclair.  The 3 new corporations were CCJWs for religious concerns, the Religious Order of JWs for controlling headquarters staff (Bethelites), and Kingdom Support Services Inc for the Society’s engineering support and design of projects.  Directors of the NJ corporation changed; a Florida corporation holds title to land in Florida and got new directors, Valley Farms Corporation with title to NY land had board adjustments, and "All of these serve under the spiritual direction of the Governing Body."





Watch Tower PA complained about having to tell the court how it is structured and its finances but did so, noting it held as property in California: real (estate) property in Apple Valley; remainder interests in six homes; one cemetery plot each in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, and Roosevelt Memorial Park Association in Gardens.  Included was a tell-tale letter from Watchtower PA’s Pres Don Adams to another court where he tried (unsuccessfully) to regain control of a kingdom hall that had seceded from Watchtower at Bonham, Texas, offering as claim for Watchtower ownership his admission that Watchtower has absolute control over everything going in line from headquarters staff and materials on down into the congregations worldwide including its appointed elders. 





Secretary-Treasurer of Kingdom Support Services Inc. Alexander W. Reinmueller served to answer questions in deposition due to his knowledge of Watchtower although that of Adams was much asked for.  Various documents showed Watchtower loans money for building projects at a profit of 6% per annum, a $10,000 loan requiring payments of $120.00, those being requirements not donations.  Watchtower itself said this was “not a commercial loan program.”  To little avail, Watchtower attorney Schnack objected constantly at having to answer various questions and submit various kinds of information.  Deposition questions and answers involving Reinmueller showed Red Bluff Congregation in California contributed funds to the Kingdom Hall Assistance Arrangement as a Watchtower insurance program, $50,000 was paid out to it because of an elder’s pedophilia there, and Reinmueller said records were kept in his office.  This showed when each JW donates money part of it goes to handle child molester incidents.




The plaintiff victims said Watchtower had systematically conspired to cover-up allegations of sexual abuse within its organization in order to avoid harm or injury to its reputation and to avoid civil and criminal liability..  When Charissa W was 3-4 years old, elder Edward Villegas began fondling her genitals, digitally penetrating her vagina and forcing her to have oral sex.  He used his position as a JW elder to get access to and abuse her the next 12-13 years.    His abuse of Nicole D began when she was about seven with him forcing her to have oral sex.  Watchtower did not help the children. 





A document appears for Massachusetts: Suffolk, SS; Superior Court Civil Action No: 02-5765-C.  It is notice of a lawsuit by Leon and Robin Beal on behalf of a minor daughter against Ronald Broad and William Broadard of Ashmont Congregation at Columbus Park and Watchtower et al. (





A document for the plaintiffs said, “in this case, do not need ratification to create an agency relationship.  Elders are appointed directly by the Watchtower Defendants and serve at their behest.  (See Exhibit B, The Watchtower Defendants answer in Federal Court in a matter styled NO.  CS-02-0190-WFN; Erica Rodriguez, vs. Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc., et al; In the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Washington).  Plaintiffs alleged the Watchtower Defendants not only knew about this abuse, but continued to appoint their agent to positions where the abuse could continue and also intentionally acted to prevent the reporting and disclosure of their agents' abuse. They thereby ratified it by their own conduct.”


Other documents are cited regarding Erica Rodrguez’ lawsuit against child molester elder Manuel Beliz, Othello North Spanish Congregation in Washington, and Watchtower.  Elders John White, Carlos Chicas and -- Malendez are mentioned with it.  Documents from J.R. Brown, Director, Pulic Affairs Office (718) 560-5600 for the Watchtower were presenting saying Watchtower abhors child molestation.  Another phone number given was fax (718) 560-5619.





Napa Congregation of JWs it was noted could be served through its agent of process Benjamin Hernandez at 343 E. Thompson Avenue, Sonoma, CA 95476; Oak Knoll Congregation in Napa could be served via David Becker of 1034 Darms Ln, Napa, CA 94558, etc.  The Watchtower alter ego defendants were to be known as Watchtower Defendants.  They said elders Cummins and Shelburn Of North Congregation of Red Bluff had submitted declarations or affidavits setting forth that Judicial Committee exist mostly to spiritually assist erring members.  Watchtower attorney Mario F. Moreno in an October 14, 2005 letter asked that his letters to the Red Bluff congregation’s elders not be admitted as protected because he was acting as an attorney.  Track One cases had completed depositions of many including elders James Badger, LeRoy Reid, Bill Mullins and Ronald Pitts; depositions scheduled for Craig Hellberg and Nathan Dotta.  Completed Non-Tract One Case deposition were of elders Gary Hays, Paul Photenhauer, Art Almanza, Eddie Johnson; plaintiffs Ken L, Tabitha H, Charissa W; no depositions of perpetrators as two were dead and one missing or dead.





Aug 15, 2006 Greg Love went to Redding to conduct deposition of elders Billy Jack Mullins Sr, LeRoy Martin Reid Jr and Ronald Pitts.  Watchtower’s attorney Schnack persistently told the three to say nothing under claim of clergy-penitent privilege. Love writes “The attorney for the Watchtower defendants was instructing his client not to answer, contrary to the California Evidence Code.”


Ron Pitts was asked about circuit overseer Paul Pierre, Clint Willingham, Craig Hellberg; also Mary Ward.  He did recall elders Bodie Lyons and Leroy Reid Jr.  Schnack told him not to talk about James Henderson and not to answer if “aware of the fact that James Henderson and” a then mere boy at the boy’s home “would do their book studies, and then James Henderson would engage him in masturbation.”  In another document it was heard Alvin Heard molested JW kids for over thirty years and after leaving California kept molesting in S Dakota and Oregon.  Subsequent to 1981 he had molested in Oroville and at Paradise, CA .  Plaintiffs noted such information was relevant but Watchtower kept telling elders to not speak.  Watchtower Defendants also objected to giving information about appointment or deletion of Alvin Heard, his brother James, his uncle Howard, and James Henderson.





In deposition JW pedophile Alvin Blanchard Heard said in South Dakota he told the elders including Roger Kelly and Steve Taylor that he was a child molester.  At Altamont the elders warned his JWs niece and nephew and two elders including Mark Durr spoke with him.  Also from S Dakota Roger Kelly had already informed Altamont elders by letter that he was a pedophile.  At Susanville, Heard knew elder Dennis Thompson knew he was a pedophile as Thompson had handled a judicial committee case involving Heard when they were at Paradise; he also knew Thompson had spoken about him with presiding overseer Glen Strahan.  Heard had also been at Oroville.  He and wife Hazel had also lived in Chico.  While in Paradise he confessed to elders he had molested children when in Oroville: a boy and three girls.  There were others he said he didn’t molest but did “touch inappropriately.”  He and his wife separated twice at Paradise.  Once she went to Sacramento, the second time to Chico.





Watchtower attorney or personnel emails include and  Plaintiffs asked the judge to order for deposition a person more knowledgeable than Gary N. Breaux of Watchtower’s legal department as he lacked information he said only the legal department has. (As said, plaintiffs had said a deposition from Don Adams, the President of the oldest most important corporation in Pennsylvania, was most wanted.) 





A written deposition of J Gary Hayes of Esparto and an elder of the S Congregation of JWs in Woodland said elders must keep confidential confessions they hear from courts so JWs won’t worry that what they say might later come out in court; that he and another elder did meet with pedophile Tim Silva to give spiritual counsel and assistance.  Elder Arturo Almanza of N Congregation of JWs in Woodland and former elder in S Congregation in Woodland also in written deposition said he and two other elders met with Silva then since the pedophile was a ministerial servant sent a report for review by Watchtower headquarters.  William E Blore an elder of W Congregation of JWs in Colfax, CA , deposed saying he and other elders met with elder Albert Harriman several times in 1987 then reported him to Watchtower headquarters.  Elder David W Becker of River Park Congregation in Napa deposed and as with the other elders emphasized JW elders keep matters private but he and two other elders did meet with Edward Villegas in 1994 then reported him to elders in the US Service Department.  Arvid W Kron elder in Oak Knoll Congregation of JWs in Napa deposed; he had also been an elder in W Congregation in Napa 1972-1991; he said mature elders must not even discuss matters with their wives then disclosed he was among those meeting with Villegas.  David W Becker elder of River Park Congregation in Napa stressed confidentiality then told he was one of the elders who had met with Villegas.  A different document by an attorney noted Villegas had begun molesting JW children about 1972, abusing Charissa W then and Nicole D in about 1978.


Schnack told the court if it made Watchtower attorneys like Mario Moreno provide legal documents then Watchtower should be allowed to turn around and make the plaintiffs’ attorney do the same.  The Honorable Raymond A. Guadagni ruled against Watchtower, noting plaintiffs didn't ask to depose a Watchtower attorney and they could get testimony from non-attorney experts with Watchtower’s legal department; plaintiffs seek to see how already produced document are created and use, documents already produced by Watchtower Defendants.   




A document for the plaintiffs noted the secrecy promulgated by Watchtower Defendants was such that the Service Department (headed by top headquarter elder Theodore Jaracz who came on the Governing Body in 1974; and was once alleged to have himself been a molester by Pat Garza now deceased when District Overseer in Los Angeles) had elders make anonymous calls from phone booths to report abuses in states requiring a report, doing so from there so that law enforcement authorities could not contact them for more information.. 





James Henderson was “a predator” from at least 1965 but appointed and reappointed as elder and ministerial servant, allowed to move to other congregations where doing more perversions and abuse; on July 14, 1964 Clearlake Highland Congregation wrote the Service Department of Watchtower in NY saying he had sodomized a drunken JW.  It was received by Watchtower "desk man" agent and elder Merton Victor Campbell who recognized him as a danger, but eight years later Campbell as managing agent for Watchtower appointed Henderson as an elder in the Ukiah congregation.  Henderson moved to Yuba City, was reappointed elder, removed about 1974 after confessing to doing "some perverted things with two young men.  Even his wife was not told the reason he was reproved.  The Jehovah's Witnesses practice was, and remains, that members can be disciplined secretly and even their spouses are not told the reason.  However, according to the policies of the WATCHTOWER DEFENDANTS, the service department would have received a report."


Henderson moved and a Watchtower letter telling of him followed; in the 1970s he was removed as elder or ministerial servant by a congregation in the Maryville area for sex abuse and another report sent to the Service Department.  On January 21, 1981, Upper Lake Congregation wrote to Red Bluff Congregation saying they had considered appointing him as a ministerial servant, mentioning nothing of his criminal past.  He became an elder there and on November 23,1988, was appointed Red Bluff City Overseer..  About then an elder or ministerial servant of Red Bluff South Congregation got and ignored a report Henderson had molested a young boy at Henderson's place of work.  On October 20, 1992, a young man called an elder at Red Bluff congregation, said Henderson had molested him and he had a confession the elder had signed admitting to abusing him and others.  When he offered to meet and give that elder a copy of the confession, the elder rejected the offer and told him not to contact him again.


Another Henderson victim went to the police in 1994, so Henderson confessed to elder Bodie Lyon.  Watchtower Defendants again tried to just give the elder a slap on the wrist reprove until information about other victims was brought to their attention and the Red Bluff police.  Henderson was only then disfellowshipped.  So at least five times 1963-93 when he started abusing Tim W the Watchtower Defendants got reports of Henderson's committing a sex crime.  In 1993 they knew he was dangerous but negligently let him have unsupervised access to Tim W and he preyed on him till 1994.





In late December 2006 the court received a request to add on against Watchtower Defendants plaintiffs called A.B., G.G., N.H. and S.H., a minor, by and through their Mother S.A.H. Guardian Ad Litem and mother, S.A.H.. who were also suing based on the misconduct of  Frederick McLean who had committed sex abuses 1993-99 while a JW ministerial servant who was also a person on the FBI’s most wanted fugitives list and thus highly  likely to draw much unwanted press publicity.  Watchtower Defendant attorney Schnack quickly called this particular add-on unfair, and presently there was an out-of-court settlement for all these cases. 


Review of all court documents related to abuse cases and JW'S

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